Slanting eyes. Makeup for slanting eyes

Many girls dream of slanting eyes. However, not all nature has endowed with such beauty. Do not despair. To date, invented many diverse makeup. With its help, you can make a unique image.

slanting eyes

Make-up, as is known, is able to dramatically change the appearance of the girl. And, having made up, how can transform and degrade their appearance. To emphasize their natural beauty or slightly adjust what is not quite enough, it is important to learn how to do make-up correctly.

Slanting eyes. Makeup for slanting eyes

If you use cosmetics should take into account the shape, cut, color and size of the eyes, face shape and hair color and skin. In this article you will find tips on makeup, which repel each other, first of all, from the shape of the eye. Namely, we discuss about the slanted eyes.

Do owners of this type of outer eye corner above the internal. The misconception that the brace has only Asians. Representatives of any nationality can have this external feature. View them very seductive and cheerful, it is a must to emphasize profitable due to makeup.

Tips for daytime makeup

Slanting eyes makeup type should not be made overly aggressive, avoid dark colors. After all, it would deprive the look in his natural optimism, "will weight" it. Therefore, use only natural colors.

Brace, who, by the way, is now in vogue, it should be emphasized spending eyeliner line to the outer corner of the inner (on the upper eyelid). Do not make it too thin, and finished just below the eye border, slightly raising it to his temple. Blend with a brush, although it can be a finger.

Slanting eyes. Makeup for slanting eyes

In the lower eyelid, draw a thin line. Then apply a light shade. Do not forget about the eyebrows, they should be a little touch up pencil or shadow. The final touch, visually distinguishes the eye - this mascara with twirled effect.

Day make-up you can add a little sparkle. Try the lower eyelid at the inner corner gently bring white or gold with mother of pearl pencil.

Make-up for the evening

Evening makeup, usually brighter, richer and bolder. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics for slanting eyes at night is especially important to take account of their color. If you have brown eyes, slanted arrow to do even better. If the color of the iris of your eyes blue or gray, a viable option is to choose silver or dark gray pencil.

Slanting eyes. Makeup for slanting eyes

If you do not want to make up for slanting eyes looked too extreme, try not to take a black pencil. Emphasize cut exoticism, drawing a "cat's eyes" in this way: start from the corner of the eye and end at the edge of the eyebrows. The line at the same time should be as thin as possible.

Try from the inner corner to make a clear outline, while the outer liner blend. Then complete shadows about the same hue. After put on the upper eyelid shadows with silvery gray shade to the eye or golden - to brown. Complete the image of the black ink to tighten or brown.

How to change the shape of the eye?

If you do not have the brace, but really want to have a "cat's eyes", then, again, your wish can be realized by using makeup. How to make a slanting eyes? Firstly, you need to visually raise the upper corner of the eye. To do this, you must resort to the help of the shadows.

Slanting eyes. Makeup for slanting eyes

Divide mentally upper eyelid into three parts. The inner part must be very light, middle - slightly darker, respectively, outside corner highlight the darkest color. You can use 3 different colors, and you can do one. It is necessary to put the shade on the outer corner, rastushovyvaya smoothly throughout the century. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to the eyebrows. Despite the fact that in fashion now natural to get the effect of the brace, eyebrows should be curved and elegant. Third, do not have to choose three-dimensional mascara slanted-eye. The most important effect is to tighten up.

Sometimes it's the opposite: women who have slanted eyes, dreaming to change their shape. In this case, the most dark shade should be applied close to the bridge and the outer corner, as well as the middle of the century, to make light. You do not need to sum up the lower eyelid to the end, focusing only on the inner corner. It is important to observe the smooth, does not break the line sharply. It should simply become thinner and less clear closer to the outer corner. On top of make-up and do not forget the mascara.

Smooth the brace using mascara can prokrashivaya lashes more carefully at the inner corner of the eye. Using the tips given above, it is necessary to remember that makeup should focus on something one. And if you want to emphasize your eyes, you should not devote too bright lips.