Lures Strike Pro ( "Strike Pro"): an overview, specifications, reviews

Going on a pond, each fisherman tends to choose the optimum gear in accordance with the existing terms and conditions here. Lures are now used both amateur and professional. There are many models presented baits.

One of the most popular types of gear are lures Strike Pro. For a variety of reservoir conditions and the type of fish baits developed many models. In order not to get lost in this variety, you must familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced fishermen. They will help you choose the best option.


Overview Strike Pro lures should begin by reviewing the manufacturer. Presented bait produces the Taiwanese company. "Strike Pro" started its activities in 1973. At this time the issue was focused on the creation of spinners for Swedish and US rods.

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By improving your technology, presented the company was able to enter the global market for spinning tackle fishing. At the beginning of this century, the company has released a set of lines of wobblers. In them there are about 250 different models. They differ in color, body shape and playing.

The popularity of the brand "Strike Pro" is due to good quality products and reasonable price. Qualitative lure is quite possible to buy for 300-400 rubles. However, he will be no worse than the expensive copies of global industry leaders.

Reviews baits

Reviews of wobblers Strike Pro, which leave experienced fishermen from various sources, mostly positive. This is due to a special approach of the company to produce their baits.

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special wooden blanks used to create crankbaits. With their help, the body is cast bait. For this purpose, durable plastic. The body and blades are cast simultaneously. This avoids the loosening of these structural elements. Housing product is varnished with reflective effect. Thereafter, manually applied to the surface of a special pattern. It fix a special solution. Then add accessories. The hinges are made from strong wires. It is not subject to corrosion.

Rings and tees for bait supply world famous brands Owner, VMC. This high-quality, reliable accessories. Therefore, lures presented by the manufacturer are durable and long-lasting.


The variety of products presented brand is simply amazing. For virtually any fishing conditions it is possible to choose the right kind of gear. From Strike Pro lures on chub, pike, perch and other representatives of the kingdom of water may vary in size, and coloring game.

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When choosing bait need to pay attention primarily on the shape of the product. There are floating, sinking wobblers. Some models are just stuck in the water. Experts recommend to take with you on the pond several different models. This will allow to choose the most interesting option for fish bait.

If the fish are often fed at the water surface, you should consider floating model. They will create a special game, attracting the movements and sounds of a predator. For fish that likes to hide in snags, in deep water, you should choose the sinking model. After casting a lure is lowered to the bottom. Here he attracted the inhabitants of the bottom part of the reservoir.

Model "Inquisitor"

Among the many models presented baits highlighted some of the best lures Strike Pro. One of the best models is a wobbler "Inquisitor" has been selected by domestic fishermen. It differs acceptable value (500 to 550 rub.).

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Presenting bait is easy to throw a long distance. It flies straight. Wobbler game attracts different species of fish. It is well is deepened (1 to 5 m). Bait has an average buoyancy. It is used for twitching and other popular techniques of fishing. bait form more rounded, plump. If you post it creates noise that attracts fish. The model is suitable for fishing on the river and on the lake. You can pick up a fluorescent coloring. With this bait you can go night fishing on a perch.

Model "Minnow"

Classic version of bait lures are considered "Strike Pro" series "Minnow". It catchability tackle, which also enjoys high popularity among professional and amateur spinnings. Price lures is about 350-400 rubles.

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In the present model series stands out "Arc Minnow." It is available in a floating and neutral variant. The bait can move deep to 0, 6-1, 2 meters. This model is designed for the fish, which usually resides in the middle layers of the water body. Posting this wobbler should be uniform. She gently shaken, causing interest in fish. This gear is most often used for pike, when for some reason it biting becomes inactive. Bait reminds his views wounded fry. Therefore, pike and other predators see it as an easy prey.

Model "Minnow Top Voter"

Choosing Strike Pro lures for pike, model "Minnow Top Voter" should be considered as one of the best options. Especially well it responds predator spring. In most fishermen selected bait size 70 mm. Summer lure used for catching redfish.

If you plan to catch a big pike, it is possible to give preference to the large size of baits. They may reach 130 mm in length. The housing is provided with a bait cast paddle. It gives the bait a special game.

The housing has two hooks. Depending on which of them would choose a fisherman, will change the wiring horizon. Depending on the weight and size of the bait, this figure can vary from 0, 7 to 0, 1, m. This catchability tackle, which is quite often bought by fishermen in our country.

"Challenger" Model

Wobblers "Strike Pro" line of "Challenger" can be purchased for 400-700 rubles. This high-quality product made from durable plastic. Inside the case are two balls for balancing. They increase turbulence bait when posting. Also, thanks to such features can be really perform long and accurate casts. This greatly increases the catchability tackle.

Lures Strike Pro (

"Challenger" can be applied to the water over. It is well deepens and maintains its stability. The model provides for a noise capsule. They stimulate the interest of the fish to the bait. Additional noise effect is achieved due to the presence of the gill covers.

The choice of colors of the presented model is extremely large. Hue may be a natural or bright acid. To choose the right variety is possible in accordance with the terms of fishing. Among analog products of competing companies "Challenger" has the most reasonable cost. This model can be used by both professionals and novices. It is used to attract the attention of pike, perch, catfish.

"Midge" Model

Choosing Strike Pro lures for catching asp, chub and other varieties of white fish, should pay attention to the model of "Midge". It is produced in two versions. The first category belongs to the class suspender, and the second - to the floating baits. Price presented range is about 350-400 rubles.

For small or medium pike, grouper is applied as shown wobbler. He is a successful copy of the famous ZipBaits model. The price model "Midge" is 4 times less than the original product.

Bait is small. Due to its shape during lure wiring differs stable game. It can be observed using the method twitching, and in normal driving. Buoyancy wobbler slightly lower figure declared by the manufacturer. But it is enough catchability tackle, which applies across the board.

Recommendations made by

Choosing lures Strike Pro, you need to evaluate the reservoir conditions. Only in this case the bait is catching capacity. Experienced fishermen are advised to acquire the lures for walleye bright colors. This fishing is carried out at night or at dusk. Therefore it is recommended to acquire notable bait. So fisherman can keep track of their game, moving. The form of such products must be oblong.

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For a nice pike is necessary to select a form of bait properly and her game. Summer wobbler size should be smaller than the fall. On ultralight successfully catch a pike in the summer using the model "Midge".

Domestic fishermen say high catchability tackle the Taiwanese company. In this case, the low price stimulates demand. Lures is a great variety of shapes and colors. Therefore, fishermen can choose the best option for the specific body of water taken.

To avoid damage products "Strike Pro" in a body of water, experienced fishermen is recommended to replace the hooks on crankbaits. This greatly improves the reliability of the gear.

Having considered the feature that distinguishes wobblers Strike Pro, as well as popular models, each fisherman can choose for themselves the best option gear.