Neskoloko tips on how to properly plucked eyebrows at home

Neskoloko tips on how to properly plucked eyebrows at home

Plucking eyebrows - not very pleasant, and sometimes painful process. But, despite this, many girls do this procedure yourself. After all, they know how to pluck eyebrows at home. Incidentally, this is not very difficult. You just need to follow some rules.

How to decide on the form?

If you want to get beautiful eyebrows at home, pick up the right form for them. It primarily depends on the type of entity. Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Smooth bend eyebrows perfectly with an oval face. Do not forget to make the outer ends sharpened.
  2. Triangular face implies a rounded eyebrows. But do not overdo it! They should be almost straight.
  3. chubby girls often choose a pointed shape with a kink. And it is right! After all, it will help to lengthen the shape of the face.
  4. Those who have a square face, choose a pointed shape eyebrows. But do not forget one small detail. The upper inflection point should be closer to the middle of the eye.
  5. long face will look best with straight eyebrows. They will be able to give your look more feminine and soft. Neskoloko tips on how to properly plucked eyebrows at home

Helpful Hints

Before how to pluck eyebrows at home, should be carefully prepared:

  1. Fluorescent lighting - the most important factor when plucking eyebrows. If you use electricity, you remember, lighting should be very good. Otherwise, you can skip the hair.
  2. Before plucking eyebrows, comb it in the direction of hair growth.
  3. Remember that the upper part of them do not pull out. Ignoring this rule, you risk to acquire an unnatural way.
  4. Each hair should pull out individually in the direction of its growth.
  5. Always ensure the symmetry of the eyebrows. Remove hairs one by one on each eyebrow and compare them to be smooth.
  6. If you do not know how beautiful plucked eyebrows at home, refer to the salon. They can help you to adjust their shape.

Neskoloko tips on how to properly plucked eyebrows at home

How to pluck eyebrows at home?

In order to get a perfect eyebrow, three lines must be done visually. They will help to create a beautiful and correct their shape. Failing to do so, you can easily learn how to properly plucked eyebrows at home. The first line of conduct as follows. Take a pencil. Place it parallel to the wings of your nose (of course, in a vertical position). Where the pencil and eyebrow intersect visually organize the first line. Hairs located behind the line, delete. We are conducting the second line to the outer corner of the eye. wing of the nose - it's the beginning. The intersection of line and eyebrows forming its end (remove unwanted hairs). If your eyebrows shorter the line, Doris them with a pencil. We find the third line. It connects the wing of the nose with the iris of the eye (or rather, with its edge). There will be the highest point (the largest bending). Remove excess hair - and the process is completed. Now that you know how to pluck eyebrows at home, you will always look spectacular and elegant without assistance.