How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

Make-up is an integral part of the female image. Every day, the fairer sex is applied makeup on the face. Some do it quickly and efficiently, while others have many questions. This article will tell you how to draw eyebrows. There are several popular techniques and methods. What exactly will you choose depends on the style and the desired effect.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows originally designed to protect the eyes. So nature intended. Thick and long hair perfectly protect the eyelid and pupil from the rain, wind and other dust. However, over time they have acquired a different function. Now eyebrows decorate the face. The most cherished them are women. Every woman knows that using eyebrow shape can change the expression on his face. For example, for a woman who has a large features, the best option will be the wide arc of the brow. If a young lady with a form has bushy eyebrows, people around it would seem that her face was constantly frowning.

eyebrow make-up can be done in several ways. However, no matter what you choose, it is necessary to take into account the overall image. The shape, color and density of the eyebrows should match the style and complement it. In recent years become very popular permanent makeup. it can also be formed on the eyebrows.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup


How to draw eyebrows for a long time? If you do not want every morning to spend a lot of time and effort to make, then give preference to tattooing. Such a method of allocation of eyebrows preserves the shape and color for up to several years. At the same time play a major role type and skin tone woman. On such a dark face makeup lasts longer. Shape of the eyebrows to the tattoo carefully drawn and edited as needed. Only after the approval of the client's master starts its work. Makeup Eyebrow create a special pigment that is injected under the skin of a few millimeters.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

How to draw eyebrows?

There are several ways to design. The procedure may be carried out by means of a stick, shadows, special paints. Before you draw eyebrows, you need to select the appropriate form. To do this you need a cosmetic pencil and your imagination.

Spend an invisible line from the corner of the lip to the outer point of the eye. Continue it above. In this section of your future eyebrow should end. Then you need to determine the start of the hair growth. To do this, take the same pencil and draw a line from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye. Continue straight up. At this point, the start point will be the eyebrows.

The use of dyes

Eyebrows can give you a more intense and bright color hair. Be sure to keep in mind when choosing your colors "native" pigment. If you have blond hair, you should not use black paint. Prefer graphite, gray or brown tones.

eyebrow color after dyeing is kept to a few weeks. However, this method of treatment does not allow you to change the shape and direction of the hairs. Staining as a way to design suitable for women with an ideal shape of the eyebrows. Manipulation is carried out very quickly. It is enough to cause a lot of ink on the brow area and wait for five to twenty minutes. Be sure to delete any unnecessary after dyeing hairs.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

Using a pencil

If you decide to use a pencil to draw, then keep in mind that the first drawn shape of the eyebrows. The above-described way to determine the beginning and end of the hairs. Then visualize a selected shape using a soft pencil. This tool will allow you to not make a lot of effort. If necessary, extra lines can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

When the form is created, it is necessary to use a light pencil the same shade. You can also take a slightly darker tone. Never opt for the manipulation of the lighter shades. Otherwise, your face will seem ridiculous. Light Draw lines hairs soft puff and blend as needed.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

The use of shadows

Draw eyebrows and you can use the usual eye shadow. In this case, the hair will not be as clear. Color will naturally. To manipulate you need a stiff brush with a beveled end. Also select the appropriate color. Remember that it should not be a pearl. Prefer matte tones and dim. It can be brown, gray, graphite, black.

Visually spend limit lines. Dip the brush into the eyeshadow and start drawing. This should be done from the inside of the eye, gradually moving to the temple. Strokes should be obtained intermittent and have a dense texture. At the end of the process, you can use liquid liner. She strokes give a clearer appearance. Remember that the colors should be combined with each other. Otherwise, make your eyebrows may be unnatural.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

The use of accessories

Currently, manufacturers of cosmetics and body care products offer to buy special stencils for prorisovyvaniya eyebrows. Now you do not have to calculate the angles and try to make the hairs symmetrical. Simply attach the stencil to the eyebrows and fill the interior of the colorant. To do this, you can take all of the same cosmetic pencils, eye shadow or eyeliner.

Similar means for drawing the eyebrows may be used repeatedly. Often in the set are a few different forms. Among them you can choose the one that is right for your face type.

How to draw eyebrows? eyebrow makeup

Summary of

Now that you know how to draw eyebrows at home. Be prepared for the fact that the first time you will not entirely expected result. After a few days of training you to quickly and easily adapt himself to do it. Note that this color imparting portion is performed after application of the base pitch and powder. You can also turn to the beautician or make-up artist. Wizard to quickly and easily create for you the perfect brow shape. Be beautiful!