Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

No wonder modern women, caring for themselves, paying special attention to the shape of the eyebrows. The fashion for this important part of our face in recent years has undergone significant changes. The fair sex prefer to look natural and naturally. However, not all fit the same eyebrows. Choosing their form should always be based on the type of entity. there are many kinds of eyebrows.

Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

Forms eyebrows

One of the most common misconceptions - eyebrows need to be thin. But this kind is not just contrary to modern fashion, he still is not for everyone. Thread black eyebrows look unnatural, you make a person very surprised and a little doll. Experts are convinced that there are enough varieties of beautiful eyebrows, is only to make the right choice:

  • direct;
  • curved;
  • with a break;
  • arcuate;
  • wavy.

Also, there are black eyebrows and bright, wide and narrow, long and short. Stylists recommend before you plucked eyebrows, choose the form that will truly fit type of person.


Direct eyebrows line visually extends the face. This type of approach owners of narrow, vertically elongated face. It is believed that women with eyebrows differ so strong character qualities as practicality.

Through direct eyebrows, you can:

  • visually narrow the distance between the eyes;
  • to emphasize subtle, regular features;
  • give the image of coquetry.

These eyebrows are perfect woman if:

  • her eyes too big and round;
  • face has an elongated shape, the features - right, fine;
  • different eye color depth and saturation.

Experts do not recommend to stop the choice on this type of eyebrows, if:

  • small eyes, narrow;
  • face broad and short;
  • expressionless eye color, whitish;
  • features large, rough.

Direct view of the eyebrows are always drawn to the views of other people, and therefore requires much attention. It should be remembered that the solid horizontal line of eyebrows corrupts even very beautiful appearance, looks unkempt and even vulgar.

Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

It is noteworthy that in ancient civilizations accrete eyebrows on the bridge were incredibly popular. Iranian Women of Byzantium and Mexico with such a feature in those days were regarded as the standard of beauty.


The curved arch - is extremely smooth line, in any case do not create the kind of "house." These eyebrows are recommended for square and triangular type of person. Their advantages are as follows:

  • visually narrow the wide cheekbones;
  • give the view of sexuality and mystery;
  • make the eyes more open;
  • distract attention from the big nose.
Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

selected bending line will require a careful woman, regular care. To look well-groomed, you need to know how to pluck eyebrows, and always keep an eye on their form.

with a break

This kind of eyebrows just love makeup artists. That is what we are most often found on the faces of Hollywood stars. There are many solutions: you can "break" a line near the end, it is possible - in the middle. However, the result will always be the same - a sensual expression with a hint of playfulness. Such an image is able to bring to mind any man. Eyebrows with a break can be combined with a round, diamond, square, oval and triangular type of person. This form allows you to:

  • look younger than his years;
  • visually enlarge the eyes and lift them;
  • to make sharp features softer;
  • to give an expression of playfulness person;
  • to conceal the asymmetry in facial features.
Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

This kind of eyebrows, experts recommend owners of the following features:

  • close-set eyes;
  • rough facial features;
  • Balzac age;
  • at the shortcomings in the lower face (with a break eyebrows would be taken note of the nasolabial folds, chin, massive or malocclusion).

arcuate (curved)

This kind of eyebrows, according to stylists, the most advantageous. It is suitable to almost any face shape. In the fashion world such brow seen as classics of the genre.

Arcuate eyebrows have the following advantages:

  • soften the rough face and sharp features;
  • give the image of femininity;
  • make the face and eyes wider.

Despite the fact that this type of eyebrow-fits-all, do not blindly to stop your choice on it. Perfectly rounded shape would look if:

  • facial features sharp, his chin sharp;
  • face has angular shape;
  • his expression stern, somewhat stiff;
  • eyes are small, unimpressive narrow.

harmonious look with arched eyebrows woman eastern type. The rounded shape perfectly with the pronounced, raised cheekbones, a wide, open forehead, full lips, straight nose and delightful slanting eyes. From the arched type should be discarded if:

  • woman's age exceeds 40 years, since the arched eyebrows are her wear out;
  • face has a circular shape;
  • eyes planted widely.

One of the advantages of the arched type lies in the fact that it opens up a maximum upper eyelids. This allows you to implement the most diverse eye makeup, give the look desired mood.

Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

on the physiognomy Experts believe that the eyebrow arch with a talk about the sensitive, romantic nature of their owner. In this case, the mistress of the arcuate shape of eyebrows in some broadcast characterized by a hardness that allows her to make great strides in many areas of their lives.


Not to mention the unusual trend in 2017, which are wavy eyebrows. For the first time this form tried to imagine popular model and make-up specialist Promise Tamang. She was putting her eyebrows with glue, concealer, powder and gel eyeliner.

Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

For most women, wavy eyebrows are puzzling. However, some ladies were quick to "try on" a novelty to her face. All agreed that this makeup can be used for a photo shoot or a party, but not for everyday.

How to choose the right brow shape face?

  1. Ideal form eyebrows make the appearance of a woman irresistible. The main thing - when choosing to focus on the type of entity.
  2. The oval face will adorn all kinds of eyebrows. Should pay attention only to the height of the arc.
  3. chubby beauties fit curved (angled) and arched eyebrows.
  4. The square shape of the face is in harmony with the eyebrows with a bend.
  5. In the face of the type of inverted triangle eyebrows look great with soft knee.
  6. elongated face, as well as the type of triangle fit straight brows with an upward tip.
  7. Diamond type combined with eyebrows with a break.

Tips Helena Krygin

Forms eyebrows. How to choose the right brow shape face? Eyebrows

Speaking of the eyebrows, not to mention the tools that allow them to make the shape and color perfect. According to Elena Krygin, an expert in the creation of beauty-images, it set the tone for the entire eyebrow makeup express the nature of women, and form a first impression. She is convinced that the choice of form should pay attention to the natural curve, given to us by nature, because often it meets the proportions of the face and is the most harmonious.

The best tools for the eyebrow

Considering the products shall rely on the recommendation of the charming Elena Krygin. So, from the words of the famous makeup artist Runet, the following tools will be needed to create beautiful brows:

  1. Brush. The tool looks like an ordinary toothbrush. With it, comb hair up. After these simple manipulations it will be clear where in the eyebrows need to be corrected. Also, toiletries can be used to massage the eyebrows, after which they would grow faster. A better result can be achieved by massaging the skin with any natural oils.
  2. Ink hairs give more volume and shape - definition. It will evenly distribute on the brow tint, give them a natural look. There is a mascara for the eyebrows light and for dark.
  3. The shadows are designed to accentuate the line, making the color richer and brighter. After application creates the appearance of density of the eyebrows.
  4. The gel perfectly captures naughty sticking out in different directions hairs. Handy little brush modeling tools allows you to carefully consider each eyebrow at the base.
  5. The liner is intended for structuring and thickening the eyebrows. He will make them more bushy. They can be easily and accurately to finish the missing hairs.

Every woman should accurately represent what's right for her eyebrows. It will underline the good looks of the face and make the look more expressive.