The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications

Relatively recently in our country it has become popular this kind of amateur sports as Nordic walking. And over time, this trend began to be interested more and more people. In this type of activity is very much good. There are some contraindications, the number of which is minimum. Whatever it was, those who are interested in Nordic walking with sticks, the benefits and harms of such areas should be examined without fail. This will allow even the slightest eliminate health risks.

The story of

Nordic walking with sticks, benefit and harm which will be discussed below, and is also called the Finnish, Nordic, Nordic and Swedish. It appeared for a long time, back in the 1st half of the twentieth century. This type of movement used Nordic skiers for their workouts. Finnish athletes who have almost six months due to lack of snow did not have full training, as a way out of the situation began to mimic walking Biathlon. This made it possible to use the muscles the most loaded during a cross-country skiing.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications

A similar experiment has been very successful. And so the experience of the Nordic athletes have adopted the skiers from many other countries in the world.

We pay attention to this kind of walk and scientists. They noted the good preparation of skiers, and began to use this type of activity as a method of rehabilitation of patients after surgery. The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks was so obvious that over time, this method has become quite popular for healing. It is used to improve the status of the body, improve its tone and for obtaining desired physical form. In the late nineties of the last century a similar technique of walking, used by Finnish skiers, was transformed into a separate sport. In Russia, it began to use relatively recently, but it is nevertheless possible to say that this kind of activity has become a great alternative run.

The main benefit of Nordic walking with sticks lies in the fact that the performance of the technique is operated almost 90% of all muscle groups. For comparison, we can say that during normal walking, this figure does not exceed 70%. That this is manifest benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, leading to the strengthening of the spine and joints, as well as the whole body. When using this technique are beginning to work the muscles of the upper body and back. This never occurs during normal walking. A reliance on sports equipment can significantly reduce the physical load on the foot, knee and hip joints.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks is indisputable and proven by many scientific experiments. However, based on the fact that some restrictions on the use of this technique is still available before you begin training, you should consult a doctor. He points to the required intensity of the loads and their dosage.


To recommend walking with Nordic poles? The use of this amateur sport is evident, for example, for those who are appointed by the rehabilitation program after surgery on the locomotor system. Especially this trend developed in Germany, where each such patient compulsorily attributed to Nordic walking. It is recommended after hip arthroplasty operations. Nordic walking with sticks, the benefits and harms of which are well understood by physicians in Western Europe, allowing patients a month after the operation to return to normal life. As you can see, this technique contributes to a significant reduction in the rehabilitation period and allows a person to return to its former activity.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications

In what other cases receives positive Nordic walking with sticks reviews of doctors? The use of this method is celebrated in the presence of professionals in the patient following states:

  • overweight;
  • pathology of respiratory lung nature;
  • Some disorders of the osteo-articular system (scoliosis, osteochondrosis);
  • heart disease and blood vessels;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • neuroses;
  • sleep disorders.

In addition, the technique of Nordic walking with sticks are the benefits, and as a method, allowing to carry out preventive measures to eliminate the risk of osteoporosis and hypertension. Such load is not more than a cardio. In other words, Nordic walking primarily strengthens the heart muscle. Therefore, prior to employment for people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies and lungs need to be approved by the attending physician.

No age limit has not Nordic walking with sticks. Benefits for the elderly of this method is obvious. And this explains the increasing popularity of Finnish art athletes among all categories of patients who wish to improve their health.

The therapeutic effect of

What is the use of the Nordic walking with sticks? On the basis of the many indications for the use of this technique it becomes apparent that such movements have a positive impact on ODA. The resulting therapeutic effect is that the patient:

  • is corrected and the corrected posture;
  • reduced and eliminated pain syndromes in the spine;
  • increases bone density;
  • stronger muscles of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and back;
  • of the legs exercise, reduces the load on the knee joints.

A positive therapeutic effect produces Nordic walking on the vascular system and the heart. During such training increases the number of contractions of the heart muscle and improve its performance. In addition, increased vascular permeability, is cleaved cholesterol, increased blood flow to the brain cells.

For respiratory and obvious benefits of Nordic walking with sticks. Reviews physicians suggest that this type of activity increases the volume of the lung of the patient and it saturates the body with oxygen. That is why doctors recommend the use of this technique to those who for one reason or another is contraindicated run.

Even a positive effect can produce Nordic walking with sticks? The use of this technique for weight loss is also quite obvious. Indeed, such studies lead to the active burning calories, which simply is not possible with normal walking. During the training much faster metabolism, which leads to the elimination of excess body weight.

The positive influence of Nordic walking for the nervous system. In the opinion of those who regularly engaged in this kind of activity, it allows you to lift your mood and eliminate depression. There is a gradual substitution of drugs physical exertion.

The benefit for the elderly

Benefits and harms of Nordic walking sticks with particular attention must be studied people who are in the older age category. Nevertheless, if we consider this technique as applied to the elderly, we can say that it will necessarily strengthen their bodies. The main advantage is the low physical activity. In addition, older people do not have to perform difficult for them to exercise.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications

In the process of aging is reduced coordination. A Nordic walking involves the implementation of the most natural movements. It is already attractive for the elderly. In addition, prior to the course does not need any special preparations. The intensity of the load can be easily adjusted depending on the stamina, general restrictions, and so on. D.

Older people are happy doing Nordic walking. After all, for them it is an effective and safe way to maintain body tone, slow the aging process in it, as well as to improve the mental and physical condition.


Very obvious brings Nordic walking with sticks favor. And contraindications, however, before the training should be considered mandatory. This will not harm the body. Allocate following contraindications application technique:

  • long break in employment, after which it is recommended to pass medical examination;
  • Fresh injuries of the shoulder joints and arms, in which Nordic walking can aggravate the situation;
  • high blood pressure;
  • flat;
  • recent surgery on the abdomen;
  • cardiac or respiratory failure type of decompression;
  • pain syndromes of acute nature;
  • presence of degenerative or inflammatory processes in the bones and joints;
  • diseases, including infections, accompanied by fever;
  • coronary insufficiency;
  • anemia;
  • degenerative changes, deformation or expansion of the spine and lower limbs joints

Before Nordic walking will be applied with sticks, benefits and contraindications of this technique should be studied very carefully. After all, for example, after some injuries, this activity is very useful to recover. Contraindications are irrelevant. But to clarify all aspects is best to consult with your doctor.

Risk of injury

Nordic walking can sometimes harm the body, not only because of its existing contraindications. Sometimes when performing this technique, there is a risk of injury. Some of the mistakes made by man, give rise to pain. The most common errors are:

  • Too long strides. If desired, the development of the maximum speed a person begins to pull his leg. This leads to an increase in the load on the tibialis muscle.
  • Incorrect setting of the foot. It needs to be repelled from the surface.
  • Malfunction hands, and it is their fixed position, finding close to the body without bending your elbows.
  • incorrectly matched shoes. This also leads to a safety violation. Shoes have to be comfortable and suitable for this type of movement.


Those who appreciated how big of Nordic walking with sticks benefits, how to correctly perform the movement, should be read prior to training.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications

As in any sport, the body needs a warm-up. It is mahah arms and legs, the body flexion and extension, picked up for 2-3 seconds on tiptoe, as well as accurate jump on both legs and his feet. In addition, special exercises can be used, involving a stick. They are tilted to the right and to the left. Hands with the need to keep the stick and be raised above his head. Also recommended tilts forward, which focuses on a stick, and so on. D.


How to walk on the technique Nordic walking? The main element of the training is, of course, a step. Thus it is necessary to adhere to these rules:

  1. The stick, which is in his left hand, placed in front of the heel of the right foot, snow-forward. And vice versa. Thus, while having obtained protivohod.
  2. Stick put side, near the foot at a slight angle. The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications
  3. When the stick touches the ground, a person must make a move. In this case, the foot is placed on the heel, and then rolls like the toe on the floor. Put your feet on the whole foot is impossible.
  4. During step legs are slightly bent at the knees.
  5. In the process of hand movements should not be straight. They bend at the elbows and move downward while pushing away from the ground.
  6. When lifting the arm upwards to be observed angle of 45 degrees. That hand, which remained at the bottom, moves back and moved to the pelvis level.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to rely heavily on a stick. This will create additional tension in the musculoskeletal system.

How to handle a stick?

In this inventory, Nordic walking has special highly reliable and durable hinge. This adaptation of the form of gloves. Loop using broad bands can cover base of the thumb. This prevents abnormal movement of the brush.

The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications

Hold the stick need freely. Hands at the same time should not have the slightest tension and move parallel to each other.

In overcoming the solid surface can be put on the stick rubber lugs. Thorns also needed when overcoming soft areas.

Additional recommendations

For maximum effect when using the Nordic walking technique is recommended:

  • look for a satellite, which will increase the motivation;
  • to engage only through 1-1, 5:00 after the meal;
  • to go fast, but do not run;
  • gradually increase the load;
  • during exercise did not lower his head down, relax your shoulders and keep the evenness of posture;
The benefits of Nordic walking with sticks, the correct technique, contraindications
  • to try to think of pleasant;
  • to go in a clean place;
  • not violate the duration of employment, which should be between 40 to 90 minutes;
  • after the walk to make a few slow movements stretching or just take deep breaths.