How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

Today let's talk about how to do make-up at home. Fresh and natural face is always in fashion. We must strive to ensure that the make-up, applied to the face, looked carefully, the most naturally and unobtrusively. It should emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses. The exception is the image of the evening, or make-up for special occasions. So, we explain how to perform at home step by step make-up, both day and evening.

How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

Everyday leaving

To begin, take care of the condition of his face today. Do not forget to remove makeup every night. Determine your skin type and clean the face properly care facilities, as well as daily moisturize it suitable products. If you have skin problems, such as post-acne, acne, age spots, - Select the appropriate series. Drink as much as you can just clean water a day, about 2 liters. The state of the skin will be more dependent. Before you ask the question "How do you make at home?", You need to bring your skin to a fresh, radiant and pure state. And with such a person, believe me, will work much easier.

Brush for applying make-up

Without special little helpers - hands - it is impossible to make a make-up at home. Photo of fresh and natural face speak for themselves. Brushes are synthetic and natural. Pick quality tools. Do not forget to look after them: be sure to clean them carefully store. Then they will serve you well and will become loyal assistants.

How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

Face Tone

All make-up lessons begin with applying foundation. For a more natural look, rather than to use tonal base, take toning moisturizer - it is good intense moisturizing, it contains SPF-filters, and protection from sunlight. It is also possible to use mineral foundation. Apply concealer to any blemishes and eye area. Make sure it is exactly the same color as your skin. Use concealer also to hide all the minor flaws, pigmentation irregularities.


How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

That's right eyebrow shaping "do" any person. Here, as they say, a step in the wrong direction - and everything will go to pieces. One wrong line is too thin or thick, change the natural curve. Falling line makes a person dull, unnatural shape of the eyebrows looks ridiculous. Too sloppy or plucked eyebrows give shaggy unkempt. Beautiful makeup just can not be done without carefully decorated eyebrows. Be patient, otraschivaya eyebrows or giving them the right shape, the right person is your type. Makeup eyebrow pencil to use the lighter shade or shade. Concealer can always correct eyebrow line or give them expression. Remember that the highest point and the break eyebrows should be darker than the color of the rest. Can at this point harder to click on the pencil.

Now fashion naturalness. Remember that any eyebrows will make a full and even the minimum - natural - adorn and complement. A properly designed can spoil the whole image.


Make a face maximum relief that it did not look like a white sheet of paper, will help correct contouring. Walk bronzers, corrector or blush cold brown color along the cheeks and at the T-zone to create shadows or natural form of a natural tan. Bronzer can be used in the summer, but the corrector and cool shade of brown shades fit into any time of year. This is especially true for those who are going to be photographed. In the photo face with make-up will look striking and natural.

Do not use blush with ryzhinoy that they did not look as ridiculous spots. With the help of the corrector can also visually make the wings of the nose thinner. Darkening in the right places to visually bring the person to the natural oval. You can darken the neck and on the sides to visually make it thinner.

How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

Eye Makeup

Once we have applied to the face tone, drew up his eyebrows and ended up with a contouring, proceed to the next step. Always adhere to one simple rule: or bright lips, and bright eyes. Therefore, for day and evening make-up with bright lips, eyes must be natural and natural. In order to make the eyes more voluminous and expressive, matt brown shadows, natural colors work through the crease. To keep long shadows, not pushed and not crumble, use the base under the shade. If you type the Asian eyelid, that is impending, fold it will be necessary to draw shadows. It must be done, looking straight ahead in the mirror. If it is possible to localize the cosmetic product correctly, you will see as soon as the "burst open eyes" and how expressive it becomes. Further, in the outer corner of the movable part of the century, we put a darker matte shade of shadow. It is necessary to add a look of depth. And in the inner corner you can add a drop of white pencil - Kayala. The most important thing - to observe the smooth lines. Shadows should "go into the mist", no clear boundaries, only smooth transitions! You can draw a neat thin arrow on the upper eyelid.

How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

So the daily eye makeup ready. If we need a way of evening, we add more vivid strokes. Shadows can be used shimmernye, satin, bright and dark colors. Arrow need to draw a thicker line and display a neat ponytail beyond the outer side of the movable century.

Eyelashes. False eyelashes and tufts of

Learn how to paint the eyes correctly. Gaining mascara on the brush and carefully paint over the lashes as possible from the roots. Depending on necessity, to stain the lower row. You can also add an image or a two-stream belt lashes. Beams will look more natural and naturally in the outer corner. Try it - and you will see that increase cilia for a gala evening on their own is not difficult. You can learn to do it fairly quickly, if patience and accuracy. And soon it will be possible not only to easily take care of herself, but also her friends tell you how to do make-up at home with beautiful Accrued eyelashes!

The application of makeup to the lips

lip pencil should not be darker than the lipstick or gloss. Otherwise there will be a feeling that the lips are enclosed in a "frame". Such variant ages. But for bright lipsticks pencil needs. And it must be identical with them in color. Try not to go beyond the natural contour, so as not to give the impression smeared, carelessly made-up lips.

How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos

If you want to adjust the shape a little, then do it as carefully as possible. Remember that now in vogue bright shades of matte lipsticks, in the autumn-winter season is traditionally dark colors - plum, brown, burgundy.

blush and highlighter

So, there were just putting the finishing touches. Beautiful makeup at home would not be complete without a shred of blush on the cheeks and the highlighter that gives light to individual parts of the face, namely: it is applied in a cleft of the upper lip, on the back of the nose, in the middle of the forehead, under the eyes, on the highest point of the cheekbones . They can work out and eyebrows. Face look brighter and more contrast, lips and eyes - the volume, and thus we will finish contouring and creating natural relief face. Horizontally supported on the upper part of the cheekbones blush help visually make a round face look elongated.

How do you make at home: the main rules of

How to make a make-up at home? Makeup Lessons, photos
  1. Use only high-quality cosmetics and closely monitor the shelf life of products.
  2. Everyday care and moisturizing the skin.
  3. Correct daylight when applying makeup.
  4. Pick foods that are suitable to your natural tsvetotipu.
  5. If you need a durable and long-lasting make-up, be aware of bases: a base under shadows, concealers and correctors, anchoring base.
  6. The focus of the makeup must be either on the eyes or lips.
  7. Remember that even when you create a bright make-up in fashion naturalness. So do not change too much with the help of the form of eye shadow or lip (only if they do not require a correction).

This is not all the secrets of makeup, but we hope that the information obtained will be sufficient in order to try and learn. And you can see that beautiful makeup at home - it is not so difficult! And always nice to feel like a girl on the cover, a model on the pictures or on the red carpet diva - in fact, you can make up far worse!