How do kukan their own hands?

Kukan for underwater hunting is a solid wire loop with the cord at the end. Big fish carefully removed the hook and lead into the device in the form of a carbine. The cord is attached to the shore, or attached to the boat.

Despite the variety of finished devices, which can be seen on the shelves of specialty stores, experienced anglers prefer to make their own hands Kukan. This decision was primarily contributes to cost savings. Moreover, having made his own Kukan for the fish, you can get a quality product, which is not inferior to the purchased model.

Design requirements

How do kukan their own hands?

The home-made device for storing fish should be characterized by the following properties:

  • Trusted by holding the catch.
  • ease of manufacture.
  • The relative cheapness of components.
  • ease of use.


To manufacture kukan for the fish in the first place to prepare a solid wire spokes, the number of which depends on the expected magnitude of the catch. In other words, one spoke out on the retention of one fish. The same principle of flow production of materials applied to the carabiner. To secure the structure is sufficient to use a nylon cord or any other strong rope.

How do kukan simple design?

How do kukan their own hands?

The simplest version of tackles used as an alternative to wire and carbines elements. The basis of thin metal cords protrude. To one side of the rope is tied coli, another loop is formed, which is passed under the gills of the fish. This ingenuous construction is lowered into the water and is capable of holding a live fish on a leash.

Triangular kukan

It requires a standard set of materials in the form of ropes, rifles and metal spokes. Last folded into a triangle whose apex is wrapped in the form of a fastener or tightly sealed. Pre-worn on the needle hooks to hold the fish. They should move freely on the wire at the base of the product.

Such kukan own hands will allow longer keep the fish on hot days thanks to the lowering of a greater depth. For this product is tied to a heavy load. If necessary, the transport side of the triangular structures can be easily folded along the base.

Round kukan

Possible to manufacture devices round shape. To make such a kukan own hands, taken all the same metal needle length of about 15 cm. Because it forms a circle that are worn with rifles trained hooks.

The end of the spokes carefully sealed. To form a ring attached thin string or cord that will keep homemade Cook shore. To fix the product in the ground using any suitable stick enough.

Kucan with his own hands to clasp

How do kukan their own hands?

is particularly effective for pike storage product in the form of fasteners. For its production requires strong steel wire segment 3-4 mm thick. The material is bent by the letter "U". At one end of the loop is created, the end of which is formed in a hook fastener, the other bent at right angles. The fish is placed on a puncture device of the mandible, and then fastens kukan and lowered into the water by a rope.

The use of

How do kukan their own hands?

It is necessary to say a few words about the features of the use of tools. Kukan made with your own hands can be fixed both on shore by boat or gear spinnings. Catch sits on hooks, which can be passed through the gill slit or puncture the lower jaw of the fish.

The design allows the predator to fish habitats. In this case, the extracted fish continues to swim in a living state under water, while on the beach or in a boat.


The principle of self-production Kukan extremely easy. Design features of individual products are clearly visible in the photographs, which abound in the global network. Finally it is worth noting only that the self-made constructions are not inferior according to the strength and reliability of the store, but at the same time, the cost is much cheaper than anglers.