Exercises on the hamstrings

Training on the hamstrings are particularly important for people who want to become owners of a beautiful and harmonious development of leg muscles. Together with elastic buttocks, these muscles provide smart sporty silhouette and spectacular fit trousers.

In this article you can see photos hamstring, as well as to get acquainted with the best exercises for him. definitely need to devote time to work through these muscles in each leg workout, because this is not so difficult.

Exercises on the hamstrings


It represents hamstrings muscle antagonist relative to the quadriceps. Its main function is the extension of the body, along with gluteal muscles. Otherwise called the biceps muscle biceps. It is responsible for straightening of the supporting leg, and also participates in the rotation of the tibia on the inside of the ankle and flexion. It consists of two heads (hence the name) - long and short. They create a bulge Femur and hollow inside.

Biceps has the ability to be shortened, and that it is an important feature. Because of this, not only inharmonious develop muscles, but there are pains in the body tilts forward. This can be avoided with the help of extensions, which necessarily should be done after the main exercise.

Features workout

As a rule, training hamstring at the same time focuses on the quadriceps and buttocks. Experienced athletes are encouraged to compile a common program for the legs, which must be present basic and isolation exercises. This ensures uniform and proper development of the hips, and can be avoided by shifting the emphasis to any single part of them.

Exercises on the hamstrings

Athletes at the question of how to pump up the hamstrings, often respond that the ideal option would be strength training. It's easy to implement and at home, so no excuses not necessary to invent.

Before class definitely need a good warm up. For this fit a 15-minute jogging in place, jumping or walking at a fast pace.

Basic exercises

The basis of the training exercises that can perform both women and men. The only difference - the operating weight, because the stronger sex is initially necessary to take greater weighting than the novice athletes.

Below is a list of basic exercises, on which training is based. The number of repetitions in each of them reaches 15-18 times. The first week will be enough to do all of 2-3 sets, but in the future their number should be gradually increased to 6. Operating weight everywhere chosen independently, since it depends on the initial physical training man weight of his body, and other parameters.


This exercise can be easily replaced on flexing the hamstrings to be performed in a special simulator in the hall. With classic squats know everything, so do them simply uninteresting. Those who really is ready to achieve incredible results, not immediately start to perform a modified exercise.

Ideal for pumping the biceps muscle will squat on one leg. They are performed without weighting agents, as the technique is quite complicated. Here is important to coordinate, as all stand on one leg is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The standard version is done as follows:

  • to straighten the back, slightly bend the supporting limb, and the second high-rise, taking his foot closer to the buttocks and pressed to the body;
  • Take a breath, sit down as deep as possible;
  • on the exhale, holding the balance, return to starting position.

Technique complicated exercises ( "pistol"):

  • stand up straight without bending the supporting leg, the second well to pull forward so that it formed a line parallel to the floor;
  • to sit down on the breath, pulling his hands in front of him to improve coordination;
  • to get back on the exhale.
Exercises on the hamstrings

Dead traction

In gyms dead traction performed with a barbell, but at home you can use any other weighting. Exercise is quite traumatic, so do his necessary cautiously. Here work fine thighs, back, buttocks and even shoulders.

The technique of execution is no big deal:

  • stand up straight, pick up a shell, place the feet slightly narrower than shoulder;
  • being removed hips back, bend the trunk so that the hand with a worsening of slipping on the feet and ended up at a level just below the knee;
  • to return to the starting position, again sliding shell in the legs, which will provide the maximum tension working muscles groups.


Tighten the figure and work the hamstrings will help the connection of power and aerobic exercise. For greater efficiency it is recommended to carry out attacks with jumping, whereby they become quite heavy. But this exercise allows you to work not only to the target group, but also the buttocks and lower leg. Lunges should be done in the following sequence:

  • stand up straight, connecting the legs together and placing his hands at his sides;
  • to take a breath and put forward one foot forward, crouching to form two limbs angles (the knee should not touch the floor back legs);
  • on the exhale move up jump at the same time changing the feet and performing attack already on the other side.

When the exercise will be carried out it is very easy, you can purchase a weighting for the feet. Although at first glance they seem meaningless, the shell will be felt after the first approach.

Exercises on the hamstrings

Isolation exercises

After the basic exercises on the hamstrings can be isolating. They are necessary in order to finalize the necessary muscle.

Many people mistakenly believe that isolated exercises can be performed only in the gym, where there is special equipment. In fact, you can achieve great success, and at home. Most importantly - keep an eye on their own equipment and do not be lazy to practice regularly.

Experienced athletes recommended for beginners to create for yourself workout plans and move in accordance with them. Instilling a desire only go according to plan, the first achievements will be able to see very soon.


By isolating the biceps exercises on the hip it refers, oddly enough, hyperextension. It is often performed in the process of training the back, but certain changes can be used to work out the biceps muscle. Exercise aimed precisely on the hamstrings at home, the situation is different supports: in the back it is put at the level of the pelvis, in this case - at the top of the quadriceps. Technique is as follows:

  • back straight, cross your hands behind your head or chest;
  • to squeeze the buttocks and gently lean forward;
  • to return to the original position without relaxing the muscles and feeling the tension of the thigh.

Despite the fact that the motion comes quite short, it is completely focused on the biceps. This explains the fact that the considerable effect of the hyperextension obtained even in people who are not used any more additional exercises.

Exercises on the hamstrings

feet rise from a prone position

Lovely static load for the women and men on the biceps. The exercise is not very hard, but it requires maximum concentration on an enabled zone and a sense of constant tension in it.

Do leg lifting from a horizontal position must be as follows:

  • lie on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and back legs;
  • Take a breath, at the same time raise both lower limbs, bent slightly at the knees (if the first is difficult, you can start with straight legs);
  • , swept the legs off the floor for a couple of centimeters, stay in this position up to 7 seconds;
  • exhale return to the starting position.
Exercises on the hamstrings

Helpful Hints

Experts who know how to pump up the hamstrings, are not only supporting effective exercises for beginners, but also to give some important tips that will help achieve the desired results much faster. Before starting the training process is to learn a few things:

  • presented in the paper exercises can be performed with the materials at hand - bottles filled with sand or water for the dead rods and a chair without a back hyperextension for, so spend the money on equipment does not make sense;
  • in sunny weather it is better to carry out outdoor activities - in this case it is recommended as a warm-up practice running and jumping;
  • the necessary muscles worked perfectly during the cycling and playing football.
Exercises on the hamstrings

Just three simple recommendations will help change lives for the better. As can be seen, on the hamstrings exercises are not that complicated, because for their implementation is not required to have any achievement in the power sports, they are accessible to all.