Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

Over time, the body skin becomes less elastic. And in the absence of an active lifestyle and it did sag, lose their original elastic properties. And this applies not only to individuals but also to our hands. With age, it loses its former appeal and becomes flabby and ugly. However, to solve this problem is quite real. For this purpose special exercises for the hands were once developed. To skin is not hung, they should be performed regularly. What is this miracle exercise? How to do it? And what you need to do?

Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

What to use in the classroom?

During the workout, you can use the following supporting materials:

  • dumbbells (for study at home are perfect for 1, 5 kg);
  • bottle with sand, water or sodium chloride (at 0, 5 liter, for example from the "phantom");
  • rubber band or a gripper.

Perform the same exercise for the hand (the skin is not hung, training needs at least 3 times a week) should be repeated with a repetition. According to experienced fitness instructors should begin with 20-30 times. To begin, the number can be no more than 3-4.

Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

How to straighten your hands in the slope?

One of the most simple but effective exercises, considered the extension of the elbow during a small inclination. Before his execution, stand straight, legs slightly apart in the hand (about the width of your shoulders). Then, bend your knees slightly and post their case forward.

Pick up a dumbbell or bottle (contents in this case does not matter), bend them, if you want to take her waist. Follow the extension arms at the elbows back. It should be a tight squeeze shoulder blades, keeping the back straight. This position is fixed by about 10-20 seconds. Return the arm to its original position. Do 3 sets of 20-30 times. These are simple exercises for the hands. Women at home to fulfill them is a snap, and quite acceptable. Importantly, do not overwork, do as best they could, and to monitor the correct execution of the movements.

Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

extension of the hands behind the head with a dumbbell

In most cases, the exercises for hands saggy skin are performed with low weight. This approach not only helps to tighten the muscles in the troubled areas of the armpits and above, but also a bit "dry" area just triceps. One such exercise is elbow flexion of the head. For its implementation, follow these steps:

  • stand up on the floor, setting foot on the shoulder level;
  • Tighten your stomach and tighten the press area;
  • eliminate sagging in the lumbar area and post your pelvis slightly forward;
  • Take a dumbbell in hand and pull it up (and your elbow should tightly pressed to the ear);
  • bend your arm at the elbow and lower it down, then straighten;
  • repeat the movement 3-4 sets of 20-25 times.

Do the same with the other hand. And after all, perform a similar action, but with both hands. At the end of the exercise for the hands (without dumbbells it is usually not carried out) do some light stretching. For example, somknite hands in the castle, turn his palms away from you and pull up. Do the same in turn, leaning to one side or the other. Reach out as it should.

Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

does the opposite push-ups from a sitting position

Once you work out with weights, weights for you to clean and perform other exercises for hands without dumbbells . One of these is the reverse push-ups from a sitting position. To do this, sit on the floor. Lean back with his hands. At the same time push down on the floor with his hands and feet and do easy focus on hands. In this case, arrange the palm of your hand in hand, and the fingers in first. Then perform a kind of push-ups. And the lower the arms down until your hips while not touch the floor. It is important to send your elbows straight back. Repeat this movement 15-20 times. In carrying out this set of exercises for the hands, you can increase the load gradually. Thus, the closer the hands are in the direction of the pelvis, the harder it is to do exercise. At the end of the cycle of push-ups push down on the floor and pull your hands in line with the floor. Emphasis will then be placed on the wrist and heel. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds. This extension is recommended to be done in two ways.

Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

Perform a French press from the supine position

The following exercises for the hand (the skin is not hung, follow them with a certain number of repetitions) performed from a prone position. A French press. To do this, lie on the floor. Bend your knees and firmly rest against the floor. Hands with dumbbells pull ahead and begin to slowly lower them down, bending at the elbows. Move your hands up until you hit the corner of the dumbbell to the floor. Follow these extension arms about 20-30 times.

Exercises for hands (to the skin is not hung): Bend the arms lying

The following exercise is carried out as the previous one, from the supine position (with bent knees). In order to execute it, take a dumbbell in one hand and a bottle. Right. Then bend it at the elbow and touch the opposite shoulder. In this case, the second hand is free to lie on his stomach. Do this exercise 15-30 times for each arm.

Exercises for the hands, the skin is not hung. A set of exercises for the hands

Mini pushups

Another great exercise that can be done at home, it's push-ups. And carry it in a simplified way, that is, with an emphasis on his knees and hands. In this case the hands need to place not too wide (approximately corresponds to the length of the shoulder). Do 15-30 pushups. Make sure that your elbows are not slithered and moved straight back. Also, do not bend over at the waist. body weight is distributed between your knees and palms evenly.

curls with dumbbells and expanders

This exercise has several variations and is performed using dumbbells or expander. Stand on the floor, legs spread to the usual width for you. Then take a dumbbell. Turn your hands palm to her and start to bend them at the elbows. After that, immediately straighten the arms with dumbbells and put them on the face level. Fix for a few seconds and repeat the entire complex again. Perform each exercise for 20-30 times.

A similar effect can be accomplished using the expander. For this step on his feet. Take pen in hand and begin to bend your elbows. Repeat the above number of times. Relax and drink some water.

What are the exercises for the hands you can do at the gym?

If you do not want to study at home, you can always visit the gym. Here you can make a huge number of actions aimed at swapping hands and lift unattractive areas. For example, you can take the neck from the bar, and with it to do the exercises in the gym (for girls hand it should be carried out without the use of the gravity of pancakes). To do this, stand up straight. Feet shoulder-width apart place. Pick up the neck and on his outstretched hands gently lower it down. Then slowly raise to the level of the waist and again omitted. Do this exercise 15-20 times. Rest.

Reverse push-ups from the bench

Another variation of reverse push-ups performed on the bench. To do this, first sit down on the bench. Then pull the leg forward, bend their knees and secure with an emphasis on foot. Put your hands behind your back. Lean on them. Taz, move forward and do 15-25 pushups. At the same time, make sure that your elbows are not driving around in a hand. Perform 2-3 similar cycles and relax.

As you can see, to restore skin elasticity hand, there are many different exercises. The main thing is to do them properly and regularly repeat. And then you will be just perfect hands.