How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews

Beautiful Brows transform the face, which is why the fair sex a lot of time given to this part of the body. Arc should look harmonious, emphasizing the natural beauty. In this case, you must take into account the recommendations of experts and testimonials of women. How to give shape to the eyebrows, discussed in the article.

How to determine the perfect contour?

How to give shape eyebrows at home? To do this, it is important to create perfect curves on both sides. Accuracy is important to comply with the tattoo, as the drawing is stored for 5-10 years. It creates a 3 points:

  1. Start the arc. You need to determine where it is necessary to limit the inner edge of the edge. It is necessary to attach vertically to face the line that it touches the inner corner of the eye and the nose wing. This line indicates the best place start line, which must designate a pencil.
  2. Then, we must find the highest point of the bend. For this line from the nose wing arranged around the iris person looking forward edges on eyebrow designate the highest point. It is also necessary to mark with a pencil.
  3. The end of the line. Direct from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye will show the border, which is marked with a pencil.


How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews

As can be seen from the reviews, this principle of creating arcs is checked. These marks must be connected at the bottom to draw the desired thickness (1-1, 5 mm). It is necessary to take into account the natural curve. Then it is necessary to pull out hairs overseas draw.

The hairs of the upper limit is generally not eliminated all it takes to preserve the natural form. Before removing hairs sensitive skin should be cooled with ice. An alternative to the painful procedure is shaving, which hair grow for 2-3 days, and discoloration.

What to choose?

Reviews women suggest that different types of eyebrows suited to different persons. Therefore, it is important to take into account the recommendations of professionals regarding the selection of suitable arc. To know how to give shape to the eyebrows, should be familiar with the types of lines that are suitable for particular persons:

  1. For chubby ladies 1/3 desirable to direct the arc to the upper edge of the ear for a visual extension of the oval.
  2. square face needs a projection line to the middle ear. This visually rounds cheekbones, thus does not visible chin contour.
  3. Pull out the person best suited eyebrows direct type, which are sent to the top of the ear.
  4. For the oval face of the brow arch is ideal to aspire to the earlobe.
How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews

It is believed that the symmetry of the eyebrows will decorate a person's face with different features. With the same form arcs do not need to look for in terms of contours. As the responses of women, the right choice of the brow arches is essential for effective image.

Tips for eyebrow shaping

Multiple reviews call for women to use expert advice, otherwise the arc will not look perfect. Recommendations on how to give shape eyebrows at home, you can create a harmonious way. They are as follows:

  1. To narrow down the line to pull out the hairs should be reduced. Lower arch should match its top border.
  2. Do not make thin eyebrows, as now put emphasis on naturalness.
  3. Upon completion of plucking eyebrows are treated with antiseptic, and then apply a soothing cream.
  4. Plucking individual hairs above the upper boundary should be carried out during the final adjustments. After their removal usually unsuccessfully changing facial expression.
  5. The procedure is painless, if a pair of tweezers to grab the hairs close to the skin without touching it. Then the roots are removed without breakage.
  6. While it is desirable to remove the skin to tighten to the required pick-up hairs and painlessly remove it.
  7. The hairs have to withstand in the direction of growth, or they germinate in the skin.
  8. The correct form is provided by comparing the mirror base points of closure and the upper part of the bend.

This is basic advice on how to give the right eyebrow and a beautiful shape. It is important to adhere to these rules, as expressed by women. They recommend regular basis to correct the shape of arcs, and then eyebrows will always be accurate.


Thick natural eyebrows are especially prized by stylists. Since it is only necessary to maintain their beauty, sometimes by removing excess hair. Usually the girls performed this work on their own. Suffice it to periodically remove with tweezers unnecessary processes. Better yet, use 2 devices. One tool many plucking hairs, while others performed the formation of boundaries.

How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews

adjustments Rules

Adjustment is accelerated and simplified by continual repetition. How to give shape eyebrows with a pencil? To perform this procedure must be according to the following instructions:

  1. brush hairs should be directed upwards.
  2. Long hair, if the lines are perfect, you just have to shorten.
  3. regrown to the desired part of the need to prune, pluck.
  4. The gaps must be filled in pencil.
  5. The bright arc darken the brow using the stick.
  6. Blondes can draw the contours of successful pencil dark curls into 2 tones.
  7. For brunettes appropriate is the color that is lighter strands by 2 tones.
  8. The pencil should be set off by a little bit stretched skin top shape, and then lower.
  9. Use of intermittent strokes master fills this contoured portion.
  10. It is necessary to perform a shading pencil lines and shading.
  11. Instead of a pencil is often used matte shadow.

The hairs around the temples and between the eyebrows should be dealt with on a regular basis. In those places, they grow quickly, which is why spoil shape. This manual will help those who do not know how to give shape to the eyebrows. Step by step will perform the harmonious design of the brow arches.

Using stencils

When the tip of the arc above its start, the face will be aggressive, will look angry. No need to pull out and paint the inner contour of the nose. Because of this, it will fail to change the brow line. It is important to the profile, so the result should be evaluated as a whole. Almond-shaped eyes will be adorned with eyebrows raised slightly at the outer edge. A decrease in their looks comical.

How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews

There are 3 types of stencils:

  1. Mask with nose, bow and 2 slots for eyebrows.
  2. A strip of plastic with straps, Velcro, the brow cuts.
  3. form with cut one eyebrow.

Stencil, made on its own, can be used for experiments and research excellence. No need to buy expensive sets, of which only a few will be suitable to obtain the desired contour.

What do you need?

Would need:

  • pen, marker;
  • Manicure scissors;
  • transparent plastic;
  • drawing the desired shape eyebrows.

From the plastic is necessary to create a rectangle equal to the size of the forehead. After the application of the cut tape is necessary to mark the center, the beginning of the arcs and the top. Then it is necessary to print the desired option. Inaccurate size should be changed. Then, under the plastic enclose a picture to match the upper bends to the horizontal. In this case, the lines are equal. It is necessary to put a mark of origin. You can do without printing images, you need to attach to the monitor and note the image marker. Then you have to carefully cut it. First, in the central part of the picture should make a hole with scissors heated to melt the plastic. Then we need to cut the edge of the picture, and then - on the perimeter. Need 1 small pattern 1 eyebrow: this will save time and make-up symmetrical.

Rules for

How to make eyebrows perfect size eyebrow shape? Due to the accelerated procedure stencil applying makeup:

  1. First, you need to powder eyebrow. Attach the stencil pencil and gloss over this space.
  2. The product is then removed and the unused hairs plucked. The brow contours are ideal.
  3. When you want to just paint on properly corrected line without plucking powder should not be used
  4. The slot is necessary to conceal the shadows - picture will be beautiful and symmetrical.
How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews

As the reviews, this method allows you to quickly and make beautiful makeup. It is only necessary to work carefully to get accurate results.

How compensated density?

How to give shape to the eyebrows and make up them if vegetation is rare? This work is carried out as follows:

  1. Permanent makeup performs master creates outlines appropriate forms arcs based on the customer's wishes. Beautician nuances tattoo applied. Permanent make-up provides a long-term (3-5 years) effect of fine feathered edges.
  2. Decorative cosmetics image allows you to change frequently, but it is time consuming.

change the shape of color using special cosmetics, make-up artists need only to consider the recommendations. For example, the shading will be different only by the proper use of colors. They are chosen on the basis of tsvetotipa client and features of her face. It is important to state and eyebrows. In this case, pursuant to the brow of the arcs will be suitable for different moments. It is important to use convenient tools, whatever technique was used. How to give shape to the eyebrows, if they do not? In this case, better to turn to the master. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews.

How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews


How to make eyebrows the shape of modern cosmetics? For this purpose the locking toning gel, which ordered the hair, they are smooth and shiny. Brush with stacker gel in the morning it is necessary to comb the brow vegetation.

Pencil with shading is considered convenient. But for the eyelids, eyebrows it is soft: the color of the applicator will be smeared unevenly. Solid matte pencil technique performed strokes and shading. They are drawn by the brow arch bars. Then with a brush is necessary to perform shading. How to shape eyebrows at home portrayal? The procedure is as follows:

  1. First you have to select the desired tone of a pencil through the curls, color.
  2. short strokes required to conceal the gaps, to extend the boundaries.
  3. Then pencil "hairs" should grind.
  4. Eyebrows smooth and fix the gel.
  5. It will be much better if there is a pencil bottle with shadows - this will help to adjust the line arcs.

Use the matte shadows and eyelids will naturally and quickly place the brow curves, visually make them thicker. It is possible to remove their excess. An excellent choice would be the right shade of special textures and colors. Through this shadow eyeliner outlines circuit without unnatural borders. Erroneous lines need to wash, because otherwise clean correct place will be difficult.

Drawing special brush fluffs the hair, makes them attractive. Original eyeliner shades of hairs, shtrishkami, without affecting the skin, with the combing. Then the brow arch will look attractive.

Now, there are cosmetic wax. This cosmetics has saturation resistance and pencil and natural properties of the carcass. How to give shape to the eyebrows and make-up of this tool? There is the original closing sparse parts wax technique with shading using shadows. In this case, the form will look natural, because the wax creates a neat line and narrow shadows are applied with a brush.

Helpful Hints

Eyebrows fashionable shapes allow you to create an original image. Stylists say that due to the adjustment of bending changes the face. They are able to make a serious curves, young or refined. The naturalness of the brow arches will support the adjustment.

How to give shape eyebrows at home: a step by step description of the recommendations and reviews


It should pull out regrown hair, tint arc pencil, eliminating gaps. It is due to shading will make them natural. These are the main recommendations on how to give shape to the eyebrows and make up. Methods produce harmonious the brow arch, which makeup will look great.