How to pluck eyebrows tricks and nuances

There is nothing that gives the look radiance and charm, how to choose the shape of eyebrows. Improperly selected bending can create the effect of swollen red-eyed and too converging arc looks not only tasteless, but vulgar. That's why every girl should know how to make beautiful eyebrows, that will decorate and freshen the face. In fact, everything is very simple. So, we proceed to create the perfect look.

How to pluck eyebrows tricks and nuances

How to pluck eyebrows: the choice of tools necessary for the procedure in

1. Pre-purchase a quality pair of tweezers or a specially designed tweezers. What to choose? It is worth noting that the tweezers are rings, similar to those that have the scissors, so working with them will be much more comfortable, but with tweezers, you can capture a larger area. Do not choose a tool having narrow tips, as they quite inconvenient "to wield", and you have to feel like a "sniper".

2. Arm yourself with a mild lotion and a pair of triple-cotton discs. They will help to protect the inflamed areas from germs.

3. "Pereschipannye" eyebrows will look ugly and unnatural. Magnifying mirror will not only faster to pull out excess hair, but also to do so at times accurate. How to pluck eyebrows tricks and nuances

How to tweeze eyebrows define the right boundary of the

1. Look at your reflection in the mirror. Now note the main points of a white pencil. The beginning of the brow should lie on a line which is parallel to the bridge of the nose. It is located at the junction of the wing to the nostrils. Found? Feel free to mark this point.

2. Now you need to find the highest point of recovery. To do this, please make sure that imaginary line, which starts from the edge of the nostrils and goes through the far edge of your pupil. To be precise it is best to make a pencil and mark the found point.

3. Now draw a straight line from the corner of his nostrils through the corner of his eye. Intersect with the eyebrow? Put spots. It was at this point must be terminated "vegetation".

4. These three marks will be for you a guide that will help answer the question of how to tweeze eyebrows correctly. It remains only to delineate the resulting line and proceed to the next step.

How to pluck eyebrows tricks and nuances

How to tweeze eyebrows walkthrough

1. Put on a "working" area of ​​lotion and wait until it is absorbed. Take the tool and gently begin to pull out excess hair - one after the other. 2. Work is only necessary in daylight. Evening lighting artfully enough - seemingly "pure" processed eyebrows in the morning will be a dense forest.

3. Do not pull the skin around the eyes. Since it is a very sensitive and delicate, it is easy to injure.

4. pull out the hairs in the direction of their growth. Be extremely cautious and careful, otherwise you can leave bruises on the eyelids, which will be held for a long time.

5. Do not forget to handle the place cleaned lotion.

6. Do not forget to remove light hair, remember they will darken over time.

7. The area above the eyebrows also requires attention and treatment.

8. Finally, you can attach a cooling compress of chamomile and lubricate the skin with fat cream.

The right eyebrow width of

It must necessarily be in harmony with your lip shape and facial features. And to be more expressive eyes, and look deeper, you must learn how to paint eyebrows correctly.