Boat "Progress-4": technical specifications, tuning, reviews

Boat motor "Progress-4" in a series of motor boats, which were produced in the USSR. We can say it is a leader in the tuning market among Soviet aluminum motor boats.

On the characteristics of "Progress-4" has established itself as a unique water transport: lightweight, robust, practical and reliable. Excellent boat for Fish and families.

The main advantage of "progress" is its large capacity. Especially in comparison with many of the massive boats, manufactured later. No wonder "Progress-4" called "family" boat.


Specifications "Progress-4"


  • Length - 4, 69 m;
  • depth - 0, 65 m;
  • body weight in a dry form -180 kg;
  • weight lifting 4 people average build;
  • type of boats - motor, rowing;
  • allowable power PM - 40 l. from.;
  • bead width - 1, 72 m;
  • body material - D16M, D16T;
  • weight of loaded boat - 700 kg;
  • the country of origin - Russia (USSR).

metal housing made of duralumin, and equipped with a windscreen using TIG welding. Sheathing bottom 2 mm thick. Displacement - 2000 kg. Motor boats "Progress-4" (if provided for in the specification) is equipped with:

  • awning;
  • soft cushions for the seats;
  • portable table;
  • unsinkable oars.

In the stern of a motor boat is the compartment that contains two standard tank of fuel provided, tools and spare parts. Each of the fuel tank holds 20 liters of fuel. Engine compartment is tightly closed self-draining recession. From the cockpit in the transom for draining water valve is fitted with a remote control. In the bow is a sealed compartment flooding, it serves to keep the boat afloat in the event of its sinking. This water transport is equipped with two uprights with the wheels, and also has a removable coupling "carrier", which allows its transport by road at a speed of 40 km / h.



Durable hull motor "Progress-4" wide enough. It has full nasal contours. Due to this property, the body virtually eliminates the possibility of tilting the vessel on a wave.

A vessel unsinkable provide blocks of foam which are under the deck in the nose compartment and aft along the sides. In the event that will be completely filled with water motor boat "Progress-4", it will remain in a steady position. Transom allows the installation and one, and two motors. In the second case, you need to mount an additional set of remote control and reverse gas. Also add a post, connecting a pair of outboard motors for the realization of their synchronous rotation.

Such specifications "Progress-4" allow for walks and recreation on the water four or five people. In addition, this model is perfect for lovers of fishing and leisure companies in the composition of two or three people.

Engine "Progress-4" is remotely controlled and equipped with an outboard motor "Whirlwind".



Boat motor "Progress-4" - the most successful model in comparison with the previous modifications of "progress": due to the greater kleevatosti bottom, higher cheekbone at the stem. There is also a self-draining recess, allowing you to install two motors, bent whole old-style glass converted to direct-composite. Glass in "Progress-4" in frame with a gate made of polycarbonate with bilateral UV protection. The gate has a gasket-elastic bands, which prevent vibration and leakage. The loop is welded around the perimeter of the frame. And also, it is very pleased fans motor boats, outboard motors with two speed "Progress-4" can reach 52 km / h.



Tuning "Progress-4" - a process improvement, aimed at changing the characteristics of the factory. Using human imagination can achieve any desired result. Tuning options "Progress-4" a lot. Methods for installing additional equipment - logging, awnings, improved seats, extra fuel tanks, etc...

Consider a few options for tuning.

Sliding cutting

Structure sliding has a mean cutting portion which is shifted in the feed. To do in the stern part of the cockpit open, you need using the grinder to cut from the trunk bulkhead foredeck. On the left side to leave the console with a width of 400 mm. It will serve as a base for the installation of the instrument panel and the steering column. From console ramp portion of the bulkhead at the right side to the coaming cockpit bent upwards on the width of 150 mm to the vertical position. This design extends the cockpit by 300 mm, this comes at the expense of the open part 840 mm in length in its stern.


Implementation of the sliding cabin made of 2 side walls and the roof with an integrated sunroof which, as we know, is cut from the deck of the bow of the boat. Thus we increase the height of the coamings Cockpit opening part cutting up to 90 mm. On the surface (inner and outer) guide coamings riveting. Selectable rebate, on which at the upper edge of the wooden outer guide slides sliding edge of the side wall section.

Two clips must draw the cutting edge of the sliding section, they glide over the inner guides. With a lamp mounted in the nose of cuttings in the closed state, Ring locks as hooks, will provide a tight connection, and clamps firmly hold section on the rails. The edge of the aft movable part does not seal. Transverse frame has two feed, cutting the fixed part in the form of an arc of a steel gon 20 x 20 mm. Front bar firmly riveted to the edge of the bow section, and the arc goes back to 20 mm deep from the stern, that it serves to support attached to the bolts arc, and to the sides and bottom ceiling -.. Screws.

From dural gon performed door frame of an aluminum sheet are cut bottom panels, and the top can be made of organic glass of 4 mm.

310 mm does not reach the level of cover locker and 442 mm at Elan, it is located on the starboard side of the cabin. Removable seat is installed on the front of the locker. On request can be equipped with is narrow berth in the locker. To do this, push the lid out of the deck to the cabin and lay behind the seat back free space in the nose.



Improves and steering. Mounted front wheel support long axis and the front rollers shturtrosa with brackets mounted behind the bulkhead in the bow compartment.

In order to facilitate cutting weight, it is better to make sheets of light alloy.

Removable driver's seat, which is located in the wheelhouse, is attached to the bottom ceiling locks front and rear. If desired, the chair can be turned to the table.

Ceiling boats fining foam about 20 mm thick and coarse cotton cloth, which absorbs the moisture in the cold when closing the cabin. In a summer day in a cabin will not be hot.

Along the edges of the panels is convenient to make flanging 10 mm in order to avoid water penetration through gaps between the panels. By opening the panels edges rubber glue strips 3-5 mm thick.


Improving seats

Simple refinement backrest brackets can seat on motor boats spread out to a sleeper. To solve this problem, remove the brackets and using a handsaw to make vertical cuts in them. After the metal edge is folded and drilled for one additional stud hole. Instead of rivets used screws to attach the brackets. Upgraded seats so easily converted into two beds.

Stationary fuel tanks

Installation of additional fuel tanks increases the cruising boat "Progress-4", they reinforce the sides of the trunk at the stern. To do this, there need to remove the foam, cut it into blocks of the desired size and place in the transom and bottom ceiling under the luggage compartment. If reliably strengthened bottom ceiling, he firmly hold the desired position of the boat. The trunk is also enough space for two cans of gasoline and oil cans.

The middle part is necessary to make fuel tank from a sheet of aluminum or steel. Sheet bend, weld along the edge and to the ends of the sidewall blanks welds. Make a recess at the top of the tank on the left side for cables with a remote control. It is important that the neck with screwed plug does not protrude more than 25 mm from the surface of the tank.

Tent on "Progress-4"

Unfortunately, there are weaknesses in the motorboat - a tarpaulin.

Often it ceases to be strong and starts to shrink after several water outlets. Tilt motor boats should be quick and easy to unfold and take shape, thus it should be durable and reliable, t. To. This part plays a very important role in the bad weather, protects both from wind, rain, and from the scorching sunlight. The resiliency of the material under the awning and the carcass must fully comply with the counter flow of air in motion. Boat "Progress-4" should have a tent, which will be resistant to weathering all sorts. Therefore, it must have a strong frame and be made of a dense material. Felling, designed for the "Progress-4" sizes to fit into the size of its staff tent.

The transom

The transom is also a very important part of motor boats. In order to increase the reliability of the design of "Progress-4", you can manually increase its pins. These details should screwed into the bulkhead of the cockpit and strengthen all its sides nuts. Keep in mind that the stud should not be struts or ties. Very important: the motor rotation should not interfere with the studs. Of course, this way can be used only if the transom board is not rotten and not broken across, and if there are no cracks and deflections duralumin on the transom. If any, that should definitely take this into account and change the transom board or put a cover of duralumin or steel transom outside.



The technical characteristics of "Progress-4", hydrofoils can improve motosredstva speed. They may be fully or partially submerged beneath the water. Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that the lower the stability of hydrofoil boats, you will need to provide the correct placement of the team and luggage. Outboard motor must have a reserve of turns to an increase in speed does not exceed their allowable number, also require a lower landing screw.


By reviews, "Progress-4" is a pretty reliable and convenient way. The boat is very stable and will not cause a dangerous roll even when landing on one board 3 people.