Does the army need a gun Yarigina?

The history of the creation and use of

In 1993, the TTZ, formulated in January 1991, Izhmehzavode started designing a new gun for military and law enforcement. This model was subsequently called "Rook" or pistol Yarygin (named Vladimir Alexandrovich Yarygin designer). At the same time it has been designed and a new cartridge 9 * 19 with increased stopping power and penetrating ability. In 2003, the GOJ took the Russian army, but in reality he did only in some special purpose units, and massive army weapon and did not. Since 2008, the Russian Interior Ministry began to systematically replace the Makarov pistol, but here the process is very slow.

Does the army need a gun Yarigina?

Pistol Yarigina TTC


  • arms Automation works on the principle of short barrel stroke.
  • Weight unloaded gun - 950 grams.
  • Dimensions - 190h140h38 (barrel length 114 mm).
  • The shop is designed for 18 rounds.

Does the army need a gun Yarigina?

Disadvantages TL

Despite the relatively small number of samples used in the army and the Interior Ministry, Yarygin pistol was subjected to severe criticism. Had with him, and experts say the fighters of special units impractical design of the fuse, the inability to manually safely removed from combat platoon trigger too wide sights and the associated low precision weapons. In addition, the gun Yarigina due to heavy-shutter casing has an unpleasant feature "filled up" during the shot. Generally it too heavy and cumbersome, which is especially critical for law enforcement officers who need to constantly bear arms and often secretly. A lot of criticism is the quality and assembly handguns. It is associated with low quality and frequent delays nevybros sleeve, as well as very low reliability, and inconvenience store (for gear cutting arm). Accustomed to the simplicity of the PM will be shocked difficulties that will face even with incomplete disassembly Yarygin pistol. To this depressing list of shortcomings added yet no anchorages on the weapon accessories and exceptionally small by modern standards, the warranty nastrel - only 4000 shots! For comparison - the Austrian "Glock" is able to shoot half a million rounds of ammunition without replacing the barrel.

Does the army need a gun Yarigina?

cartridge 9x19 "Parabellum"

Virtually the only indisputable advantage Yarygin pistol is the ability to shoot armor-piercing ammunition, personal protection punched third grade. However, this achievement should be attributed rather to a new patron, who, keeping weight and size characteristics of the standard 9x19 "Parabellum", has a much greater stopping power and penetrating ability. For example, at an initial speed of 460 m / s (550 J) with a bullet pierces the five meters 8 mm sheet steel SV, and from a distance of twenty-five meters it is not stopped from vests F-81 to F-86-2.


In view of the foregoing it is not clear much belated rearmament on Yarygin pistol. Of course, martial figures it is superior to the PM, for a long time needs to be replaced, but after all, the TL for two decades. During this time, new materials, and to weapons requirements changed.