How to do lunges for the buttocks

To have a beautiful slender figure and want everything. On the issue of pumping the gluteal muscles in women and men are different goals that they want to achieve.

All women want to make their elastic ass and give it a rounded shape, as well as remove excess fat.

The bulk of the men does not train the muscles of the data separately. This is due to the fact that loads of squats is enough to buttocks were studied. But if an athlete is engaged professionally, the attention paid to these muscles a lot.

How to do lunges for the buttocks

One of the great ways that are suitable for both men and women, is an exercise "attacks for the buttocks." Due to the fact that it can be performed with various exercise equipment, load level can be easily adjusted. This means that such an exercise can be done at any level of fitness.

Preparation for the exercise

Before doing lunges to the buttocks, it is well worth a warm knee joints and leg muscles. This can be done as follows.

Be straight, put his feet shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees, put her hands on them. Start doing knee rotational movement in opposite directions. For example, right rotate clockwise while the left rotates counterclockwise. Do 10 times 10 times to the right and to the left.

Then put both feet right next to each other and repeat the same thing, but given the fact that the knees should rotate in the same direction as they are connected in this position.

Next, place your feet a little wider than shoulder width and start a deep squat. It should be done slowly to avoid damaging the joints. will make 10-15 times enough.

Warms all the joints that will be involved in the exercise

You also need to stretch your ankle. To do this, you can sit on the floor or a chair. Take your foot with your left hand and right leg, do the 10 rotational movements clockwise and 10 times against. Then repeat the same on the left leg.

How to do lunges for the buttocks

After a light warm-up can be carried out attacks for the buttocks. If you feel that not enough warmed up, then just increase the number of warm-up repetitions or go over all the movements of a warming again.

Lunges for the buttocks. perform


There are different versions of this exercise: you can do with a barbell or dumbbells weighting, walk in place or move forward, and you can perform all approaches first on one foot and then the second study.

Here are the different options for how to do lunges for the buttocks. Described technique will be given the fact that the athlete will be used dumbbells. But this technique of suitable and if you will do without the weight or the same over the bar.

A first embodiment of

You will need to imagine as if you are walking on the road. It is recommended to find enough space to be able to make five steps forward.

Take a dumbbell in each hand that can hold at least 1 minute. Relax your arms. Stand up straight. Then right foot to step forward and do the squat down.

The lowest point of the front leg must be bent at 90 degrees. The left leg should also take a bent position. In this case, the back leg knee should not touch the floor, but it is desirable that it be as close as possible to it.

How to do lunges for the buttocks

Next, move the entire weight on the front foot, leaning slightly forward, and begin to pull it back while straightening the knee and getting up.

So, you've made one step and must now be in the initial position, as in the beginning of the approach. Next, take a step forward left foot and repeat all the same. Alternating legs, do a total of 5 steps, turn in the opposite direction and make 5 more times.

If you want to do differently, and think about how to do lunges for the buttocks in place, be sure to check the following two versions of this exercise.

A second embodiment of the

This option is suitable for those who are not able to go forward at the time of execution attacks. Starting position is the same. Also expose one leg, for example right, forward, squat on it until, in both knee joints is an angle of 90 degrees.

How to do lunges for the buttocks

Then, pushing himself forward foot back, get up and go back to the starting position. Repeat the same opposite leg.

A third embodiment of the

Looking for an answer to the question of how to do lunges to the buttocks, to maximize catch the blood in the muscles of the legs to form a beautiful relief?

Start the exercise as well as in the second embodiment. But will not need to completely wake up and return to the starting position. Do not return the front leg back when you perform a lift up.

From the side it would look as if you swing up and down in the same position. Thus making 10-15 times, change feet and repeat the same thing.

How to do lunges for the buttocks

Replays can be done a bit faster than in previous versions of the exercise, as the main goal - to pump as much as possible the blood to the muscles that will take as much nutrients can be in the buttocks.

What is the number of repetitions and repetitions you need to perform to achieve good results?

In order to pump up the buttocks, lunges should be done at least 10-15 times for one approach. All of these approaches should be about 3-4, depending on your fitness and well-being.

You should not rely solely on statistics. Feel it with a weight or ease the whole process takes place training. Each time, will improve implementation of technology, will be able to do lunges slowly speed up the recovery process.

If you start to feel pain in the knee, then do not follow the recommended bending angle of 90 degrees. If you believe that doing the right thing, but you have discomfort, stop execution.

Perhaps this exercise does not suit you due to any injury or disease of the joints.

to reach

Without it, good results

Exercises that target and in the muscles of the legs, including buttocks, quite a lot. But no attacks for the buttocks or squats, no more anything is not able to make your figure better if they do not respect the principles listed below.

Firstly, the exercise should be regular. Experts have proved that if you engage in at least twice a week, no progress in the development will not occur. This is due to the fact that the body will simply accept such loads as isolated cases and will not seek to prepare for the next time.

How to do lunges for the buttocks

Secondly, it is necessary to observe the regime of proper nutrition and, possibly, make a suitable diet. After all, even if you're doing the right attacks to the buttocks, it does not guarantee you will get good results if you are not supported by training and a healthy balanced diet that helps the body to recover after training, as well as promote the burning of excess fat.

To fix your results can be carried out measurements and write them down in a notebook. In compliance with all instructions listed above within 1, 5-2 weeks should be noticeable positive progress both visually and by comparing the current entries to those made in the beginning.