Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing

Judging by the reviews of fishing enthusiasts, fishing today was made possible with the use of modern equipment and significantly improved than some two or three years ago. And the most popular among all the new-fangled devices for this hobby use underwater cameras (especially for summer fishing).

Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing

Their main task - to detect underwater fish. For factory models are characterized by compactness and ease of use. However, many use homemade underwater cameras for fishing. The reason is the high cost of products presented in the store. Therefore, more and more people are interested in how to make an underwater camera for fishing itself. To cope with this task will be easy. The main thing - to carry out all steps according to the instructions and advice for the production of underwater camera for fishing with their hands. Them we will present in this article.

The relevance of the question

Not long ago, fishermen were unable to observe the bottom of the relief and response pond inhabitants on various lures. Today it has become a reality thanks to this device, like an underwater camera for summer fishing. The owner of such a device will be easier to choose the best place on the reservoir and determine the tooling than a skeptic accustomed to fish the old fashioned way. The family budget will not be affected if the underwater camera for fishing with a record will be assembled at home.

How to choose the design?

All gathered to build an underwater camera for fishing with his hands, experienced owners recommend to use the product as a model factory. His example a novice will be easier to understand the apparatus fixture. It is not necessary to create a complete copy. Before assembling your own hands underwater camera for fishing, are primarily determined by the depth to which it will sink.

On the standard

Hand made underwater camera for fishing must necessarily be equipped with the following components:

  • Special video camera, which can be submerged to a considerable depth. However, such a device is quite expensive. For those wishing to have a budget saving option - car rear view camera. However, for the successful use of it will have to be additionally equipped with a sealed housing.
  • Monitor. Again, we take care of the family budget and acquire car video recorder.
  • cord length of 3 m. It will connect the camera to the monitor.
Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing
  • Fishing rods, reels and fishing line. Using these devices, it would be easy to change the depth of the dive, control the location of the device in the reservoir and, if necessary quickly extract made with their own hands an underwater camera for fishing.
  • Car batteries, which will provide power to the system.
Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing

In addition, the need for the assembly:

  • extension cord and an inverter;
  • lead weight;
  • ultraviolet diode for the backlight;
  • superglue, sealant and adhesive tape.

On the additional components of

In addition to these elements, which are considered the base for such devices, home handyman can also be equipped with its own "home-made" additional components such as LED lights and sounder.

Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing

The use of these gadgets will not be superfluous. On the one hand, self-made underwater camera for fishing with record demand from the master of large financial investments. On the other hand, judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, fishing pays off with such a device.

About product functionality

On the shelves of specialty stores have a wide range of plant cells, which have a fairly large set of built-in functions. Depending on the capacity value branded devices may vary in the range from 6 to 45 thousand. Rubles. Everyone who is going to make such a device at home, have to understand that "homemade" should not be very different from store-bought.

First, what you need to pay attention to the master, so it's on the depth of immersion. Because under the influence of a large mass of water may break the camera.

Secondly, and this is no less important to the preceding paragraph, it should be hard and sealed housing.

Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing

In the third, the camera must be a high degree of sensitivity and high-quality lighting. Experienced owners of "homemade" recommend in this matter comply with the measure because the dim light will not catch all the details at the bottom of the reservoir, and much vivid scare away the fish.

How to choose a camera?

Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers to make their own hands an underwater camera for fishing from a smartphone is absolutely easy. Assembly is done quickly, because the optical device is already selected. Easy operation is possible if the device appears to be small and light. When choosing a camera, a novice should pay attention to the quality of the image. It must necessarily be clear. Better overview will provide smartphones with big screen. When choosing a device for self-made underwater camera, better to give preference to well-known brands.

Where to start?

The work should start with the preparation of the monitor. We need to make sure that the device is configured correctly. After that, using a special USB cable, it connects to the camera, which will continue to sink to the bottom of the reservoir.

Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing

through the wire to the monitor will display an image. It is important that when an image is no interference on the monitor.

You can then take the camera itself. It must be installed in a special puncture-proof container. For its arrangement many home craftsmen use various sealants and mechanical fasteners. It is worth to perform soldering wires (not twist). The upper part of the container need to be equipped with a special hole for the wires. The cable must have appropriate protection class (enabling them to be used under water).

Then you need to connect the battery. Lead weights are placed on the bottom of the container. There's also mounted smartphone. The upper part of the container is equipped with additional holes for backlighting.

Test Test

Before you operate a home-made device, experienced fishermen are advised to test it at home. Ideal for this purpose would be filled with bath water. Immerse the camera, you need to check how tight joints and input wires. If leaks are found, they should be further treated with sealant or tape wrap. In addition, testing in the bathroom or other container will provide an opportunity to check the quality of the picture on the monitor. If the image on the screen will be noisy, it means that the "homemade" quality enough executed wire connection.

On operation on a pond

As advised by experienced fishermen, homemade camera work need to very carefully. Sinking it in the bottom of the reservoir using a cable. It is recommended every 200 mm to make the camera rotate 360 ​​degrees. Thus, the fisherman will be aware of the situation in the water column. The distance from the camera to a fishing lure is to be not less than 80 mm. After the "homemade" will be at the bottom, it is necessary to wait some time to lay down a raised mud and sand. This should provide a clear on the monitor. Now you can do research bottom topography. The camera should be positioned so that the screen be sure to be seen bait.

Underwater camera for fishing with their hands Tips for manufacturing


Using underwater cameras give the fisherman the opportunity to study the topography of the reservoir bottom. In addition, the owner of such a device, made even artisanal, will have an idea of ​​how fish react to a particular bait. Knowing what is going on in the water, and in one or another area of ​​the bottom, a fisherman can choose the best place to choose the right bait and exercise control over the process itself. And all this will positively affect the amount of the catch.