Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

Female jacket - article of clothing, which will be appropriate in every situation. At the moment the sale is a model that will suit both the dresses and skirts, and will look great with jeans and trousers. The main thing in the preparation of an image that no detail of it is not distracting from the overall ensemble. In order to properly put on, you need to understand the types and fittings. You also need to know what to wear women's jacket.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?


Age "fashion emansipe" attracted jacket in the female wardrobe. Lady slaughtered and thrown in the trash corsets, consumed on a par with the stronger sex alcohol, cut their hair, and considered to have the same rights as their spouse. Women began to bare feet, their clothes became comfortable and the boundaries between men's clothes and wardrobe ladies erased.

Coco Chanel

In women's fashion jacket luxurious Gabrielle Chanel introduced in 1926. Inspiration for their collections, she often drew looking at the outfits of their loved ones. Since then she had amorous relations with the Duke of Westminster, it drew attention to its shape, and decided that its elements will look great in the women's locker room. At the same time, she appreciated the fabrics that were used in their costumes respectable British, in particular, she was delighted with the tweed. Jacket appeared in the Chanel collection with a little black dress and settled in the ladies' locker room forever.

The legendary tweed version of the product has entered the world of fashion firm step in 1954. Gabriel 71 years. She returned to her fashion house, which did not function for a long time. Chanel considered retrograde fashion of the time and presented to the expert fashion small suit: skirt and tweed jacket. In the product was not a collar, was a silk lining. Bottom jacket was decorated with a gold-plated chain. Great jacket sitting on the ladies. The French at first embraced fashionable innovation hostility. Only a year later, they began to wear women's jackets Chanel. Among American women the product immediately created a furor.

The Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent

Later, Yves Saint Laurent introduced the female tuxedo fashion. The first attempts to steal it from the male wardrobe women have made in the 20's. But these were isolated cases, the designer is in the 60s made it a key element of the new collection. The operating time creative designer there are two kinds of women's tuxedo. His fans began to Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Hardy and Mireille Darc. They wore his creations with great pleasure and pride. At the famous lady these things looked great.

non-friable Lady

In the 80s of the last century began to enjoy a wonderful sex social elevator on a par with men. This is dictated by the fashion of jackets with broad shoulders. Now the lady could all: to raise children, keep the house and make a career.

wardrobe element with broad shoulders as if the world was saying that women's shoulders are not so fragile, and it is not necessary to consider the fair sex weak creatures.

Next, consider the basic models of women's jackets.


This element of men's wardrobe, which came to taste the ladies. Suit jacket with two buttons, there may be present the classic breast pocket, the back has a slot. Zastrochennyh folds classical variant jacket has.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

The article may be formed from any tissue. Colors also have no boundaries: from floral prints to polygonal cells. The décor of fashionable women's jackets is very interesting to look chevrons, large brooches in the shape of flowers.


Suto female version of his jacket. The model should reach mid-thigh or belt. Mandatory condition - fitted silhouette.


Blazer is a more democratic form of jacket. There may be present buttons, various pockets, stitched seams and any decor, which lacked imagination of the designer. Modern corporations often include blazers in the office dress code.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?


This type of jacket is divided into two groups:

  • single-breasted;
  • double-breasted.

From the title you can guess that the number of different products planks (boards).

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

The first option is more popular. It is easy to combine with things for everyday wear. Significant plus double-breasted jacket is that it hides a well fullness hips than he fell in love with a girl with a curvy shape.

The second embodiment relates to a formal style. This embodiment has the jacket length to mid-thigh and below.

Classic jackets are paired with blouses, trousers or skirts pencil.

The style of casual

This model differs jacket free cut and a simple silhouette that does not restrict movement. article of clothing is suitable to girls who appreciate the comfort and convenience above all. Jacket style kezhual - the most democratic model. It is relevant both at work and on the walk.

Tip! When selecting a wardrobe in style kezhual is not necessary to combine more than three colors, otherwise it will look like a parrot.

Female jeans jacket under

Mix jacket and jeans for the first time introduced the fashionable world the legendary Giorgio Armani. He showed how to wear these things on their own example. It turned out that the tandem looks very stylish, it is also incredibly convenient. For fashion guru followed by a crowd of enthusiastic eclecticism women.

Today, celebrities such as Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and many other pleasing appearance in such a manner on the street his fans. Looking lady in such attire is not worse than in the dresses.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

Jackets style oversayz

This trend thing, mainly prefers young people. Free cut products, like with my father's shoulder, girls like to combine with tight clothes. Clothing in oversayz style may emphasize how diminutive lady, and hide flaws pyshnoteloy ladies.

options under the Youth jeans

Ten years ago, young people tried to avoid wearing jeans with a jacket. The reason was the excessive severity of the subject's wardrobe. After a while a jacket that can be worn with jeans has changed a lot. Now it may be different length sleeves, all kinds of colors and prints. article of clothing began to decorate flounces, stand collar, unusual accessories.

Female jeans jacket under

When choosing, consider the seasonality of the product. In cold weather, useful product tweed, cashmere, thick knitted, denim. In the spring-summer wardrobe may be present model light shades of lung tissues. Do not forget to take into account the stylistic direction of your attire.

jacket and jeans - a combination of

Jacket and jeans look harmonious style kezhual, we dwell on it. If you take the color palette, the most versatile option: black, brown and gray, beige.

Such things always look good with blue or blue jeans.

Top girls tend to pick to suit your mood. If the lady wants romance and tenderness, it is possible to put on a weightless chiffon blouse in pastel shades. For more expressive and bold bright suit shirt with ruffles, transparent inserts.

Blazers in bright summer colors combined with short tops, poppies and T-shirts.

If you want to create a feminine image, choose shoes with high thin heel. For unisex suit Loafer, moccasin, simple sandals without heel decor with Vienna.

Jeans, T-shirt and jacket - a favorite image of the Free Youth

This bow is appropriate in an informal atmosphere and friendly parties, or for a walk with your child. Feel free to choose boyfriends jeans with holes and lots of scuffs. Trouser legs better tuck. If we talk about fashion prints, then there will have to make a choice. They must be on the same wardrobe items. Make sure also that the top is not peeking out from under his coat floors. This makes the image of sloppy.

Jeans, shirt, jacket

For the ladies who have to dress discreetly even in an informal atmosphere, so calm, but democratic onions will be a real lifesaver!

When selecting clothing should follow a few simple rules:

  • Choose dark jeans with a complete lack of decorative elements. Fit model indigo, it is best to buy the legendary Japanese model.
  • In the jacket should be fitted or straight silhouette.
  • The main asset in the form of a shirt becomes. Better to take a white collar and nekrichaschim decor. Plus, such a product is that it is very refreshing complexion and make you look rested.

jacket, jeans, sneakers

Separately, we choose to focus on the shoe in the ensemble of jacket and jeans. Here without question fit shoes, sandals, ballet flats, boots. A good option may also come with a sports shoe, which has long been included in the ranks of the everyday. We are talking about sneakers and sneakers. Such shoes should be worn without socks and trouser legs should be podkatannymi to bare ankle. also a bright T-shirt or sweatshirt ideal for creating a stylish image. Creative young people also loves the bow complement this bright longslivami with unusual designs, photos of their idols, thus emphasizing their individuality. Do not forget about the accessories that will make your outfit special.


Women's leather jacket - a variant of clothes, which should be the case when the coat is too early to dress, and in a thin coat already cold. If you find it difficult to decide what to wear with this product, the further we are offering multiple images for different occasions.

Consider two options: short and extended.

Short options for women, leather stylish jackets are suitable for very slender girls, they miraculously underline the dignity of the figure. A little secret: lean, undersized but the ladies can dress in tight-fitting dress of the same color. In tandem with short leather jacket female this outfit will visually elongate legs.

Short leather jacket can be a form-fitting, so straight cut. It is also relevant models such as leather jackets. This product fastens with a zipper, which is located obliquely. Typically, the jacket decorated with many rivets, chevrons.

The classic version of women's leather jacket has a turn-down collar, buttons, welt pockets.

Lady, who not only pursue fashion, but also look after their health, choosing in cold or rainy weather, elongated leather jackets. Indisputable advantage of such models - a belt that emphasizes the waist line.

Youth stylish option - Model oversayz. Leather jacket for one or two sizes larger.

From jeans

Jacket denim - the most democratic in terms of price and appearance of the thing. They gladly worn by women of all ages. The decor of such things there is no taboo. Also encouraged a variety of styles.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

From what to wear

Lightweight denim jacket women can advantageously complement any image.

Romantic ladies like to wear denim jackets and light chiffon dresses or blouses and pleated skirts midi. To create a stylish everyday wear bow underneath the classic shirts, T-shirts or shirts combined with jeans in various shades. It is not necessary that the fabric of women's denim jacket combined with pants for the shade. They can be both lighter and darker. Romantic looks jacket draped over sundress, dress or skirt combination stamp for knee or even the floor.

In the summer when it is windy denim jacket you can throw on a t-shirt or tank top. At the foot wear coveralls with long or short trousers. On povyazhite head scarf a la "Solokha". Stylish image is ready!

denim jacket with jeans (multiple images)

Try to pick up the jeans products are different in color and texture, or your outfit will be smack in the robe. This may be the top in the classical style (indigo) and bleached jeans with holes. To add an image of tenderness and romance, put on his feet heels. Shoes or sandals should choose saturated colors.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

For daily relaxing image stylists recommend to wear a denim jacket classic shirt or T-shirt. Jeans choose any color that contrasts with the top.

Women's jacket in a cage

This model has been on the fashion catwalks and glossy pages for many consecutive seasons. In fashion, it also introduced the legendary Mademoiselle Chanel. Its shortened version of female jacket in a cage without a collar has become a symbol of elegance and success.

Today in the shops can be found in the cell model of all styles. The colors are also encouraged by the variety of the eyes.

From what to wear?

Female students and female students from high school like to combine classic blouses and short pleated skirt with a jacket style oversayz. The image obtained by rigorous and exciting at the same time. It read youth recklessness combined with membership in the student world. Unfettered freedom lady wearing a jacket in a cage with jeans and cowboy hats or Fedorkov.

How do I determine the size of the jacket?

Before going for shopping make measurements. You need a chest girth (CG), hip circumference (ON), and waist circumference (OT).

If you are going to buy something imported, it should be remembered that the size of women's jackets from the foreign manufacturers are different from ours. Next is a table with the data of the Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Female jackets: Photo of stylish models, how to choose and what to wear?

Be sure to try on your favorite model, even if in a hurry. Check if the jacket fits well into the shoulders. To check whether your thing is too tight, you should cross his arms and hug themselves. If the product is not enough, then you will have the feeling that all the seams pop. In this case, do not buy this thing.