The right makeup for round faces

Makeup - this decoration face using makeup, as well as a way to hide the existing defects.

Almost all women are watching nasty flaws in their appearance. Basically, they do not like the shape. But if you try, you can skillfully transform your face with makeup.

A round face is not always provides the broad forms of its owner. Even very slim can be chubby. Therefore it is very important is the ability to correctly apply cosmetic products. This will provide an opportunity to change the appearance and correctly emphasize the common features. How to do makeup for round faces? This you will learn by reading the article.

The right makeup for round faces

Rules round face correction

To obtain an attractive make-up, you should consider your face shape and skin tone and eye color. A correction may be round face makeup. There are a few rules that will help to make the correct adjustment.

  1. The first thing you need to find the right brow shape, because they make a person look "thinner". Their shape is to be the average thickness of the deflection centered in the form of an arch. This type of eyebrows visually pulls round face. The color must be chosen on the tone darker than the natural.
  2. It is also important disguise under-eye circles. To get rid of them, you can use a concealer, it helps in a fraction of seconds to hide unwanted flaws.
  3. the girl with the face should focus on the eyes. Eyeliner and mascara, which visually increase, are also able to give a "harmony." Eye shadow must necessarily fit the eye color and skin tone.
  4. Another handy tools for round face is a bronzer. Performs sculpting function and is suitable for all events and seasons. Apply a thin layer on the jaw line, slightly obscuring her.
  5. highlighter - a true helper of makeup, which highlights individual parts of the face. Use it to visually lengthen and fill radiance round face.
  6. It is undesirable to use dark shades of lipstick, since they impart roughness and severity. The best solution is a light pink color.
The right makeup for round faces

Applying makeup

It should be remembered that all the flaws actually hide the simple brush strokes. Round face visually shorter and wider, so you need to abide by phasing in applying makeup. Makeup for a round face needs to be done in several stages.

  1. Owners of a round face should start with cleansing. This will help a special scrub with peeling effect, cleansing milk or lotion. Then you can proceed to the application of conventional moisturizer. For this type of make-up is necessary, that the cream is well absorbed before applying foundation.
  2. Then begins masking circles under the eyes and small defects on the skin, but they are almost all girls.
  3. In order to apply a tonal framework, it is desirable to select a suitable person for the color tone of the cosmetic product. It is better to apply with a sponge, then more confident tone cream is distributed on the skin of the face and neck. That between them could not see the transition, you need a good foundation shade in the chin.
  4. The main focus - is to give the necessary form. For this purpose on the basis of tone darker tone of the previous. So contours are applied on both sides. Shaded sponge vertical motion downward from the temple to the chin. It is important to pay careful attention to this step, as there should be no noticeable transition between the two creams.
  5. Make-up for a round face can be completed with the help of rouge. Suitable are brown shades, which are applied to the upper edges of the cheeks and the middle shaded cheeks. Thus lightened face center and creates lengthening effect.
The right makeup for round faces

Eye makeup for round faces

  • To decorate chubby beauties eye allowed small arrows with raised tips. They contribute to the increase in expressive eyes. A long boom may further expand the visual face.
  • Shadows must be selected under the hair and eye color. Apply them better only at the edges of the eye within a century. In any case not under the most eyebrows. In order to emphasize the expressiveness, the shadows should be shaded by horizontal lines.
  • Eyelashes is desirable to paint only the top and bottom do not touch it, it will make the eyes brighter.
  • Eyebrow must be the correct form with the tip of a thin, but not thin. Paint them better to apply dark colors.

for making up the lips should use a special pencil to outline the expression. As this may have a magnifying effect, it is better to use bright lipstick or transparent pearlescent.

The right makeup for round faces

Make-up for a round face with green eyes

The best option of cosmetics for green eyes are all purple tones. They look perfect and give a contrast.

This makeup wins that is suitable for day and for night use. Dilute these colors can be pastel shades such as beige or khaki.

The role of hair color in makeup for chubby

The right makeup to do it is not difficult for a round face. You just need to take into account all the nuances, and in particular hair color.

  • Brown-haired. They can pick up a bright brown color for the evening events. For example, bronze, copper and gold. These ideal brown eyeliner and a reddish eyebrow pencil.
  • Blondes. Blonde girls will look good with green and turquoise shades with black arrows. Can alternate with light brown and peach tones.
The right makeup for round faces
  • Redheads. In contrast to the brown-haired women and blondes, red zelenoglazkam with a round face will suit all kinds of shades. Likewise one may use brunette.

Absolutely inappropriate makeup for green eyes are colors like silver, blue, pink and completely black.

The final memo

Evening makeup for round faces generally must be created from delicate soft blush. They will give a freshness and vivacity externally.

If the lips are lowered down a bit because of the exceptions permitted horizontal application of blush.

The right makeup for round faces

Use a high quality makeup for a flawless makeup. But do not forget that excessive application of the product may, on the contrary, worsen the external image.