How to braid a braid itself beautiful

Look beautiful every day - desire is obvious, and the girls in order to achieve this goal have to spend a lot of time. If you are going to work in the morning, a woman can not visit the hairdresser for professional styling, because have to teach yourself the basics of creating a stylish and beautiful hair. One of the most practical stowage options can be considered a spit. The only problem that arises in such a situation - how to braid plait itself, because it is extremely inconvenient. To solve this problem, and in the morning to spend on styling just a few minutes, you need to find out what is worth to weave braids, what are the weaving schemes and how they embody on itself.

Types tangles

When it comes to creating a stylish hairstyle, the pigtail - is the most playful, feminine and gentle option. There are a lot of options braids, and to make at least one of them, you need to know how to braid a braid itself. So there is a huge variety of wicker, among which occupy a special popularity:

  • French braids.
  • The spikelets.
  • The braids with the release ( "French waterfall").
  • The collected braids.
  • 2 strands of braids.
  • Composite panels (4, 5, or 6 strands).

The versatility of braids is that they can be woven on any hair length, except for short (2-3 cm). Even if only the strands touch the shoulder line of such hair can still weave something original.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

The classic version

When it comes to how to braid plait itself, it is worth considering the most simple and classic weave variant in which only three strands used. Even the classic version of this braid may be of several types: start with a tail or trail on the type of "spikelets".

How to braid a braid itself? Detailed instructions how to weave the classic "French braid"

The first option is the most popular. weaving scheme in this case is very simple.

  1. hair carefully combed and collected in the tail. In this case, if the owner wants to fix the hair base of the tail, it is possible to do this band. Weave braids and perhaps without this element.
  2. All the tail is divided into three equal strands by volume.
  3. Tat need for such a scheme: taking the right strand in one hand and the left in the other, you need to alternately shift the extreme part of the hair in place what it was in the middle. For example, you start to weave the right strand. You change the position of the right side of the tail to the average. Then spend the same procedure with the left side of the hair: change its position so that after one turn left strand of hair was in the middle, but one that was average, was left.
  4. Tat until the end of the tail and secure the netting elastic or barrette.

If you still do not know how to braid plait itself, it is necessary to examine a further weaving scheme, then you will understand exactly what to do and how to get a stylish and neat styling.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

"KOLOSOK" - comfortable, practical and fast

This kind of weaving is also directed to a classical embodiment, and its shape can be of two types: internal (strands shifted on top of each other, from top to bottom) and the outside. Spit on the contrary, she's outside, differs only in the shifting of the strands from the bottom up because, responding to a question about how to braid a braid contrary to itself, just need to remember that the strands are passed from the bottom up. Any braid can be the outside, just enough to change the course of weaving.

weaving scheme "spikelets"

Consider the process of how to braid a braid itself in variations of "spikelets".

Weave braids of this type can be carried out centrally or obliquely (diagonally). The classic version is made in the center, and weaving scheme it is quite simple.

First you need to thoroughly comb all the hair and take the most extreme upper strand. Now it is necessary to divide it into three parts and start braiding the type of classic "French braid" (scheme discussed above). Making 2 or 3 turns, you need to start adding to each of the strands at a small part of the hair, which has not yet woven. Thus weaving is brought up to the moment when all the strands will not appear in pigtails. If the hair is long it remained, nezapletennye hair that would fall below the line of the head, can be fixed in a conventional tail or braided to the end of the type of the classic "French braid".

If the chosen external appearance of weaving, the strands stacked on each other inside - from below upward. For those interested in how to braid a braid on the side itself in the form of spikelets, you need to remember only one moment. In this case, the uppermost section of hair is taken at the temple (on the right or the left - as convenient) and trudges to the opposite side. All other weave diagram coincides with the above.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

"French Waterfall" - feminine version of the laying of the holiday or everyday of the day

The most relevant view on the Law of weaving can be considered "French waterfall". This hairstyle is perfect for medium to long hair. To know how to braid a beautiful braid itself according to the "French waterfall", just need to understand a few key features of the weave and the general scheme. Hair should be combed thoroughly and do a little wet. Then you need to take extreme strand near a temple and divide it into three parts. Make 2 or 3 turns on classical type braid to fix the base weave. Then you need to consider one key feature to know how to braid a braid waterfall itself: during each weaving average strand is produced, and in its place is taken the part of the hair that was beneath it. Form braids may be external and internal, as you like. Weaving should be conducted strictly in the same horizontal line parallel to the temple. At the end is a few simple turns of type classic braid to secure the netting.

If a girl - the owner of wavy or curly hair, then more with this hair do not need anything. Girl whose straight hair to curl all the hair is released in curls to get a feminine, romantic and easy installation.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

Braid "fish tail"

No less famous weaving view is considered a "fish tail". This is different installation that it uses only two strands. To know how to braid a beautiful braid itself in the form of "Fishtail", you need to learn the circuit. Such a braid may be made in form and spikelet or start with a tail. In any case, the selected weave diagram remains the same.

  1. You must carefully comb your hair, slightly moisten them.
  2. Split tail into two parts.
  3. Each of the tail have to take a thin strand of hair and shift it to another tail.
  4. The same effect hold the other part of the tail.
  5. The resulting weave "crosswise" continues until the very end.
  6. At the end of the pigtail to fix an elastic band.

to "fish tail" turned out beautiful, you need to take as much as possible thinner strands of hair braiding. In this case, you can accurately understand how to braid a braid itself. Photos of many examples make it possible to clearly understand how to implement a particular weave, therefore, searching for themselves suitable braid is necessary to pay attention on the graphic instructions.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

Braiding - is a huge scope for imagination

Kos - is a versatile alternative hairstyles. This installation can hang in perfect condition all day and not be battered. Pigtail do not need to constantly correct, so if your work or leisure are often associated with the movement of the hands, the neat panning tangles perfectly suited for this.

Even the standard pigtails can climb up differently as the owner wants this hair. If you are interested in how to braid a braid around the head itself, it is worth recalling the classic weaving "spikelets". In this case, the direction can be absolutely anything: the perimeter of the head, diagonally through the middle of the square and, of course, in a circle. weaving scheme is no different, but it is much harder to perform. Spit on a circle usually has additional interweaving strands on one side only. So myself gently weave braids - can be complicated, but to help in this case, can mirror. If all the other hairstyles do not require much attention from the outside, it can not do without a mirror.

Install the mirror, stand up so that you can see how you weaves, and begin to style your hair. In this case, even the most complex weaving yield to the hands and will be fulfilled.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

Beautiful braid - pride each girl

Owners of medium to long hair and strands to the shoulder line really lucky, because such locks can be woven original and interesting pigtails.

Spit - is the most versatile hairstyle. It not only allows to forget about packing for a few hours, but do not be afraid of the condition of hair. In the form of braided hair is not exposed to the wind, they do not need to comb or expose abundant exposure mousses or lacquers. Therefore, if a girl wants to take care of his shock of hair, for some time not to touch it, it will approach pigtails.

How to braid a braid itself beautiful

They are also great for daily walks, to parties and even for special, festive occasions. In this case, just need to find a suitable form correctly. A huge number of various tangles options allows each girl to find the styling that will fit the shape of the face and you can do it yourself, standing in front of a mirror.

To gently weave braids, you need a little training, because even the most simple weave for a beginner it may be unbearable.