Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?

Women love to dress up in beautiful things, choosing her wardrobe unusual model. In this case, the girls prefer things that emphasize the benefits of figures. After all, there are shortcomings that need to be hidden, and other features, on the contrary, should be allocated. But for any choice of each individual based on that position, it was convenient to walk around and feel comfortable. Clothes should not hamper movement. With new models of all items of clothing every year. This pants, trousers, jeans, shirts, dresses. Every designer is trying to make its own ideas on how they should look.


Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?

There is a great and beautiful model - slacks for women (photo above them are represented, for clarity). This is one of the few models that appeared in the distant past. And it is becoming a popular clothing view again. Wide trousers could be worn by both women and men. They were considered dimensionless models that sit firmly and tightly at the waist. Most often, there was used the cuffs.

Broad from the hip

Women's slacks are considered from the hip at the moment the most popular model. It combines the design of luxury, ease of movement, comfort to wear. For all these qualities monitors almost every girl. It would seem that this single model. But no. And these pants are different for different types.


They can be low or high waist. Trousers can be flared in the hippie style or in an oriental style. Slacks Women may have internal pockets side, and they can be profound. Many models can be decorated with a fastener in the form of lightning or buttons. For such models pants a good idea to apply a thin strap or belt strap. They can be fastened on one side to decorate the fringe on the edge. Pants can be made from thin or dense material. It is even possible to make folds at the waist.


Most often, women's pants wide long. In color, they can also vary. The color scheme is not very limited. They can be white, cream, brown, black, purple. As appropriate and all shades of the primary colors. May appear truncated wide women's pants. They are often put on women to work in the office, for a walk through the city.

The Office

Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?

There are even models where the trousers come in costume. Thus, these things can be safely used for the office. These perfect white shirt, blouse or turtleneck. Female suit with wide trousers - this is the best version of Office. Such clothing will feature a person in the office from other people. In any situation, this style pants will help you to hide figure flaws. Women's cropped pants can be safely used in the summer time. They will not be hot and crowded. Such a model will emphasize the beautiful long legs of the owner. By pants can go some sandals model, court shoes or even Greek sandals.

Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?

Casual image

From what to wear wide pants women? This question is often asked by women. Respond to it, of course, very easily, because there are many related models. They will emphasize the stylish girl, her beautiful figure.

If slacks for women to be used in everyday option, then they will suit any model of shirt or top. The top item of clothing can be made of monochromatic material or decorated east patterns. As the shoe can be used court shoes, sandals heel or flat shoes. Different and are a favored option greek sandals. If a girl of medium height, it is best to put on a heel or platform. Slacks can act as a visual increase in the figure, so ladies with short stature should be applied in this style shoes with a heel.

Winter image

Slacks for women can be worn in the winter time. These pants can be worn with a turtleneck, shirt, warm sweater or jumper. There are girls who allow themselves to wear jumpers unusual model. Also slacks fit to surround shoes. Each ladies head their own idea about the appearance. He was selected on the basis of desire, things choices.

Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?

Trousers can be divided into different types and classifications. Some models in the wardrobe women have got from hunting or army outfit. From them you can select pants, flared, skinny, palazzo. Women with a curvy shape can safely afford to wear such trousers. With their help, you can hide the extra inches and smaller figure flaws.

For women with a slender figure perfectly fit model with a high waist, that is, with high seating. Under such a model, you can choose the shirt of light fabric or fitting turtleneck.


Trousers Afghani style - it's one of the few models that have attractive colors. Externally, the pants has a baggy look. Pants has an average seam line. It is clear that this model is more for the summer version. By the style of Afghani perfect light T-shirt, top. Perhaps choose shoes with heels, to slightly enhance the beauty of the pants.


Second Wind are different pants-bananas. They appeared in the forties in America. They were worn almost all the girls and guys. This model will be harmonious look with a jacket with shoulder pads. This image shows a girl retro style.


Trousers breeches - another well-known model of the varieties of loose trousers for women. They appeared in the eighties and have remained current models so far. They can be worn with cropped tops of various colors.

Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?


Wide trousers with flared came from hippies. This stunning pants that easily accentuate the figure and correct all the deficiencies. With such nice pants will become the platform heels or wearing shoes. Contemporary fashion designers like to use the heel for low growth of girls. It helps in this case, adjust the shape, give it a loftiness and decent growth.


Palazzo pants are quite popular. This too wide trousers, which are usually sewn from light, flowing fabrics. They make the image of feminine and romantic. Very wide model may be perceived as a maxi skirt. This model is ideally suited to girls with a thin waist, with a figure of "hourglass". Palazzo pants emphasize her. Add an image, you can crop or turtleneck top. Among the few drawbacks is worth mentioning that these pants are not suitable for rainy weather.

Wide pants women: photo, overview of models, what to wear?

A small conclusion

You can talk about a lot of varieties of slacks for women. Each of these models will help hide figure flaws and emphasize the advantages of it. In spite of its extravagant appearance, slacks can safely be used with any type of footwear and the top part of the garment. Modelers allocate special exclusive trousers. They are made from natural fabrics, have an excellent color gamut and universally suitable for every occasion in life. Concluding, we can distinguish what slacks will be performing a universal model. They are suitable for: form-fitting jacket of classic cut, short summer tops and shirts, knitted cardigans, waistcoats and corsets. Due to the large number of colors, you can choose different options that will fit the style.