Boat "Ufimka": characteristics, operation, main advantages and disadvantages

Boat "Ufimka" - a double row boat. Equipped with a water-resistant seats and non-collapsible oars. Design features contribute to easy management on the open water, provide high throughput in a thicket of grass.

Materials manufacture

Boat "Ufimka" is made of three-layer synthetic rubber fabric. The material has excellent resistance to wear, due to the presence of high internal cord.


The independent pneumatic cylinders connected to the body by adhesive technology, which provides for the formation of a minimum number of seams. Additionally, the product compartments reserved reinforcing rubber bands.

Boat "Ufimka" includes plastic valves for inflation. The latter have a strong rubber membrane, which prevent air from flowing in the reverse direction for a long time.


"Ufimka" rubber boat has the following characteristics:

  • Length - 265 cm
  • .

  • depth - 32 cm
  • .

  • Housing width - 115 cm
  • .

  • capacity - about 260 kg.
  • The mass of 16 kg.



Boat "Ufimka" 2-spot represented by several separate modifications. The structure may comprise any conventional inflatable bottom, seat cushions or in the form of rigid boards.

A boat with an inflatable base differs better maneuverability, develops faster speed, and has good stability. Among other things, the presence of an additional layer under the feet of an advantage in terms of security. Even in the autumn in a boat feet long are warm.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Dinghy Ufimka has pirogoobraznoy, a constricted shape, which protrudes its main advantage. This feature contributes to the rapid development of speed during a paddle on open water. Boat is easy enough to cope with the passage of the dense thickets. The design provides for installation of oversized, relatively low-power outboard motor.

Boat "Ufimka" contains two independent inflatable balloon, which elements are interconnected at the bottom front and back of the product and special pads in the form gussets. Pumping occurs each container separately, which is perhaps one of the main drawbacks of the construction, since the occurrence of puncture lead to deflation of one of the boards.

The boat is able to withstand relatively low waves. For this reason, her nose should be deployed in the direction of the moving water flows. In the case of the location of the boat broadside to the waves increases the likelihood of a quick completion of the internal space, and even the ship's sinking.

The model has a considerable weight. Therefore, its transportation causes some discomfort when necessary to overcome considerable distances to a reservoir on foot. Appropriate in these situations, the application looks like a small trolley on wheels.

Use and Storage


As with any other rubber boat, the presented model requires compliance with certain rules of use. Material cylinders differs extreme sensitivity to mechanical stress, especially contact with sharp objects. Therefore, as the operation is necessary to pay special attention to a neat passing zakoryazhennyh sites obstacles with sharp stones. Can cause trouble long stay boats in direct sunlight during hot weather. Cylinders products quickly expanded due to the physical properties of air. This, in turn, often leads to the appearance of small ruptures of the material. To avoid such problems, it is recommended periodically pit excess air. And this should be done, moored to the shore.

As the boat is different form with high battened down the nose and the back part, the ship is relatively easily picked up by a strong, sharp gusts of wind. Therefore, while fishing in bad weather it is recommended to stay close to the shore.

Essential during the operation of a drying of the product. Despite the use as a base material rubber production, the inner fabric layer vessel has a tendency to absorb moisture. As a result, at high humidity drying boat can significantly delayed.

In winter, the product is rolled tightly and placed in the home cover. As a place for storage is to choose a clean and dry place.

Boat "Ufimka": price


The cost of individual modifications of model shown may vary depending on the region. The average price of standard products ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles. boats cost increases in the case of purchase of the original model from the production plant in the presence of certificates confirming the reliability and quality of manufacture.