White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe

Large wardrobe begins with the small things. Let's talk today about the white T-shirt. This basic model of many designer collections casual certainly have every fashionista. At first glance, it is too simple, but therein lies the essence of universality. With snow-white shirt or T-shirt are very bright ensembles. It is always fashionable. White T-shirt can be self-colored or with inscriptions and pictures, fairly tight or loose, in any case, it is - a perfect match for many things. To be truly relevant and to try the new season fresh images, read the article.

From what to wear

Thus, the white jersey - it is universal. Images can be very different: romantic, combined with skirts; stylish company with sneakers, shorts and jackets; practical in the ensemble with a denim shirt, pants, skirts and comfortable shoes.

T-shirts worn by all: both men and women, and children, and grandmothers. White refreshing and youthful, allows you to look carefully. It is beautiful that, in combination with other colors works wonders. Men's white T-shirts look simple and tasteful, and are also mandatory thing basic wardrobe.

Women wear shirts with anything: c pants, skirts, shorts. You can be refilled or worn on the issue. With black jeans and jacket to create an official business image. Ornaments in the form of scarves give a special charm. It is also quite appropriate combinations with jumpers, blazers, narrow skirt.

White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe

How to choose

Choosing a T-shirt, pay attention to the size. White emphasizes the shortcomings of the body, so it is worth to try the product two sizes larger. Tight model will look good only on the sports and slender girl. Thing is to sit well in the figure, do not be tight and do not open the abdomen.

Second, on that note - it's fabric. The natural fabrics, you will feel more comfortable. But they should be of good quality and be prepared to experience repeated washing. Choose a fabric texture of thick cotton.

The best images

Rate this versatile ensembles things with different wardrobe items. White jersey in the photo is presented in an interesting mix:

  1. Costume: shirt adds a lightness of the image, making it less formal and more friendly. White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe


  2. Bright prints: in this case, a white T-shirt is the backdrop for a riot of colors, facilitates image and makes cleaner. White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe
  3. The skin: light light top dilutes a "heavy" texture like leather. White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe
  4. Sophisticated styles: white jersey in this case also reduces the degree of weighting image. White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe
  5. Accessories: a win-win duet, where the necklace can decorate T-shirt and stand behind it by a more mundane.
White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe

At the bottom of the dress, you can experiment with anything and every time surprised by the freshness and originality of the ensemble. The unexpected combinations shirt becomes not such a trivial thing, and participates in the creation of unique images.

Vivid images with jeans

White T-shirt and jeans - this is undoubtedly a timeless classic. The snow-white color perfectly reveals shades of denim. It is a versatile combination to which we address on a daily basis, choosing among the less spectacular alternatives. This kind of uniform adopted by a majority.

Let's see what can be diluted with blue jeans and a white T-shirt and where to go in this dress:

  • Romantic date: sexy image will help to create shoes with heels, blazer or leather jacket and stylish handbag.
  • Take a walk, ride, shopping: to look at the height, add a jacket or coat, trendy loafers or oxfords, glasses, bright belt, handbag. You - the embodiment of glamor and audacity.
  • A friendly dinner: so as not to look too easy, add a silk scarf, leather jacket and a good hairstyle.
  • Party: dilute dress ensemble with the smell or elongated jacket. Help make a splash jacket trend and elegant shoes. White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe

White silk shirt from

Silk jersey - a compulsory subject of the base of the wardrobe. It is ideal for creating a multi-layer image and looks more advantageous than denim items. Silk is a very feminine and always attracts attention, so T-shirt made of silk with thin straps raise the image to the next level.

Such a thing can be supplemented with low-cut dress or a short jacket. When choosing silk stamp note on the length and depth of the neckline. Do not choose things from a very low-cut, combined with a silk cloth he can play against you.

White T-shirt - must-have any wardrobe

new season Trends

In the new season the white shirts are not inferior to their positions and are still fashionable. They are present in a completely different images. Relevant product simple cut, with thin and thick straps. Fashion designer collections offer new items, decorated with prints, but at the peak of popularity remains monochrome model.

The fair sex, of course, pay attention to models with transparent inserts to create a romantic image. A simple, comfortable shirts fashionistas will make the company as a training wear.

The original surprise of the season - shirt-alcoholic. This extended model is stretched on thick straps.

What would a universal thing may be the snow-white shirt, in some situations, it should be used with caution. Full of girls is worth remembering that the white color is visually emphasizes the figure flaws. In this case, to the aid of prints and inserts, allowing to adjust the line.

White T-shirt - a mandatory thing in any wardrobe. Each decides what to combine it and what to select images. The main thing is that the choice is really great. Try on, experiment, surprised!