Boats "Gladiator": reviews, review

Inflatable boats "Gladiator" co-produced by the Russian company "Extreme" and Chinese company "Weihai Marineko". This product has firmly taken its niche in the promising market of filling and swimming facilities. This is made possible through the use of quality components and sophisticated design vessel at an affordable price. These swimming facilities are ideal for fishing and recreation, as well as small walks.



Manufacturers boats "Gladiator" have created some variations. Depending on the configuration, design features and materials used, they are suitable for use in different climates and on the respective reservoirs. They can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Simplified inexpensive option for a relaxing holiday and fishing in calm water (Simple). These models are available in flat-bottomed keel or formation.
  2. transom has modification (Light) For more active ways. There are three types of vessels other than bottom ceiling (accessories of waterproof plywood, aluminum or inflatable floor).
  3. Boat PVC "Gladiator" the Active is designed for recreation and fishing. Can be equipped with power plants with capacity up to forty horse power, it has enhanced the density of inflatable cylinders and expanded configuration.
  4. Professional version is aimed at the most simple operating conditions. The density of the material in this case is not less than three hundred thousand and grams per square centimeter. Provided armored bottom keel and the increased volume of working cylinders.

Equipment and registration

Established boat equipment "Gladiator" may include nasal awning, anchor ring, packing bags, pump. At a cost of forty thousand rubles swimming facilities is presented in a variety of Kohler (from bright to camouflage shades registration).


Some versions are equipped with aluminum cans and other extra amenities. Option "Air" trimmed polyurethane tape on all protruding elements, folded to fit a single bag. All stages of production of the swimming facilities meet international standards and are appropriate controls.


Differences considered boats can be described by the following criteria:

  1. A Model HT-280 is equipped with two-stroke engines with power limit is four horsepower. Removable transom and lifting almost 0, 5 tons possible to transport a good catch, and two large passengers.
  2. Boat "Gladiator-370" different speed gliding, has a capacity for five people, with an aggregated capacity of outboard motors up to thirty-five horsepower, has a lifting capacity of almost seven hundred kilograms.
  3. Another popular version under the symbol D-420 AL refers to the professional category, is equipped with three separate air compartments. It has enhanced density aluminum bottom and banks. The ship can carry up to seven passengers with load capacity index slightly above one tonne.

Boat "Gladiator-330": the technical characteristics of

An example of one of the most popular series of the study considered the manufacturer the main parameters of swimming means.


Dimensions and technical data:

  • length / width / height - 3, 3/1, 55/0, 48 meters;
  • compartments - three passengers plus one driver's seat;
  • parameter-duty - 0, 57 tons;
  • cylinders in diameter - 420 mm;
  • output power surface mounting (maximum) - fifteen "horses";
  • bottom - aluminum bottom ceiling;
  • density of the material - 850/1100 g / sq. m;
  • presence of stringers, keel and transom;
  • weight - fifty-six kilograms.

Boat PVC "Gladiator-330" made with inflatable keel, finished with a five-layer reinforced high density fabric. The vessel has three independent compartments, the design and interaction of which provide unsinkable unit is damaged one of the departments.

used motors

Engines for the considered comfortable when carrying craft, are lightweight and identical name. Motors "Gladiator" have the following characteristics:

  • are protected against corrosion, made of aluminum alloy;
  • multiple modes make it possible to move in shallow water;
  • rotary gas handle increases maneuverability and safety;
  • have the emergency strap is off, check the thermostat, three-stage transmission assembly;
  • outboard motor of this brand easy to carry, is light;
  • steering - adjustable type;
  • is present at the start protection active transmission;
  • has security from excessive vibration;
  • Power unit - from ten to thirty horse power.

The two-stroke engine does not require registration at installation, a two-year warranty, with a pair of cylinders, the factory with the recoil starter. Product weight - about twenty-seven kilos, with the volume of 170 square centimeters.


Boats "Gladiator": reviews

In their responses of users are positioned predominantly positively considered swimming facilities. For quiet walks and fishing in calm water perfect modification of "Light" and "Simple". The only drawback in their design consumers say not very good handling.

Durable and more sophisticated version of the "Active" and "Professional" not have this drawback, have good build quality, more stable on the waves. However, the weight and price of such sudlv significantly higher compared with the modifications noted above. In general, PVC boat "Gladiator" - it is quite robust, compact and practical boat. Despite the relatively young age, the brand has already found its fans across the country and abroad.



Considered boats have a number of advantages, namely:

  • five-year warranty on material and finishing three years of docking the seams;
  • a compound of a four place additionally glued plates;
  • products meet the requirements of GOST and ISO;
  • convenient valve design allows you to quickly transform the boat from the transport position to an operational view, and vice versa;
  • polyvinylchloride material resistant to wear, deformation and puncture.

The polymer components is further reinforced, which increases the overall lifetime without a fundamental repair of up to ten years or more. A wide range allows you to choose a model that is suitable for personal preference, price, color and practicality.

The completion of the review

Boats "Gladiator" structurally consists of a non-closed cylinder, divided into several compartments. They have lowered limit switches with a beveled shape. Most units equipped with pump, oars, stationary transom, lifelines, portable banks rymom. Packaging and transport of the product is performed by placing the elements in one, two or three knapsack (depending on model).


A wide range allows you to choose an inflatable boat on demand and price. Avid fishermen and lovers of extreme sports fit version "Professional" and "Air". In calm water is enough to be cost-effective and low-cost standard modifications or improvements, but malovmestitelnoy variations of "Light". The choice is always yours.