Ice screws "Tonar": description, manufacturer. Ice screws fishing

Going on winter fishing, be sure to take a high-quality ice screws. He will be able to create holes quickly and efficiently. One of the products of the market leaders for fishing today is the company "Tonar". Its main production facilities are located in the city of Barnaul.

Ice screws "Tonar", which releases provided by the company, is in great demand among local fishermen. This is due to the reasonable price and high quality equipment. What properties characterized submitted articles will help you understand feedback from users and professionals.

General characteristics of

Barnaul ice screws, "Tonar" today are in great demand. The quality of the domestic manufacturer models allows them to win prizes in various competitions, contests. By the design of each model, the manufacturer approached responsibly.

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The price of the models is suitable for almost every fisherman. Purchase high quality equipment for the drilling of ice today can be priced up to 2000 rubles. The cost depends on the model and the destination device.

The company produces several types of equipment for winter fishing. Ice screws "Tonar" can be a classic, sporty, two-handed and telescopic. This allows each fishing enthusiasts choose the best option design.


Presented ice screws have a mass of distinctive features. They provide high-quality equipment. The cutting head has a unique configuration. It provides a good centering in the drilling process. This reduces the time to create the wells. Fisherman while making less effort. Knives ice screws "Tonar" have a particular configuration in accordance with the type of model. They have different angles of cut. The cutting elements are made from high-strength steel grades. This ensures high hardness knives. The cutting edge is worn more slowly than similar competing products.

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for ice screws Knives "Tonar" produced by special technology. Due to this, even after sharpening cutting element retains its original characteristics. screw size can be selected depending on the characteristics of fishing. The surface of the cutting element is covered with a special protective polymer. It prevents the occurrence of corrosion, ice.

Expert Reviews

Reviews of Ledobury "Tonar", which are experts talk about the high quality of the equipment. Products Barnaul production have many advantages over competing products.

Welded locking is highly reliable. It is hard enough to drill ice different thicknesses. Thanks to its special design, it turns quickly to assemble and disassemble the unit.

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devices Options allows you to build the most functional set. Knives are protected by a special case. Due to the key-screwdriver turns quickly and easily disassemble and reassemble the system. It is convenient to carry in the pond.

By manufacture the latest technology. They provide high precision machining. Through this approach, represented by the equipment is reliable, easy to use.

How to choose the right model

When choosing ice screws model must take into account peculiarities of fishing. For fishing out on the surface of small fish fit model with a minimum diameter of the cutting element. Going to catch pike average size, it is recommended to acquire ledobur "Tonar" 130 to 150 mm. models exist cross-sectional dimension of the shaft 180 mm especially for large fish.

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It is also necessary to take into account, for any type of fishing intended drilling equipment. Experienced fishermen and lovers of fishing for common conditions in winter take on a classic product groups. If you need equipment for sporting events, become two-handed ice screws or model type Weaving Kazantsev.

Taken into account when selecting the thickness of the ice. If it is less than 1 m, it is possible to give preference to the standard models of the screw. When fishing on ice over 1 m should acquire telescopic variety. They can be extended in the course of drilling.


Ice screws "Tonar" received mostly positive reviews. Members noted the high reliability represented by the unit. Negative statements are found on telescopic models. At the junction of the drill with an attachment backlash appears with time. Inside can get water. So do not often drop the device into the water at the junction with the head. When the telescopic Ledobury noise.

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Positive feedback is much more than the negative. Almost all users report high quality drilling unit. All fasteners are durable and reliable. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, which is extremely important in the body of water. To drill the ice with the help of the equipment "Tonar" quickly and easily. The unit does not generate much noise. Centering, high strength steel and sharp blades allow to make less effort. Favorable price and high performance make representations to the device popular.

Recommendations made by

To choose the right equipment for fishing, you need to listen to the advice of experienced experts. They advise to buy ice screws in accordance with the terms of fishing. This will ensure a high comfort of use.

Ice screws "Tonar" 130 mm is a versatile instrument. It is used for fishing as a prey, and white fish. If it is necessary to perform high-speed drilling, use screws with a diameter of 80 mm or 100 mm.

elongated ice screws are used in the process of sport fishing. Such designs allow the drill hole with both hands. Work is carried out with the faster. Sporting varieties allow you to quickly clean the hole from the sludge.

Going to a reservoir for the captured bream, pike and perch it is recommended to prefer models 150, 180 mm.

After considering the features and performance, which has ledobur "Tonar", it may be mentioned its high quality and comfort in use.