Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

Folk wisdom says that our eyes - a kind of mirror of the soul, and his eyebrows - his framing. Beauty eyebrows sung by many poets in the songs, and even a famous actor Yakovlev in his role of John the Terrible in the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" says the phrase became winged: "Ah, noblewoman! Lepa beauty, chervlena lips, eyebrows of the Union "...

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

Fashion on the brow

And really - eyebrow "make" our face. They can change our appearance from a strict or a romantic to surly or frivolous. Each of us are different, with one eyebrow shape can be different from the other.

Which only victims nor are representatives of a fine half of mankind to make their expressive eyebrows! Plucked and trimmed unnecessary very long hair, dyed them resistant dyes and henna, spending a lot of time near the mirror, painting the perfect shape.

As a rule, a good result is not always and not all: one wrong move - and all, all the work for nothing. Of course, you can once a week to visit a beauty salon, where a specialist will lead the eyebrows in order - will paint in the desired color and correct the form. But this takes time and, of course, money. A vicious circle!

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

Durable Beauty

Fortunately for all women and girls, there is a great way to get perfect eyebrows a very long time - just to make a tattoo eyebrows! This method of hair tattoo - a great option for those who appreciate naturalness and your time. He is not washed off with soap and water, kept up to 5 years and gives the possibility to look at 100% at any time, day or night, regardless of the season. What is it - the hair method of tattooing eyebrows? The answer to this question - in our article!

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

hair to hair

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows - an innovation in the field of beauty. He appeared relatively recently, but with each passing day, his popularity is growing around the world. Why? It's simple! In recent years, fashionable all natural and natural - and this applies not only to the eyebrows, but also to the length and color of hair and nails. Hair eyebrow tattooing method is good that after the eyebrows look so "their", that no one would guess about the procedure, even seeing them at close range. No shaded, unnatural lines! Only "naturel"!

From Europe and Japan - with love!

Hair eyebrow tattooing method has two versions: the Japanese (it is also called Eastern or Asian) and European. In this case, the European method lies in the fact that the master performs tattoo thin and with short strokes, the same thickness and length.

Japanese method of tattooing eyebrows hair more difficult to perform, rather than European. The fact that it includes not just the same finishing touches: they have different thickness and direction, as it were mixing up and creating a maximum similarity with natural eyebrows - the effect is so natural, that it is absolutely imperceptible, it is - tattoo eyebrows. Hair technique on Japanese technology is very complex to implement and only by real professionals.

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

To do or not to do - that is the question

Rush from one extreme to another and immediately sign up for this service just because "so fashionable" or "all the girlfriends did" not worth it. Still, this is not entirely painless and, moreover, not all necessary. Who is it that is necessary to make permanent tattoo eyebrows? Hair method is suitable in those cases where:

  • your eyebrows sparse and want to give them the density and ambiance on;
  • need to radically change the shape of eyebrows inappropriate;
  • I want to align the brow line in the case where the one above the other or have different shapes;
  • need to disguise all sorts shramiki propleshinki and eyebrows;
  • tired of painting eyebrow pencil, paint or henna.

If you're curious to see what it looks like permanent makeup eyebrow hair method, a photo can be seen in a store that provides this service. Usually there is a category of "before" and "after", which clearly shows the results.

Select master

The first step is to choose a good master - a professional who owns a tattoo to perfection. He must have a diploma or overdue sanitary book. Master should be "on everyone's lips" - and only on the positive side! Read the reviews about this wizard, on the internet, ask around friends who "have made their eyebrows," it is he. Make an appointment with him for consultation - when meeting it will become clear whether you want to do permanent makeup eyebrow at the wizard or not.

It is strongly recommended to do permanent makeup eyebrows in the cabin, and it is not necessary to conduct such procedures at home. Hepatitis C and AIDS insidious, and non-compliance with hygiene standards that include disinfection cabinet and instruments can "reward" themselves such diseases.

Wizard tattoo, working in beauty salons, perform all the rules thoroughly disinfected - office sterilized special lamp, instrument disinfectant solution is processed, and all supplies (eg needles) gets out of the hermetically sealed package with the client. "Cabin" master work in sterile gloves and sometimes in medical masks. In addition, they tend to have a medical degree. Remember that tattooing eyebrows - is a kind of micro-surgery, in which sterility must be maintained! After all, we do not remove appendicitis or teeth at home, right?

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

Getting Started

If you want to look at the work of the selected master, t. E. The fact it looks like they made tattooing eyebrows hair method you will be given photo. Every good master has a catalog of his own works. If you like, you can start!

Before you begin this procedure, as the tattoo eyebrows (hair method), the master will listen closely to your needs, starting with the color and finishing shape, length and thickness. Then the specialist will examine the "field of activity" - Carefully inspect your eyebrows, shape of the face and eyes. He will not bypass the attention and shape of the nose, forehead and chin - all these details help to master to offer you the optimal shape eyebrows, which will be in harmony with the whole way in general.

The wizard then lightly sheared hairs sticking out (in any case do not shave!) And disinfects the area of ​​operation.

Then he picks up the pigment by applying it on the back of your wrist - so you will see what color will your new eyebrows.

Hair method of tattooing eyebrows: reviews and photos

Note: there is a procedure!

The next stage - drawing eyebrow: Master draws the perfect line of special pencil - for them will be tattoo. Then, you look at yourself in the mirror, and if you like everything, the master starts tattooing.

Hurt I make tattooing eyebrows (hair method)? Feedback from those who have gone through this procedure are different - all converge to the fact that it all depends on the degree of sensitivity. If you have a low pain threshold, tell your master, and he will hold anesthesia. After the master is required to describe the procedure on how to take care of the new eyebrows, and the next appointment, which you reconcile the subsequent correction, if they are needed.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews of tattooing eyebrow hair method (as well as, and others), in 95 cases out of 100 positive. It is beautiful, user-friendly, time-saving. According to the painful sensation is quite tolerant, and in which case the pain relief can be made at any time. Tattoo heals quickly - in just a week. The main thing in this case - well-chosen master!