Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

Pike - fish schooling, and if there was one bite, you can expect a good catch. In addition, he is good at catching their constancy. This predator regularly pulls a bait at certain time and weather. fishing methods varied. You can catch a donk and spinning. If the first method is more reliable, the other - more interesting. The main thing when fishing with spinning - not to be mistaken with the bait. Therefore it is necessary to know what wobbler zander better. But before we study when and where it is best to uncovering spinning.

The best weather conditions and places for fishing walleye

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

in each pond, where perch inhabits, there are certain areas in which he pecks regularly from year to year. And do not forget that this predator is active at dusk and at night. So prepare to tackle and lure perch at sunset. During this time he comes flock to the coastal shallows and remote edge. Here unfold real battles with shoals of small fish, which continues until dawn. Therefore wobbler - the best bait for fishing at night. It is very similar to the natural prey perch. Also common places for it are predruslovye areas and deep edge. Here perch will regularly pull a bait in the morning. In the afternoon to catch the predator it is very difficult. Closer to dusk, he again rush to the shallows to hunt. It was then that he becomes an easy prey spinnings. The main thing - to choose the catchability wobblers and make the correct wiring.

Lures for pike perch

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

Wobbler perch on a rather peculiar. This group baits has particular characteristics. In addition, they are similar in structure and appearance. Classic buzz baits - a minnow. Such baits best image display form uzkoteloy fish, which are generally predator and prey. If fishing is on active walleye, especially at night in shallow water, can show excellent results and shad lures. It is these lures are often equipped with small balls that when you post creates sound effect. Catchability wobblers on pike-perch can be of different colors. Here the classic versions are hard to find. Sudak hunts at dusk and at night. He has great vision development. To choose the best bait color, you need to examine in detail what types it hunts in a particular body of water. If this roach or verkhovka, we can say with confidence that the lure should be white or silver. But if the favorite prey perch will, for example, the calf, and the lure of gray-green is selected. That and pick the color of a wobbler, focusing on small fish in the pond. Therefore, the angler must always be in possession of several options for the bait. As a rule, perch regularly takes only one, but there are times when it changes its tastes. In addition, during periods of active Jora color ceases to have meaning for him, he grabs everything that moves within reach.

So we can say that all these rules with the choice of colors are a bit arbitrary. Sudak from time to time perfectly caught on lures toxic colors. It would seem, why? After all, in nature, for example, there are no fish with poisonous yellow or bright pink. But here the predator rather reflex is triggered. He takes the bait on the principle of "who is the fastest of mining." But still there are a few crankbaits on which perch caught regularly.

Wobbler Duel Hardcore 50 SP

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

This wobbler zander is considered one of the most effective and efficient. Many inexperience bypassed by his side. After all, the length of five centimeters, while the classic buzz bait twice. But in the meantime it is this "kid" justifies all expectations. But for trophy walleye can pick up the larger models of the same type. The undoubted advantage of this wobbler is its neutral buoyancy. Thanks to this particular angler may, in its sole discretion to regulate and harness the speed and, of course, the level of penetration.

Wobbler L-minnow

This wobbler zander literally overgrown with legends. About him compose the whole fishing stories. In fact, this lure from companies Yo Zuri deserves praise. She catchability and effective. Its total length is 44 cm. At the same time it allows you to make enough good casts. This crank is good to fish the shallows. It works fine at night even on the shore. Best results wobbler gives the night at a depth of 0, 5 meters. It performs a slow speed wiring.

Wobbler Barra Magnum Rapala from

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

The best lures zander undoubtedly manufactured by Rapala. Well, the most popular brand buzz bait that is Barra Magnum. This is one of the catchability wobblers on the trophy predator. It operates at intermediate depths and are often taken for fishing trolling. At the same time statistics show that respond to him, not only pike, but also catfish. This attractive baits for big fish, often with the help of water drawn from animals weighing up to ten kilograms. The bait can not be called small, its length is 11 centimeters.

Lures of this model presents a variety of colors, from classic silver to bright hues. By such bait is not swims no perch. But there is this wobbler disadvantages. He calls for a delicate relationship. It is dried in a cool place and not allow it to remain open under the scorching sun. Only with careful storage wobbler can last you several seasons.

Wobblers Lucky John by Gripp Crank

The best lures zander are not always more expensive and. Bait Lucky John class "Crank" - a vivid example. This will undoubtedly lure for night fishing for walleye in the shallows. It has a minimum depth of immersion and a great game when you post almost at the surface, exactly where and waiting for his predator. Perch, usually quick to respond to the bait. Its sprawling high-frequency game is not left unattended. This is undoubtedly lures perch at night. If the wiring is slow, then the bait pops up almost to the surface, the water is rippling. What attracts active and walleye. But due to the low price to call the lure quality can be a stretch. As a rule, experienced fishermen immediately after purchase change all the hooks. This will improve the quality of undercuts and reduce the number of retirements. In general, the wobbler is very good, and its low quality pays well catchability, making it one of the best buzz baits.

Wobblers Sebile Rattsler

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

No rating wobblers on pike-perch is complete without this bait. It is aimed at a major trophy predator. Wobbler big because of its dimensions change to it, as a rule, do not go. In water, when posting it creates powerful vibrations. Aided by a blade located in front, it has a special structure shape. This is great for trolling. It is well exploited and depth, and edge. Used in summer at dusk, when the large pike is particularly active. The game involves all body baits. It is used for angling for 4 to 6 meters depth.

Wobblers Hils Master Haka

And if it is necessary for fishing on the depth of five meters and more, what lures zander suitable for such a purpose? Undoubtedly, this will Hils Master Haka. Its length - 7 centimeters. It can help you the best way to explore the water column, not only in the middle of the river bed, but also in steep banks. Wobblers intended for pike-perch, which could cope with this problem, not so much. The undoubted advantage is its quality and the fact that it goes very quickly given depth.

Night Fishing walleye

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

All the fishermen-spinnings known how actively responds to lure pike night. The main thing - do not make the wrong choice of bait. Not every suit for fishing in shallow water. All experienced fishermen unanimously recognize the leadership of the class "minnow". Thus optimal wobbler length - from 6 to 8 centimeters. As for color, then at night perch willingly respond to bright light bait. It is important that she was floating. Burying preferably - from 0, 5 to 1 meter. The game should be clean. Wiring - slow, fast is not permitted.

Catch walleye at this time of day in the following locations. Above rolling, casting made from a boat. You can catch from the shore. But then the point of looking for lower rolling in the shallows. At night and bite special. They feel not like a blow, but as a hook.

Catching walleye trolling

Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

Wobblers on walleye trolling have a medium or strong penetration. This makes it easy to survey large areas and conduct active searches for fish. This method of fishing is ideal for areas of large rivers with large riverbed depth. But here in the small ponds it is not used. It is also not caught by trolling in areas with difficult terrain and sharp changes of the shallow water and wells.

Wobblers for perch selected heavy. During catching drive them to work does not make the required depth. They have a front length of the blade. The size of these baits - preferably 7-8 centimeters. Fish from the boat at low speed. The distance must be maintained at about 25 meters. To do this, after casting pits right amount of fishing line. About biting judged by the bent rod tip. After sweeps should follow.

There are a few requirements to be met on walleye lures for trolling. Since the bait should be narrow in nature predator prey are mostly roach, bleak and verkhovka. wide lures that mimic the perch are also suitable. Before fishing you need using sonar to find the areas in which there is fish, and to approximately determine the depth at which it is located. It will help to set the level of a wobbler dives. But even better, if it will go slightly above the desired depth.


Best wobbler zander. Lures for trolling zander

Catching walleye on lures - the process is very interesting. But, choosing the bait, do not ignore the fact that the predator may be on different depths. Therefore, any experienced spinnings has a whole set with the catchability wobblers. They all differ in shape, size, color and length of the spatula. When buying bait, pay attention to the quality hooks. If necessary, they can be easily replaced with new ones. Also, check most suitable model for your chosen method of fishing. What level of penetration, whether there is it removable spatula. The more you learn about the new wobbler, the faster you'll catch him the desired predator.