Knives "Spayderko": characterization, description, benefits

Company "Spayderko" for 38 years producing high quality knives and accessories for them.



Back in 1978, the company founded Sal Glesser. Today "Spayderko" is located in Golden, Colorado.

The company's products enjoyed success with its first steps on the market. The first prototype, Spyderco Worker, has been shown to the public in 1981 in New Orleans and had a lot of rave reviews. In the same year the company "Spayderko" released its first production knife. The authorship of the prototype of this knife belonged to the master Jim Oddo. Thanks to contacts with known people producing the series moved to Japan. Removable clip, which was later CLIPIT name was introduced in the first sample is released knife.

Today, in the catalog of enterprise models for more than one hundred and eighty positions, it also includes folding knives "Spayderko" kitchen knives and models with a blade, which is fixed. Previously, the production of the blades occurred only in Japan and America, but in 2008 the company decided to expand, and in the same year, the first model was released in China. Admirers of the brand was given a promise of leadership support for the desired level of quality. Although originally the aim of production in China has been a decrease in the labor costs and operating supplies.

Incidentally, the company "Spayderko" is also a trademark Byrd, the name of which the knives are produced in Southeast Asia. Honors such knives is the shape of the hole to open the knife with one movement - Stylized Comet.

General characteristics of


The products include knives directly "Spayderko", as well as kits for their sharpening. Excellent quality handguns for thirty years know "Spayderko" as the company with the most progressive trends. The company's staff is constantly developing innovative projects for more convenience and design solutions successfully emphasize functionality knives aesthetic appearance. Among the company's own development:

  • blade, which looks like a miniature saw and has sharp teeth shocking - Spyder Edge.
  • The solution for carrying a knife right in your pocket - clip on the spring placed on the handle.
  • Compression Lock - a device aimed at the easy opening knife with one movement.
  • The introduction of plastic as a base material for the design of the handle, which contributed to the relief of the blade as a whole.

For the duration of the progress and the sustainable improvement of its products' Spayderko "has contracts with numerous experts in the field of wrestling, defense and so on., Including professional athletes. Testing of knives such as the shortcomings of professionals helps better diagnose possible. In addition, the company's number of employees, many designers of international renown. Here are some names: Wayne Goddard, Jess Horn, Bill Moran, Bob Lum, Dzhots Khalsa, Bob Terzuol, Frank Sentofante and many other popular personalities. Production of each model is preceded by a large-scale testing in many ways. These include, for example, the maximum load intensity and the abrasion of the cutting portion of the blade calculation processes oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the blade and so on.

Species and materials


At the moment, the company manufactured knives "Spayderko" with these types of clamps:

  • Liner Lock;
  • Back Lock;
  • Compression Lock.

The material for the blades "Spayderko" is the best stainless steel grades. Sami blades are available with different types of optimizations - combined, serreytornoy or normal pleynovoy. The handle has a precise and balanced weight is made of stainless steel, polymer steklolita or titanium.



A lot of satisfied users who have purchased "Spayderko" knives, reviews, confirming their emotions - this is another reason to trust their investments to this company. Products of this company is really high quality.

Additional advantages that are so popular knives "Spayderko" - prices. The average buyer may very well afford such an accessory (cost zvisit on the model and ranges from 1, 5 thousand. Rubles and above).

In order to characterize the knives "Spayderko", do not need many words. One has only to say that buying a tool in the kit you get a original design, high quality and maximum comfort. Knives "Spayderko" - a sign of quality!