How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo

How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo

In today's world standard of beauty of the fair sex is a combination of several factors: a well-groomed nails, healthy skin, beautiful hair. Of course, in the absence of a large amount of free time to care for themselves, there is very little. But try to look good you should always, especially if you are near the opposite sex. And not necessarily to spend the large sums of money, as long as everything was neat and tidy.

What is called weave braid?

Of course, possible to weave the braids, and short, and for longer hair. Of course, in the first case it will be harder to do, and the result will look like the least effective. Weave braid is a process where the hair turned into a single unit, the so-called braid. It is a very spectacular hairdo, especially in the latest fashion trends. Strand braid is pulled, so that they look more three-dimensional, twisted weave and do many other tricks.

What is spit spike?

Many of us know or have heard, what Xhosa spike. How to weave it seems to be able to say not everyone. Usually Spit spike - this is the most simple hairstyle, complexity standing in a row immediately after the usual braid. One of its positive features is that the head looks removed, and the hair seems to be very accurate. This braid is held for a long time, with braided might not be too tight, and then head to the end of the day on a spit is not tired. Effectively this hairstyle looks on chic long hair, then she can easily give volume and splendor. How to weave spikelets, not every woman knows. So often it refers to the professionals of hairdressing.

How to weave the spikes?

Immediately it is worth noting that before the hair weave braid spike, you must thoroughly wash your hair and dry it. Then the hair will look better, will not be sticking out hair. How to learn to weave spike, tell any experienced hairdresser. To get started is to stock up on a bit of patience. And then perform a few simple steps:

How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo
  • well to comb the hair, especially if they are thick and lush, we do it with a comb-massazhka;
  • on the top of the head, as close as possible to his forehead (while the braid is longer), take a thick strand of hair and divide it into three identical strands of smaller size;
  • begin to weave braid-spike, crisscrossing strands to each other as in a conventional weaving braids;
How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo
  • If the systems cross locks with a side head start to gradually add more locks of hair; important advice of experienced craftsmen in weaving braid - you should thin strands to result in a braid-spike to get a broader and gentle;
  • further weave the braid so as not to run out of locks in the neck, continue to weave braid usual form or, for example, "fish tail"; You can complete the weave braid around the neck, wearing a rubber band on your hair and leave the remaining hair ends uncool or twist.

How to weave ears, is now better understood, but to do it yourself or should refer to the hairdresser - the question must still be solved.

Can I braid plait spike itself?

How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo

How to weave spikelet itself - an important task, which usually can not be solved young girls, accustomed to independent living. This can be difficult, as the hand in the process of weaving will reside on weight. In this case, you do not see that weaves in his head, the result can turn spit, it is not like a neat spike. The question arises: "How to weave spikelet itself to spit turned flat, and do it as quickly as possible and without undue fatigue?" To do this, just sit back, best before a mirror with which you can see the back of the head. Another option braids woven spike itself is to use the webcam on your computer. There myself seen, as well as in a mirror, only then, reviewing the record, you can see the mistakes in weaving and correct them. Just take three equal strands of hair at the base of the head, for convenience we denote them as the left, right, middle. So, do the following steps:

  • left strand send to the gap between the middle and right strands;
  • right strand send to the space between the left and middle strands;
  • more just gradually adding locks on both sides, not forgetting to try to do them as thin as possible.

When you try to braid plait spike itself, it should be understood that, most likely, from the first time you have it will not work. But despair is not necessary, training and perseverance will do the job.

How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo

Species ears

How to weave spikelets conventional type, it has become clear. But there are many varieties of them that make your hair more unique and even elegant. It is interesting that the braid spike may be clearly in the middle of the head or on one side (left or right, as anyone who is more convenient).

It is worth noting that in the latter case and the initial strands taken obliquely from the side where the trail will spit, and then additional strands are captured with only one hand. Then spit spike is obtained, as it were dangling in the air. Hairstyle looks light and airy. Also simultaneously weave spikelet two, or even three, usually these hairstyles are very popular among school girls - it's convenient and beautiful.

on the basis of braids Hairstyles spike

Note that in recent years on the celebrations, such as an anniversary or wedding, it became very fashionable to weave braids spikelets. Just by using some elements such braids look very ornate and showy. We give you some tips how to spin a spike on the solemn event:

  • try to make a braid spike more volume, then it will look good in the photos;
  • cross your multiple braids twirled the ends of the hair or make lush hair of a base;
  • be sure to secure the braid resulting varnish, then hair will last as long as possible and will delight your eyes.
How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo

weave braids spikelets Scheme

Based on the above, it became clear how to weave spike. The scheme also allows weaving him to see it more clearly, and perhaps answer some questions. Usually spit spike netting schemes include the back of the head image with long hair and hands, the direction of which will vary depending on the side netting. Also the pattern may look purely schematically and include only the hair, and weaving process is indicated by arrows.

Visual Spit image spike

To understand what happens in the end weave braids spikelets, it is worth reviewing the photo carefully. How to spin a spike, they can, and it is not clear, but the result can be seen perfectly. You can determine the order to your needs at all this hairstyle. If appropriate, what her appearance. Very often, the photo must be the fair sex to more specifically explain barbers that should turn out in the end. Many fans of weaving braids trying to photograph all of their best works to further wishing to make one of these options.

How to decorate braid spike?

How to weave ears? How to spin a spike myself? Braid-spike: photo

How to learn to weave spike, it became clear. After all, there is a very large number of schemes and drawings, as well as photos from the finished work. Now you need to decide how best to decorate this hairstyle as Spit spike. If it turns out normal, you just need to sprinkle with varnish. Of course, the end of the braid need something to fix. This may be a hairpin-automatic or regular gum. Only mount must be strong enough to spit in the most unexpected moment not rasplelas. Secure the hair on the sides, you can use pins invisible. Now it is necessary to decide what to do with a tail. It is usually in the form of a conventional braided plait or a "fish tail" or hidden in the base of hair. In this case, the bulk hair is obtained. Note that if you pull the strands of an inflorescence, it will look more airy. To decorate hairstyles using different accessories: headbands with flowers and headbands, barrettes and hairpins with crystals that can stick directly into a braid. Also spike decorated with live or artificial flowers. Very nice option hairstyles with "participation" spikelet is the following: the hair at the base of a good tease, and at the bottom, left to right, the braid is braided with elongated strands. Spit tail hides inside and locking pin, in this place fixed flower. It looks very nice, and make such an option can be easily and myself.