From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

In the wardrobe of any girl would be appropriate blue dress on the floor (photos of various styles you will find in the article). An abundance of color shades allows you to select the appropriate option for any type of appearance. Blue, by the way, has long been considered the color of peace and tranquility, elegance and self-control.

Emphasis on the blue dress on the floor

Look feminine and mysterious is possible thanks to a long dress. During warmer months, you can give preference to sundresses, which is suitable for daily walks. Such an easy way you can supplement the jacket in brown or black. Blue in tandem with white refreshing image. Creating a blue dress duo in the floor and a white jacket, you can beat the marine style.

Experimenting with shoes is not necessary, it is better to give preference to the shoe at a low move. The most practical combination - a blue dress and beige pumps, which are ideal for entering the business meeting, and for the evening promenade.

When choosing a dress to the floor it is worth remembering that not all outfits require a supplement. Maxi dress will always be ideally combined with a classic jacket, bolero jacket, cardigan knitted fabric or leather jacket. Pick up along to jewelry or not - this is an individual choice. But if, in your opinion, is incomplete, it is necessary to opt for accessories made of plastic, wood and natural stones.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

Selection of blue evening dress to the floor

Blue evening dress to the floor of the light and delicate material, which flows on the figure - the dream of every fashionista. This embodiment is ideal for ceremonial event or publication. Choosing an evening dress, it is worth remembering that it should ideally be combined cape or tippet. Any blue evening dress to the floor (there is a photo in the article) decorates a fur vest and ornaments with rhinestones. When sewing summer models chiffon is often used because of its weightlessness, lightness is perfect for the hot season. It is made of chiffon designers create aerial images that fascinate with their beauty and elusiveness.

create a feeling of flying in the blue dress of chiffon floor. This outfit is appropriate at the evening receptions during the warmer months. Dresses created from chiffon, rarely-fitting shape, but help emphasize the dignity of a body almost transparent skirt.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

Choose dresses of satin and guipure

On a par with chiffon dresses are very popular in the floor of guipure and satin. Clothes from this fabric ideal tall and slim girls. Because of satin gloss it is not necessary to choose a complete women, because the fabric does not help hide all figure flaws, but on the contrary, will make them focus. More advantageous in this situation look silk options.

Dresses of satin streaming down because of the gravity of the fabric, which makes the silhouette women are more subtle and elegant. Blue dress on the floor of satin and guipure - it is a choice for the evening event in the cooler season.

Atlas - is a dense material, so it is ideal for evening dresses. On the other hand, many designers this season are advised to choose a dress from this fabric and everyday image. When selecting a model of the atlas is to remember that he is poor drape. By choosing to decorate along, try not to burden the image of crystals and other shiny parts.

The blue dress with sleeves for cooler weather

For cool season you should choose a blue dress with sleeves in the floor. Such a model is not diminished sophistication, if you pick the right style. Often designers create dresses, combining fabrics, combining lace sleeves with self-colored base.

It's no secret that long ago became fashionable dresses-transformers, which are able to realize the dream of any girl into reality. With only one piece of fabric, she creates dresses of different styles, changing images on a daily basis. With this costume, you can make a unique image. Maxi dress with open-top dress one-shoulder dress with straps or - choose what you want.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

attract the eye lace

Whatever dress of lace you choose, it is better to combine with classic shoes. Outfit of a translucent material perfectly with the high heels. When choosing a product from a dense fabric, it is necessary to give preference to a massive heel. All evening dresses will be combined with the shoes with heels. Products made of lace have always been popular, and today many women of fashion can not stand in front of them. These models amaze and fascinate, make the image of a refined and sophisticated.

The abundance of long dresses of lace models makes it possible to choose the appropriate option easily. Evening dresses on the floor with guipure sleeves and an asymmetrical dress with one sleeve will not leave indifferent any fashionista. The girl who is dressed in a blue lace dress to the floor, as if shrouded in mystery, and there will always be of interest.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

Classics of the genre: a gown of blue velvet

Blue dress on the floor of velvet are perfect for an evening event. Frequently a velvet dress hugs the figure and has a beautiful cutout at the back or in the neck area. In this case it is necessary to give preference to the best jewelry that you have, because it is a noble material. But remember that there must always be in the measure in the light image. Even in a long dress of velvet can be due to the sexual side sections, bares thigh. In tandem with velvet lace it creates a perfect harmony, and the use of contrasting colors enhances the effect. In each designer collection a velvet dress with sleeves of different lengths.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

The experiments were always in fashion

Blue dress on the floor combined with the right accessories are able to create stunning and original images. Do not be afraid to experiment with shoes and jewelry. You want a little extravagant? Dilute the image with a blue dress with red shoes and bright lipstick. You want to be a business lady? Then it is better to give preference to the blue dress and a clutch of matte leather combined with a classic jacket.

When choosing jewelry, it is worth remembering that the suit of gold and silver, for the summer models for evening dresses - a simple but high-quality jewelry. Light and romantic attire may be supplemented or earrings with beads of colored stones.

The choice of bags under the long dress

Choosing handbags are also not without significance. We select a handbag at a maxi-dress, but we must take into account the type and format of the event that you are going to visit.

For the evening promenade for a small clutch, and the size and color of it depends on the chosen footwear. If you prefer ballet flats, you can take the bag of a larger size. This, of course, should not be a beach bag. It is not necessary in such cases to use a contrasting color accessories too - such an image may look vulgar.

For a long light dress suit small handbags to elegant strap-chain - they will fit everything you need. A small black handbag or clutch is suitable for any image. Large bags of triangular shape are ideal for business meetings.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

The combination of the long dresses and outerwear

In hot weather outerwear under a long blue dress on the floor (photo in the article), you do not need. But on summer days, too, it is cool, especially in the evenings. In this case, ideal tippet or handkerchief from light, airy fabric.

In the autumn of the year, to keep warm and to dilute the image, the preference is to give fur vest, a coat or cape. In addition, long dresses are ideally combined with a wool sweater and cardigans. Only tall girls may be combined with an elongated dress maxi coat. With a slight increase in cape or coat should be of medium length.

From what to wear the blue dress on the floor: tips and photos

The combination of colors to create a unique image of

Taking the image of a blue long dress, it is worth remembering the rules of combination of colors to create the perfect image:

  • Blue and White. Such a combination simultaneously looks strictly and informally. Blue long dress and white jacket - it's a classic.
  • Blue and Black. Elegant blue dress in combination with a black bolero jacket, will create a great tandem, especially if the image dilute thin red handbag strap or violet color.
  • The blue and gray. Strict image with outerwear in gray and blue dress can be diluted with beige accessories or shoes.
  • The blue and beige. In combination with the blue dress will look perfect brown leather accessories, belts or light-colored bags, suitcases dark brown.
  • Blue and Yellow. This combination looks good in an informal atmosphere. The ideal combination can be created out of the blue summer dress and yellow capes.
  • The blue and red. Calm blue strap can be diluted red or scarlet shoes. But do not overdo it.
  • The blue and green. Different shades of green dilute the image of the dress. It is possible, for example, to combine a blue chiffon and satin green jacket.
  • The blue and brown. Bright blue and dark brown will create a great duo. Choosing a blue dress free cut, can be supplemented by way of shoes to go low brown.

The blue color is combined with many shades, so when you create an ideal image should consider all possible options.