Spit of 5 strands - a spectacular hairstyle

Fashion hairstyle

To date, a braid of strands 5 - is the most common of the trendy hairstyles. They can be done in the salon, and you can learn and do yourself at home. It looks very impressive. Walking down the street, you are sure to hear a lot of compliments in his address. By type of this hairstyle is very wide, but the side is absolutely flat. By itself, the usual braid of strands 5 unremarkable. There are many different options for its weaving, which look impressive and will not be ignored, for example, if one of the strands intertwined with a ribbon or a spike of 5 strands with a slightly elongated strands. To begin to start to experiment with hair, you need to learn how to weave the most simple braid from 5 strands, through which it will be possible to braid and other, more complex variations.

Spit of 5 strands - a spectacular hairstyle

Tools for weaving braids strands of 5

Need scrunchy, with infrequent comb teeth. You can also add optional ribbon or braid decorate flowers.

Kos from 5 strands

Here is a simple guide that will teach you to weave a braid of five strands. There are many instructions on braiding pigtails similar, but they are too confusing, cumbersome and confusing. But this scheme is elementary. It will help you to quickly understand the principle of weaving. Very beautiful braid of strands 5. Driving it in the picture. 1. Comb your hair gently. Then divide them into five equally sized strands. Arrange them on the shoulders.

2. At first, braid plait too tight. Place the rightmost strand over the second.

3. Pass the right third over the second curl. Do not keep all five strands simultaneously. There is a free to his shoulders, so that they do not interfere.

4. Sling strand, which was in the middle, top, second from left, ie. E. The fourth. Braided plait, try not to pull too tight strands.

Spit of 5 strands - a spectacular hairstyle

5. Now perebroste fifth top four. Such initial weave diagram.

6. Braid second row, starting with the first strand to the right. Follow interlacing scheme in positions 2-5.

7. Braid braid laying the next series in the chart. Take care that the tension of the strands were roughly the same.

8. After reaching the bottom of the hair, pull all the strands and secure fixing elastic band, and sprinkle with varnish. At the request of the braid can add flowers that will give elegance to your hairstyle.

Future Tips

Spit of 5 strands - a spectacular hairstyle

If you are trying to learn how to weave the braid, but you after several attempts it does not work, do not despair, stop doing it until you get into a fuss and try again the next day. Keep trying every day and eventually your fingers will learn this technique, you will help to muscle memory. In order to learn something, always need patience. Remember: Spit should not get perfect. After all, you're not a professional hairdresser for braiding. A small flaws give the spit a fleeting charm and softness. We hope that you understand, and you will succeed! And now the street - to charm passers-by with its beauty!