Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

By tradition, the original and trendy trouser suits for women occupy a place of honor in the list of trends almost every season. Is no exception and the season of spring-summer 2018. Let us look at the designer collections, you will find a variety of models: for parties and office, vacation, sightseeing, etc..


Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

Costumes with a component in the form of trousers always very practical and comfortable. This is the option that is suitable for any occasion. Moreover, the possibilities of today's factory production increased several times compared to previous decades, so the range of models is striking for its diversity. But what are the advantages of a pantsuit?

  • Comfort. What could be more convenient, if not practical pants combined with equally comfortable riding. Unlike skirts, shorts or dresses in their legs feel the most freedom and you can easily make different movements. Clothing does not limit your actions, of course, if it is chosen correctly.
  • The universality. For women pantsuits - a hit of all time. They can be worn both at work and at celebrations, and even for a walk, to meet friends in a cafe. Such clothes, believe me, would be appropriate everywhere.
  • No age restrictions. Unlike jumpsuits, dresses and short shorts, mini, complete sets with pants can be worn as a young charmer, and stately woman in his declining years. Fashionable pantsuits are no age restrictions. Moreover, they look great on women of different weight categories: from hudyshek to plump ladies.


Today, clothing manufacturers offer various models of high quality sewn kits. Summer and winter, autumn and spring, for slender girls and fashionistas with a curvy shape - all models are available to order, and absolutely every representative fine half will necessarily find itself an option to taste.

Summer dresses

Summer models are usually sewn from the brightest light, or vice versa, light fabrics, often with the eye-catching print. Fashionable model of modernity is considered to be a set of plain bright pants and complementing their snow-white blouse with a pattern to match the trousers.

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

Of course, ideal for the summer will be female trouser suits of silk and chiffon, as well as options with short sleeves or three-quarter length. For example, such as in the photo - model Emporio Armani show in 2018. Also, do not forget about the fact that striped suit perfectly corrects figure it visually slim and adds growth.

Traditionally popular summer white suits and model dairy shades. The advantages of this color, at least two. Firstly, you will not get hot, especially if you choose cotton or linen. Secondly, white suit - it is always stylish and elegant. In addition, you can supplement his shoes and accessories absolutely any shade.

Complement the summer pantsuit can be as elegant seed pans and stylish platform sandals, thin heels or shoes on a low move.

Demi costumes

Speaking of autumn and spring sets of embodiments may be in a separate group allocate denim clothes, and leather. Bright ripped jeans, complete with denim waistcoat of the same sky-blue are perfect for an evening stroll with a dog or friends along the waterfront. Add an image to help the white conversion.

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

And as you behold this option trouser jeans suit fashion house Derek Lam (Spring-Summer 2018)? Strict and clear lines, noble shade of indigo and leather, as a supplement. A great option for the city, you can even go in a suit to work, if you are not too strict dress code. Denim - a great option for every day. Fabric practical and convenient, and stitched her things look stylish and original.

Take a look at the photo trouser suit of leather from Trussardi. Magnificent set of noble and natural shade consists of a jacket and Pantaloons (the real trend of the season). The image is complemented restrained blouse with print and handbag color marsala. In this suit is not only convenient, but also warm rainy autumn and cool spring.

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

In general, demi-season when sewing trouser suits manufacturers prefer the dense and warm fabrics, including wool, restrained colors and prints. Completes the top of the best costume making demi period costume of velvet. Velvet surface printed fabric looks great in maroon, blue, steel, gold, and the white color schemes.

pantsuits for plus size women

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

If nature has endowed you have a curvaceous, believe me, it's a great choice. And a properly fitted models look advantageous, correct figure. When choosing a costume woman with appetizing forms in the first place should pay attention to the fabric. Avoid rigid printed and synthetic fabrics. Preference is given to natural and soft tissues, ideally - with a vertical stripe. The view that women should fully vest only in the clothing of dark shades, fundamentally erroneous. Feel free to buy bright pantsuits, but avoid large graphics and patterns. It is best to give preference to self-colored models. Remember that the trousers must cover at least half the heel, and the landing so be normal or slightly inflated.

cleaning kits

Never ceases to please their traditional and at the same time upgraded appearance much loved classic. Now the office stylish trouser suit - is not dullness and boredom. A variety of models, fabrics, prints - all this allows you to find what is right for you. Nice and comfortable - a slogan that modern designers have done a reality. To verify this, we go through the come fashion trends spring-summer season.

Trends 2018

Red two-piece - the ultimate in luxury and elegance. Since the shade itself is already attracting attention, cut the suit to be restrained, without superfluous elements and decor in a ruff, ruffles, etc. Ideal -.. Double-breasted suit with a classic slightly narrowed or flared trousers. What to wear? Take the example of one of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood - Blake Lovely. It complemented the image of a simple black top and open sandals heels.

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

strip - print, which does not seem to go out of fashion. As already mentioned above, the striped trouser suit - it's a great way to adjust the figure. This suit will remove a few extra centimeters to the hips and add them to grow. Print itself active, therefore complement the image of accessories and neutral monochrome blouse or top.

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

Take a look at how fresh and original costume looks from the new collection Daks. Free and slightly cropped pants do not hold down movements, however, as a double-breasted jacket. The image confirms that the strip does not happen much. Blouse picked up in a small bar, but in the same color scheme. Beautiful city option supplemented modest bag and shoes go low. The cell of the popularity of the strip is not far behind. Prints are side by side, like twins. Without the traditional pattern of the season anywhere. Classical cell "Prince of Wales" at the knitting costumes - it's stylish, contemporary and elegant. And you can feel free to experiment with models of trousers, their length, as well as a jacket. If you are "afraid" of the cell, one of the pieces set (top silt bottom) may well be monotonous.

Finely ribbed - ispolosovannaya barely visible lines of knitted fabric, the basis of the classic costume. This figure visually stretches the figure of its owner and slim her waist.

Trendy this season Pantaloons or shortened classic trousers with ironed arrows - take your pick. And then, and another - the trend of the season. Perfect for everyday wear. "Alternative" length trousers look unusual and interesting, but it does not violate the office dress code. Direct example - pantsuits from the collection Spring-Summer 2018 Oscar de la Renta (the main picture). Bright and clean color, simple cut and interesting details. The images are complemented with elegant classic boats with an original print.

The costumes of shiny fabric

If you think that this option is suitable only for an evening out, you are mistaken. Trouser suits of shiny fabrics - is the choice of women who want and are not afraid to be always in the spotlight. These are the models offered fashion house Giorgio Armani, Gabriela Hearst and Coach on his show spring-summer 2018. They can shine in the afternoon, the main rule - a sense of proportion. The lack of prints, unusual cut, vivid detail pays off brilliantly tissue.

Evening sets

Pantsuits for women: photo fashionable styles, tips for creating images

The original cut and neckline, brocade, velvet and jacquard, sequins and embroidery. No, it's not about the evening dress, and his longtime rival - an evening pantsuit. He - a great alternative and a way to emphasize the style and originality. Shine the spotlight and night lights give this kind alongside unmatched shimmer and aristocracy. This costume is sure to provide its owner against other noble and expensive. Magnificent sets you can see in the spring-summer collection 2018 from the fashion house Versace, Brandon Maxwell and unsurpassed master of combining Western style and luxury of the East, the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. In the photo snowy evening trouser suit-deuce by brand Zuhair Murad. Below the cut is more than compensated luxurious decoration stones, fringes and pearls.