Beautiful braids - a sure way to brighten your image

To date, braid hairstyles are at the peak of popularity. It used to be considered a Xhosa daily styling, and now with these girls hairstyles can be seen at the celebrations and festivals, and at official meetings. This is not surprising, because the beautiful braids can completely change your image. Spit "fish tail", smooth casually over one shoulder, add your image coquetry and tightly braided French - emphasize your elegance.

Beautiful braids - a sure way to brighten your image

The eternal fashion

Beautiful braids are always in fashion. After all, there are thousands of options for their weaving. Ladies with long hair should not miss the opportunity to look every day anew. As for the girls with hair of medium length, they can also afford to create hairstyles of braids. Do not worry, because the hair is longer than 10 cm is possible to create a great hairdo. Most importantly - use your imagination and patience and learn a couple of lessons on the theme: how to weave beautiful braids.

Beautiful braids - a sure way to brighten your image

that is always perfect

The versatility of this type of hair is that you can create them yourself, without the help of wizards. We are confident that the classical Russian plait, and ear of the fish tail tasted and know how to weave many. "Well, the complex weave beautiful braids like?" - you ask. The main thing - do not rush. First, you need to master the technique of weaving the most common braids. And only then taken for complex masterpieces. If you are not confident in their abilities, experts will help you choose the appropriate option, and make a good hair out of braids.

Beautiful braids - a sure way to brighten your image

And for the brave and diligent to present a few tips:

1. Weave start only on clean hair.

2. Carefully brush the hair, including each new lock of. It is a painstaking process, but will spit refined.

3. Try to take strands of the same size. One small error - and your spit is far from ideal.

4. Pay attention to sufficient tension braids. I do not need her to do too little, as your creation can break an hour. But also to get involved is not necessary, because it is too tight braiding may damage the hair. Stick to the golden mean.

5. braided plait, use a variety of gels, mousses and other styling products. Their use will greatly facilitate the work, and the finished hairstyle will look neater.

5. Once you get a long-awaited beautiful braids, do not forget to sprinkle them with hairspray. This will help to keep long hair original shape.

Be always on top

It is necessary to try to make an effort and create your first braid as you want to do more and more. Experiment turn their talent and imagination and create stunning hairstyles. The constant change of image, of course, will delight your friends and colleagues. Get ready to receive compliments and from strangers. In the process of modeling hairstyles will come to you an invaluable experience, and you create beautiful braids will be even neater and prettier. Your efforts will not pass in vain - in confirmation of this you will notice the admiring glances of passersby. Create with pleasure!