Banana jeans: what to wear? Jeans-bananas female

Windy fashion often surprises his followers. This year, once again recognizes the relevance of convenient and practical jeans-bananas. People who value fashion trends, must necessarily make room for this thing in your wardrobe. What are those pants with which to combine them? Answers to these questions are offered below.

Jeans-bananas: what it is

First, let's understand what it is. Jeans-bananas are actually a wide pants, which resemble the famous fruit. Pants at the hips widen, narrow down, have pleats at the waist. Also for these models are characterized by inflated waistline.

Banana jeans: what to wear? Jeans-bananas female

These jeans attract practicality and convenience, allow us to demonstrate the love of free style. Initially, these models manufacturers focused only on the stronger sex, about 80 products were made available to women. Many people remember the jeans-bananas "Montana", which were very popular in our country at the end of the twentieth century. They are traditionally made of thick raw denim, they had metal rivets, decorated with corrugated scuffed. Trademark served brass label on which the eagle was depicted.

Top Model

In stores there are different jeans-bananas. There are both long and short patterns. Now very popular product in length below the ankle, the bottom of which is collected at the bottom of an accordion.

Banana jeans: what to wear? Jeans-bananas female

For many years remain relevant ripped jeans, it concerns and "bananas". Such models are traditionally decorated with massive free pockets, which makes them even more comfortable. When choosing colors the fair sex can be guided by your own taste. Relevant both bright and strict colors. Special love designers in recent years have for the light products.

To fit

Jeans-bananas - a universal product for which there is a place in almost every wardrobe of the fair sex. If the girl is tall and thin, such a model will enable it to make the figure more visually lush, add seductiveness. Owners broad shoulders with it will be able to visually align the proportion balance figure.

Banana jeans: what to wear? Jeans-bananas female

"Bananas" are the ideal choice for ladies who are dissatisfied with the shape of their feet. Advanced pants are famous for their ability to mask the deficiencies, elongated top for this is not required. Caution should show only the ladies with lush hips should avoid models in bright colors, with bulky pockets. Also a full women should not wear a "banana" with short tops and T-shirts that accentuate figure flaws.

From what to wear

From what to wear jeans-bananas to look stylish and trendy? Oddly enough, this model can even become part of a business wardrobe. To do this, combine it with baggy strict jackets or cardigans free. classic blouse in the same tone can be worn under a jacket or cardigan. Of course, the upper hand in this case should not be bright. Fans of sports style may add these jeans sweatshirt and sneakers.

Banana jeans: what to wear? Jeans-bananas female

Young girls can confidently wear a "banana" with a free T-shirt. Remarkably, if the top will have a bright pictures, to attract attention. Romantic image will help to create a combination of jeans with a tight-fitting blouse giddy, wonderful option and can become a bolero. Also, they can safely be combined with a top, a sleeveless blouse. Fashionable decision - "bananas" and slightly elongated jacket, black leather jackets. Actual and pants combination with a short jacket in military style, a linen or leather. In the role of the belt in a tandem can be a chain dangling from the side.

With denim

Good to combine "bananas" with other denim products? Designers do not object to such a tandem, some even use it in their collections. It is important that things denim had different shades. Other requirements for the jeans without facing the top, it may be tops with open shoulders line, shirts, cropped jackets. Denim shirt is allowed to put on top of colorful t-shirts or stamp, you can also tie the product to the waist.

Choosing Shoes

The above describes how, with what clothes to wear women's jeans-bananas. However, we can not forget about the correct choice of footwear. loose-fitting pants tend to visually shorten the leg. It is important to remember this, especially if the lady, and so unhappy with the length of their legs.

These jeans are excellently combined with high-heeled shoes, this shoe will fit perfectly in almost any way (romantic, business, everyday, holiday). Pants look wonderful in combination with ankle boots wedges. Also slacks can be safely worn with sandals and ballet flats, especially if the woman is satisfied with its growth.

Strongly suitable in this case high boots. It is recommended to give up shoes with a wide top.

A few words about the accessories

With what accessories fit women's jeans-bananas? In this case, welcome voluminous and bright decorations. If the goal is to create a business, it is best to limit middle-sized earrings, brooches and watches.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the belt. Owners wasp waist can accentuate this advantage with a wide belt. Welcome articles having bright decor.


Men's jeans-bananas as newly found fashion. Many representatives of the stronger sex needlessly reject such a model, considering them insufficiently courageous.

Banana jeans: what to wear? Jeans-bananas female

These products are ideally suited to sporty. There are many things that can be put on. Fit any casual shirts and T-shirts, sweaters relevant volume and hoodies. Also men can combine these pants with baggy jacket.

What shoes can be combined men's jeans-bananas? The answer to this question is obvious, given that the model best fits the sporty style. Sneakers, running shoes, sports shoes - you can stop at any of these options.