What exercises for lower press are most effective

Probably not a man who would not dream about the ideal shape. The first sign of such a figure is a flat stomach. But in order to achieve results, it is necessary to perform special exercises. They will be able to pull up not only the stomach, but many other muscles of the body.

Forms to exercise press

What exercises for lower press are most effective

Each man must remember about the press. It is required at least because the exercises for the lower press are beneficial to health. They are not only able to prevent sagging of the abdomen, but also are an excellent prevention for health. And the result is unlikely to upset someone. So, what kind of exercise for the lower press at home can be done.

  1. Parallel Lines. You need to lie on the floor back down, raise your legs and bend their knees so that they form a right angle. In the hands should be kept not too big ball. It is necessary for a better coordination of all subsequent movements. Bending your elbows, required slightly tilt the ball to the chest. Then, you want to pull your hands forward and raise the torso up. At the same time it is necessary to straighten the legs. It is worth knowing that in the straightened condition feet should be raised off the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. The arms should be parallel to the legs. Kept in this state for a few seconds, you must go back to its original state.
  2. The exercises for the lower press also includes a rollover. In other words, it is a simple twist of the head. This type of exercise will allow to study not only the lower part of the press, but also strengthen the back muscles. To perform a twist, you must lie on the surface of the back down. Hands should be extended to the sides, palms down. While in this position, the legs perpendicular to the need to raise up. Then it is necessary to raise the hips smoothly, setting the stage for legs with the head. Pausing in this state for a few seconds, you must also gradually go back to the starting position.
  3. Exercises for the lower press "Steps climber." This activity effectively for burning unwanted fat. It should take exactly the same position as when performing push-ups. The body in this case must be completely straight. Without changing position, you must pull the knee to the chest. Stay in this state for a few seconds and then return to starting position. The same must be repeated with the second foot. What exercises for lower press are most effective


  4. Exercises for the lower press with dumbbells. With the help of such exercises can strengthen not only the abdominal muscles, but also the forearms and hands. Not necessarily take too heavy shells to perform this exercise. It is necessary to go back down to the surface. Hands with dumbbells should be wound up by the head, and the legs are raised above the ground at an angle of 45 gradumov. While in this position, start to lift both arms up until they are over-feeding. Along with the hands and feet should be raised at a right angle. Kept in this condition a few seconds, return to starting position.

Methods of exercise

What exercises for lower press are most effective

These effective exercises for the lower press will help you find your perfect figure in a short time. But it is necessary to understand that breathing during their implementation should also be right. The output should be done when you go to the effort. All sports exercises should be done slowly and smoothly, otherwise the result will not very soon.