"Armani Jeans": product range, company description, selection and customer reviews

"Armani Jeans" - a well-known brand of denim and casual wear. Brand bears the name of a respectable fashion house, which is famous for its high product quality and an elegant design. What is a collection of "Armani Jeans" and whether it is customers an idea about the merits of things from Armani?

The information about the brand

"Armani Jeans" - a division of the Italian fashion house Armani. The brand, established in 1975, proposed a new concept of stylish clothes for men and women. Giorgio Armani began producing comfortable business suits smooth outlines. They were made of natural materials and have been deprived of rigid elements.

Noble gray-beige color scheme and soft contours of the costumes have become the emblem of the house Armani. Soon, the daily added clothing line of evening dresses and home furnishings. Armani style was identified with the modern elegance, success and comfort.

Armani Jeans was born in the early 1980s. and positioned itself as a collection of comfortable clothes for leisure. In the catalog, "Armani Jeans" denim presented things in sports and casual shoes and bags.

In 2017 it became known about the reorganization of the Italian house brands. Since 2018 production of "Armani Jeans" is a part of Emporio Armani - casual wear collection at relatively low prices.

To date, in many online stores a collection of denim and related elements of the wardrobe is still presented under the same name.

Product Features

Clothing "Armani Jeans" gives a clear idea of ​​the philosophy of the House of Armani, who values ​​practicality, timeless quality and style. The products possess actual silhouettes, but devoid of extravagant details in the spirit ostromodnyh trends. Armani Jeans clothing is appropriate at any age and is not dependent on the cycle of trends. The palette of classic denim line for Armani. The designer prefers monochrome and neutral brown and gray color, pure bright colors (red and blue), silver metallic.

The main distinguishing detail denim collection - actively use the logo as decoration. Inscriptions AJ, Armani Jeans and emblem of an eagle-emphasize informal nature of things.

Production of collections is based in Italy. Some of the things sewn in Asia and Tunisia. Among the raw materials is dominated by natural materials - leather, cotton, wool. In some models, there are synthetic elements - polyester and PVC.


Men's and women's products Armani Jeans are designed for a broad audience. The range of clothing sizes - 2XS-3XL. Based on user feedback, stuff from Armani larger than counterparts of other brands. Pants and tops Armani Jeans are often wider and longer than expected.

Dimensions of women's shoes are presented in the range from 34-th to 42-th, M - from 36th to 49th. Products are designed for holders of a narrow foot and, in contrast to the clothes, "Armani Jeans", considered malomerki.

Varieties of jeans and trousers

Armani Jeans - denim classics. Men's and women's jeans, "Armani Jeans" - practical universal model of traditional colors. The catalog has a denim brand of white, gray and shades of blue. Extravagant decor absent.

Men's Jeans "Armani Jeans" come in several variants cut:

  • Classic Straight product "5 pockets".
  • Narrowed skinny model.
  • Wide jeans with a loose leg.
  • Summer and Bermuda shorts.

The men's line trousers Armani Jeans have loose cotton chinos and sports Jogger with a belt with an elastic band.

Women's denim collection includes things low and middle landing. Current models:

  • Straight jeans slim.
  • Boot Cut - trousers, tight at the hips and flared at the bottom.
  • Narrowed skinny.
  • Boyfriends in men's style.
  • The truncated jeans capris.

An alternative to denim in the women's collection Armani Jeans - sweat pants, formal trousers and skirts trapeze silhouette.


Included with the Jeans Armani Jeans offers shoulder dress in different styles.

Classic jackets and shirts in the line "Armani Jeans" are complemented by small-to-date details. Men's shirts decorated with the logo, feminine products decorated with silver zipper and pleats. Armani Jeans produces strict dress-base cases.

Casual Tops - light shirt for men, shirts and dresses for women, knitted jersey for everyone. The relaxed nature of casual style emphasizes the major graphic quality prints and cheerful colors.

Women things have easy silhouette and are made of comfortable fabrics. Dresses and sweaters are sometimes supplemented by functional elements - Drawstring and pockets.

Sport Tops "Armani Jeans" - T-shirts, hoodies and svitshoty. Clothing for active recreation Armani Jeans decorated with the company logo. It is present in most sports tops and has dozens of configuration options and sizes.


In the catalog, "Armani Jeans" presents classic products made of natural wool, as well as sports and casual jackets and vests.

The design of warm clothing fully reflects the Armani aesthetic. Products devoid of extravagant detail and is suitable for men and women of any age. Armani Jeans Outerwear devoid logos on the front side products. The role assigned to a functional decoration zippers, quilting or graphic quality prints.

Coats, jackets and capes "Armani Jeans" decorated in neutral colors. Active bright colors found in the collection of blazers.


Armani Jeans manufactures products from natural leather in a classic, casual and sporty style. The shoe collection is dominated by pure shades of black, red, blue and brown - a traditional palette of "Armani Jeans".

Women's classic model - shoes and boots with heels or wedges sustainable. Shoes, brogues on a massive tread sole - a tribute to current trends. Shoes and sneakers Armani Jeans stand out from the current range of sports shoes because of the configuration of an elegant top.

The collection of footwear for men, "Armani Jeans" aims to maximize the comfort and practicality. Classic and sports models look laconically. The original decor is limited to contrast stitching and suede inserts. Armani Jeans logo is inscribed in the strict design and does not violate the serious mood.


Addition to the basic wardrobe "Armani Jeans" presented hats and bags for work and leisure. Backpack - Lightweight model unisex. Spacious products rich colors decorated with the logo.

Handbags and purses made of leather or PVC with matt or glossy finish. "Armani Jeans" gives preference to products with a hard body. Variety of accessories - shopper, strict bag on a short handle and small counterparts with long shoulder strap. Among the decorative elements present an embossed pattern and key chains with "Armani Jeans" logo.

Men's and women's hats - the model in sports and casual. Armani offers summer wear baseball caps with the company logo, -oblegayuschie winter hats made of wool.

Customer Reviews

Products "Armani Jeans" in demand in the domestic and international market. Consumers are attracted by the name of a reputable fashion houses, enjoy the opportunity to buy Armani products at relatively low prices for the luxury brand.

Advantages of apparel and accessories - stylish appearance and quality finish. Bags are versatile in terms of combinations with wardrobe, good things sit on the figure. According to buyers, the goods line "Armani Jeans" support the reputation of the manufacturer and are worthy to wear the high name of the Italian master.

Negative aspects boil down to subjective concepts of comfort and the individual characteristics of the figure. Women complain about the lack of a long strap on the bag, men disagree on comfort shoes shoes and sneakers.

How to distinguish the original from a fake

The abundance of low-grade copies - a kind of confirmation of the need Armani buyers. Jeans and accessories - the most common counterfeit goods among the objects "Armani Jeans". Details, attention to which will allow to establish the authenticity of things:

  1. The presence of a certificate of authenticity. The document, as well as a label attached to the product. Inscriptions on the certificate of relief, and the paper has a watermark.
  2. In the authentic jeans pocket for coins equipped with Armani logo fabric. The rear part of pants decorated metal emblem-eagle. Trademark leather contains a relief-engraved inscription.
  3. keys and buttons reminiscent of the title of the collection - Armani Jeans.
  4. At the castle zipper engraved date of manufacture and model number of jeans.

Collection "Armani Jeans" reflects the philosophy of the Italian brand, which is based on discreet luxury, comfort and practicality. Democratic line of clothing and accessories meets the public's ideas about high quality and classic noble style, associated with the name of Giorgio Armani.