Automatic 9A-91: description of the performance characteristics, the manufacturer

a large range of automatic rifle models created Russian weapons designers. A compact and robust designs is considered a shortened machine 9A-91.

Automatic 9A-91: description of the performance characteristics, the manufacturer

The weapon is designed for special forces of law enforcement bodies of Russia. Description, design and characteristics of the machine 9A-91 are presented in the article.


Automatic 9A-91 is a modern small-sized automatic weapons, designed in 1992. Primary name 9a-91 "submachine gun". Subsequently, the weapon was officially renamed the automaton-grenade launcher A-91. Its creators are employees of Instrument Design Bureau in Tula. CBI is developing precision guided weapons for the Russian navy and aerospace forces, air defense systems, guns.

On the history of

In the 1980s, widespread use received flak jackets and helmets. Their production is subject to regular intensive improvement. Releases new models become smaller and lighter. At the end of the 80 bullet-proof vests and helmets became mandatory attributes in the gear members of the security and law enforcement agencies. Protective equipment have also been used by terrorists and criminals.

Russian designers - mud- and Shipunov - it was suggested to complement the KGB and Interior Ministry special weapons for close combat, able to break through personal protective equipment. Such weapons and became the machine 9A-91. At this time, designers CRI Tochmash in Klimovsk developed a unique ammunition SP-6 and SP-5. These cartridges are able to provide a pool subsonic speed, due to which the weapon can be used with silencers. This feature was founded by designers at the beginning of the design work on the 9A-91.

Automatic 9A-91: description of the performance characteristics, the manufacturer

Also, it does not preclude the use of a gun flameless fire appliances. Since the combat missions of special forces officers have to operate in closed rooms, armourers, a number of studies regarding the propensity SP-5 and SP-6 ricochet.

of the test

During testing, 9A-91 machine Commission were appreciated by its high rate of performance and accuracy. According to military experts, the new automatic rifle model is not able to replace the AK-74. Nevertheless, 9A-91 was able to take his tactical niche: the weapon successfully was used in the fighting in enclosed spaces.

About destination

Due to excellent performance characteristics and the small size of the new machine joins weapons arsenal Russian special forces. The development of this model, small items take several years. Completely ready for operation 9A-91 was found in the early '90s. In 1994, several units of machines entered in the special forces of Russia, namely, in GUBOP "Lynx" and Moscow's special mission forces. Soon, machines have begun using soldiers Interior Troops of the Russian Federation.

On the automation

9A-B 91 uses the principle outlet from the barrel channel spent powder gases. Output is through a special opening in the side of the barrel. Machine is equipped with a gate, through which four lugs locks the barrel channel. For 9a-91 provides the trigger trigger. Automation of this weapon is designed to fire single and bursts.

On the fuse

9A-91 is equipped with flag-interpreter fuse. It is located on the receiver on the left side. Later, in 1995, the production of new versions of it will be placed right on top of the trigger guard. The left half of the receiver will be assigned to a special strap, intended to receive the optical sighting device or night vision device. For early shooting samples characterized by the presence of the muzzle brake. In later versions this element is missing.

About butts

For a machine designed butt, which can be easily folded if necessary. Weapons in this position is suitable for concealed carry. In order to remove the butt, soldier enough to lift it up and move forward along the receiver.

Automatic 9A-91: description of the performance characteristics, the manufacturer

In contrast to the pistol grip, made of plastic, with the creation of the stock steel is used. In an effort to provide a comfortable fit, 9a-91 equipped with a folding shutter handles. In contrast to AA, in this case slit for gate handles permanently open.

O configuration

9A-91 is adapted for use removable silencers and muzzle compensators. Initially, developers planned to equip the automatic grenade launcher GP-95. However, the tests showed that the sample 9a-91 is not suitable for such a fire: it is too light and durable enough. Besides regular devices such as toggle rear sight and a front sight, a small-size machine can be equipped with optical and night sight and laser designator.

Automatic 9A-91: description of the performance characteristics, the manufacturer

About ammunition

special armor-piercing bullets of 9 mm are designed for the machine. Their knockdown enough to 100m with break steel sheet thickness to 0, 8 cm. In addition, an alternative embodiment for 9a-91 are considered caliber ammunition 6 mm. They cost less and allow you to hit the enemy, dressed in PPE third class.

On the performance characteristics of the machine 9A-91

  • Caliber - 9 mm.
  • Mass avtomata- 2, 1 kg.
  • In order to provide weapons cartridges PAB-9, SP-5 and SP-6.
  • The total length of the machine (with the buttstock) 604 mm.
  • In the folded position, the length of the 9A-91 - 383 mm.
  • Within one minute of the machine can produce up to 90 shots.
  • Released bullet develops an initial velocity of 270 m / s.
  • Automata store capacity of 20 ammunition.
  • Spot Index range varies within 200-400 m.
  • In service since 1993.
  • Country of origin - Russia.
  • Producer - PCU (Tula).


9A-91 became the basis for the following types of automatic small arms:

  • several export models that use NATO ammunition 5, 56h45 mm. there was no full-scale production of these 9a-91 established.
  • Silent sniper rifle VSK-94. From a small-sized machine is distinguished by the ungainly skeleton stock, silencer and mounting a telescopic sight.


At the present the arms market, according to experts, there are more sophisticated small-sized machines. However, 9a-91 is still in demand in the Russian special forces soldiers MIA.

Automatic 9A-91: description of the performance characteristics, the manufacturer

In addition, the excellent performance of the machine is highly valued weapons specialists from other countries. Russian small 9a-91 are also using special forces of Belarus, Mongolia and Syria to capture objects and release of the hostages.