Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

It makes no sense to remind modern man that civilization develops in a spiral. Technical development - a clear illustration of this process. History of the invention, the electric motor-wheel, namely, such a device is used in a vehicle, discussed below, is fully confirmed.

All of us in childhood, rode bicycles, and many of them later in life have not abandoned the beloved bike. Sooner or later, many cyclists have a desire to upgrade your vehicle. The reasons for this can be many. This expansion of the geography of travel, health problems, traffic jams in metropolitan areas and basic desire to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

The history of the electric motor-wheel

Motor-wheel, and it is a machine, which combines the wheel itself and the electric motor, invented (and patented) American inventor Wellington Adams in 1884. Translate his idea into a product could after 6 years of his compatriot - the inventor Albert Purcell, creating a prototype of the bicycle motor-wheel.

Attempts wide practical application of these advanced devices were made in the past several times. However, the limited use of motor-wheels in the late 19th and early 20th century did not lead to real competition to traditional internal combustion engines due to lack of deep and light batteries that can withstand hundreds of thousands of charge-discharge cycles. Therefore, the motor-wheel was used successfully and are currently used in narrow areas, in high-power wheeled vehicles, such as rail transport and mining trucks, where they generate electricity for diesel generators located on the chassis.

But the years went on, science was moving forward, and such batteries there. Any technical prerequisites for the use of the invention before the device today. The need for the use of advanced and environmentally friendly vehicles there due to the rapid growth of the number of vehicles with internal combustion engines, which emit a myriad of harmful substances and significantly impair quality of life, especially in big cities and metropolitan areas, that is, where the density vehicles is highest. In addition, it is known that hydrocarbon fuel reserves are exhaustible and humanity simply forced to use other forms of energy to move in space. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries of human migration on electric and hybrid vehicles become a reality. For example, in Japan in 1997, a massive hybrid car (Toyota Prius) in the world was created first, which moves at the expense of gasoline and electric engines, depending on the driver's commands.

Electric bike, no doubt, fall under the definition of a hybrid vehicle, as moved by an electric motor, powered from the battery, and the cyclist's muscle power (battery, sooner or later will sit, or next slide will be beyond his power). Motor-wheel is ideal for mounting on a bicycle. It is compact, reliable and relatively cheap.

Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

Motor-wheel - the wheel, combined in a single package with an induction motor, which receives power from a compact battery. Controlled supply of electricity to the wheel controller (block e "stuffing") and the manual controls (located on the bicycle handlebars). In order to use the kit was technically and economically feasible, the weight of these basic units should be minimal (6-8 kg), and is now able to achieve this.

Alternative Bike electrification

Many craftsmen in our country offer their low-budget options for retrofitting conventional bicycle into an electric bike. On the Internet you can find a very exotic methods such alterations. It may be possible to use a screwdriver as a motor, an electric battery or other electric various transmissions. It should also be noted that in recent years has often been suggested as a competitive power unit as part of a set of bicycle use upgrading much noisy internal combustion engine. These kits are still available, but their popularity is falling every year.

The components of the kit to assemble the

Let us consider in more detail the components of the kit for the assembly of electric bicycles. There is a caveat. To save readers' time is reasonable to consider (for consumers) only factory kits for conversion to electric bike bicycle. In their composition contains all necessary components, including a reliable fixture, podrobnuya instruction and protection of "foolproof", ie the compound of parts into a whole can only be one right way. Assembly of exclusive and very powerful and advanced electric bikes will leave enthusiasts and technical guru.

The types of batteries

The battery is the power source for motor-wheel. Industry offers several types:


  1. Lead-acid batteries have high weight and low specific capacitance. They are still used with electric bicycles because of the low cost, but little suited as a power source for the motor-wheel for longer trips.
  2. Nickel-cadmium batteries have a reasonable size, relatively high specific capacity, but also a number of negative properties. It is a small share (about 1000 cycles "charge - discharge"), memory effect and temperature limits of charge and use.
  3. The lithium-ion batteries in all respects suitable for use as a power source, but they cost about half the sum set for electric bicycles from China.

The types and devices electric motor-wheels

Geared wheel is an asynchronous motor mounted to the bicycle axis spokes connected to the rim. This induction motor, made in a "reverse". The rotor is fixedly mounted on the fork and the stator rotates with the wheel. motor-wheel motors have a capacity ranging from 250 watts to 5 kilowatts. Motor wheel has two basic options for implementation: 1. This gear-wheel motor of compact dimensions, which comprises a planetary gearbox with three gear wheels, reducing the engine speed increases and the drive wheel tractive force when pulling off the bicycle difficult terrain conditions and protracted climbs. This option is inexpensive but has a short life of 5-8 thousand kilometers. Maximum travel speed - 30-35 km / hour. A feature of the geared motor-wheel is the presence of the overrunning clutch, which turns off the engine when pedaling and on the slopes. This motor-wheel is not suitable lovers fast and aggressive driving on rough terrain.

Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

2. The gearless motor-wheel direct drive gear is more expensive and more reliable and allows you to create a silent device with high capacity - up to 5 kilowatts, with the possibility of recovery (electricity recharging process of the system when driving downhill or coasting). In this motor when the pedals will present little resistance to movement. This is because the induction motor is a bidirectional device. In the absence of power supply to its windings of this motor is working in generator mode and slows down the system. Recovery of the gift is not passed, the energy must come from somewhere to take. Resource wheels - tens of thousands of kilometers. Maximum travel speed - 60 km / h and above.

Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

Set-up solutions geared wheel

Geared wheel can be mounted at both the front and the rear bicycle axle. Possible and all-wheel drive. The advantages of the front installation - simplicity of design and the possibility of rapid replacement of the motor-wheel in the usual old bicycle wheel.

Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

Set the motor-wheels on the rear axle is somewhat more complicated. When mounting it may be difficult for compatibility kit purchased with your bike in the work plan and ratchet disc brakes.

Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

can be installed on a motor bike carriage. In this case, the rotation is transmitted to the pedals and the cyclist is able to change gear as before the upgrade.

Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

The owners, who with his own hands set kit for electric bikes for winter driving, recommend or rear wheel drive. Front-wheel drive lead to frequent falls.

In addition to the battery and the motor-wheels should be mentioned device that will manage them. This power controller (electronic circuit in a protected housing) and the control mechanisms which are mounted on a bicycle handlebar and consist usually of special handles with built breakers motor when braking the bike and motor control (handle or lever), which allow to change speed wheel (analogue gas moped).

Mounting kit for the assembly of electric bikes with their hands

The total set of mounting principle is quite simple. To do this:

  1. Determine the maximum speed and range of motion electric bikes. On this depends the type of motor-wheel.
  2. To determine the drive wheel. On this depends the completeness and structure of fasteners.
  3. Measure the diameter of the drive wheel. It is a wheel must be an ordered set.
  4. to choose and buy a set of alterations electric bicycles with their own hands. You can do this online store.
  5. Carefully read the instructions for installation kit for electric bikes. To determine the compatibility of your bike and kit.
  6. Retrieved kit for electric bikes, combining all the details and establish on supports a driving wheel.
  7. Move the camera and tire from the old to the new wheel motor-wheel.
  8. Freeze according to the instruction set for the remaining parts of electric bicycles.
  9. Charge the battery and test ride a short distance.
Kit for electric bikes: an overview, features and reviews

In the top picture - kit for electric bikes (with their hands perform the installation easy) to be installed on the front axle with a gearless motor.

Safety of operation electric bike

It is worth a reminder about the safe operation of this modified vehicle. Bicycle, on which an electric motor-wheel, acquires fundamentally new properties. Speed ​​of movement of the bicycle with an electric motor can reach 60-70 km / h. It's practically the speed of the motorcycle in the city. The cyclist, who set the motor-wheel on his bike, to apply all security features similar to those vehicles that use the rider.

to the original design requirements bike

In addition, a bicycle, which is expected to be converted by the electric, must be reliable and reinforced structure. Most suitable for this purpose a powerful mountain bike, which has a margin for movement on rough terrain. Ultimately, the reliability of the source vehicle should adequately estimate its owner. Reviews owners electrified bikes indicate that blows at high speeds can not stand the front fork. Geared motors, wheel fast break when jumping over obstacles. Weak spot - the spokes of a conventional bicycle. Their diameter on the drive wheel is desirable to increase. So it makes sense to buy a kit for conversion to electric bicycles zaspitsovannym wheel. Spokes will be reinforced in such a wheel.


Reviews suggest that the price alteration conventional bicycle using a ready to assemble kit decent quality commensurate with the cost of the finished factory entry-level electric bicycles. Purchase cheapest kits for electric bicycles from China experts do not recommend. You can get to the low-quality components. The same applies to a kit for electric bikes with battery. It must be purchased separately under its own terms. Supporters of the acquisition of the finished electric bikes motivate it and calculate its reinforced construction and design. Consumer properties both converted and a class factory electric bicycles, according reviews will be virtually identical.