How to build obliques

Obliques are among the most untrained, since the load of everyday life on them is small. However, they play a major role in shaping the waist, make the body moving, supporting the back, improve your posture. To pump up the obliques and not be disappointed in the result, it is important to choose the right training regime: excessive development may lead to the expansion of visual waist.


Train this muscle group is recommended three times a week. The complex includes both the gymnastic and yoga exercises that are performed in sitting, lying down, standing.

How to build obliques

This side bends, torso twists, bending, curling, kick their feet, lifts the body with rotation, ups the body strength abdominals. Exercises are doing on the floor, on the bar, on an incline bench, on the simulator. The weights can be used as a dumbbell bar, own body weight. Please be aware that the elaboration of the oblique muscle has no effect on fat deposits in this area. And it needs to be clean, because the muscles will increase in volume and with the fat will make wider waist. The side slopes of the body with a dumbbell

One of the most popular exercises for the obliques - the slopes of the body with a dumbbell in one hand. To perform stand up straight with your feet about shoulder level, in the right hands dumbbell, the other hand - for the head. Do bend to the right, when you return to the starting position slightly deflected to the left. Repeating many times as necessary, to change hands. If the dumbbell is in the right hand worked the left oblique abdominal muscle, if the projectile on the left, then trains, respectively, right. It is important during exercise to keep the pelvis in a fixed position.

Slanting twisting

How to build obliques

This exercise is performed all athletes to pump obliques. Lie on your back, knees bent, and having rested them on the floor, hands behind his head. Breathing out, to carry out twisting, lifting his right shoulder to his elbow and left knee, trying to elbow touch the knee. When this strain obliques, to pull not only the elbow, but also shoulder. You can make all the repetition, first in one direction and then in another direction, and can be alternated.

The lateral twisting This exercise is the base. For its implementation need to lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees and turn them to the left, to the left knee touches the floor.

How to build obliques

The right hand wound of the head, the left is on the right thigh. Exhale, pull your right elbow forward, straining his obliques. Head and shoulders to move straight up and down. To return to its original position as soon as the left shoulder slightly come off the floor. Repeat as many times, first in one direction and then in another direction.

Slanting twisting performed on an incline bench

Take a position on an incline bench, fixing feet. Right hand hold on the back of the head, the left put on his left thigh. Exhaling, lift the torso up while performing twisting to the left. Try to get the right elbow to the left knee. Just for a few seconds to stay in this position, straining the oblique abdominal muscles. Breath, back to the original position. First, do all the exercises on the left side, then change hands and perform a right twist.