Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

Any girl thinks her hair the greatest wealth. Especially if she has a long, well-groomed and beautiful. After all, this makes hair every day to change the image, creating a new and unusual hairstyles. It is interesting that for many decades the usual plaits long hair are the most popular. Today one can find many options for a wide variety of braids. As a rule, are chosen such that best suits the occasion, your type of person and character.

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

How to choose a braid, depending on the type of person

Types of braids on the long hair today are quite diverse. Girls with an oval face and long hair light brown color will suit virtually any hairstyle with braids. But if you have a round face, then it is better to choose simple plaits long hair, the basis of which starts at the top. They need to weave the entire length, and in the end to finish the tail or beam. Beautifully will look option when the scythe is raised to the ground and stabs it with the help of pins.

Girls with a square face can choose a so-called kosu- "dragon" which is woven throughout. With it you can easily flatten too protruding corners of the face. Triangular faces look great with spikelets, especially if supplemented with a hair oblique bangs covering the ears and neck. Owners of a rectangular face may opt for a spit "fishtail".

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

French braid - the perfect combination of tenderness and romance

Pigtail long hair can be a perfect hairstyle as every day, and for the party. For example, the French braid is suitable for business style and to march on secular reception. If you decide to create this hairstyle, then you should know that without any help from you it is unlikely that it will turn out. Especially if the beautiful plaits long hair you have not done before. How to create a French braid?

  1. Of course, before making any hairstyle, you need to wash your hair well, thoroughly dry the hair and comb it. Thus, your hair will be better divided into individual strands. Then take a small section of hair and divide it into three equal parts.
  2. begins to weave a normal braid, which, of course, knows how to make any girl with long hair.
  3. Further, repeating their actions, gradually add one strand in a braid. In this case, try to choose a hair of the same size to ensure that your hair has turned out neat. To get a wide braid, separate the hair into strands sufficient volume and do not tighten them too tight.
  4. End a braid or ponytail better beam, stabbed hairpins.
Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

How do I create an inverted French braid

If you think you have beautiful long hair braids on a braid, for example, to a party or a wedding, make your choice on an inverted French braid. That it turned out really great, do not overtighten the strands and choose a hair thicker. If we compare this type of hair style with the usual, classic braid strands here, which are added in the process of its creation, take not from above but from below. In the end it turns out that over such a hairdo in the center. Such braids for long hair (the scheme can be found below), will help to create extra volume, so are perfect for women with thin curls. But remember that this haircut is suitable for a romantic image as it is a bit "disheveled" in appearance.

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

Openwork spit: You Need to Know

If you want to impress a beautiful hairdo on some important event, you can then turn your attention to the delicate tresses. Weave braids in the hair long, their pre-moistened with water. The fact is that in this way the strands are straightened, hair will look neat and beautiful for a long time. You can also use mousse. Begin to weave a normal braid on the left side of the head, but by taking the right locks. You can do the same braid on the right and by taking strands left. This hairstyle is exactly strike the attention of visitors with their uniqueness. To make it more festive, put it on his head and attach the pretty barrette.

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

braids, plaits: how do

Light enough to braid long hair called bundles. They can only do girls who already have mastered the art of weaving ordinary braids. An interesting feature of this hairstyle is the fact that braids are created using bundles that are twisted outwards (and not inwards). In addition, this type of weaving is considered to be the fastest, so this braid will help you quickly get together to study or work on while spending a lot of energy. But the result will be irresistible.

Square plait: instructions for creating

This easy hairstyle is an excellent option for those who want to add extra volume to the hair. Square braid will look quite wide on either side. In this case, you can start to spin it by the tail or the head. And he and the other option would be just perfect for everyday image.

To create a square plait, separate on top of a large enough section of hair and divide it further into three equal parts. Then the leftmost strand is divided into two and insert the middle between the divided left. Once you have done this manipulation, the left strand again gather together. The same should be done with the right strand.

If you want to create a square braid on the head, then you need to add hair strands from the general mass of hair.

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

Kos-Snake: Fast and beautiful hairstyle

If you want to create a pigtail long hair on any party, but you do not have time to do a complicated hairstyle, then try a braid-snake. It looks quite interesting, but it is very simple and easy.

Take the right piece of hair in the temporal area, divide it into three strands. Begin to weave a normal classic braid, directing it to the opposite side (ie, left). But at the same time add a new small section of each new weaving. But it is important that the general background braids were freely falling down her hair. When you reach the temple on the left side of the head, change direction and continue to braid pigtail still allows length. This hairstyle looks great on a fairly thick hair.

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

KOLOSOK: the most common pigtail

It is the "spike" for several years, is considered the most simple hairstyle with braids. It is often braided girls who want to create a romantic and gentle way. To make the spike, you must first comb the hair very well. Then zacheshite them back so there was no parting. Take one strand around his forehead, divide it into three parts. Scourge First as well as the usual braid, but then add to it additional locks. To spike looked more carefully, try adding small strands. At the end tighten the braid via a beautiful gum.

Kos for a wedding

Many believe that the braid to the wedding ceremony - it's too simple hairstyle. But today, a variety of braids have become so popular that many ladies do them yourself and the wedding. First, they look quite original with a veil. Secondly, they help add a romantic image of the bride. In addition, thanks to the huge number of the most varied kinds of braids you can create quite a unique hairstyle. Of course, with the help of a stylist.

A great option for the bride will kosa- "dragon." In this case, it can be tough if you have thick hair, or more air, if you need to create an additional volume of thin curls. To add an effect of negligence, can slightly pull the strands of braids on the sides. But the end of the hairstyle can either leave a ponytail or twist on the head, creating interesting shapes. Also, many of the modern bride's make so-called "fish tail". It can be arranged with ribbons or flowers.

Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

braids for girls

If you have a female child, then you definitely thought about how to make beautiful long hair braids on girls to this hairstyle looked good in school and in this case was not particularly complex. Is perfect for this purpose is already known to us, "fish tail". It is also very well suited hairstyle from pigtails "waterfall". Remember that the latter looks great on slightly curly hair.

  1. Take a deep oblique device, take a sufficiently wide section of hair around the face and divide it into three parts.
  2. begins to weave a normal braid, but the lower strands permanently let go of hairstyles. In their place, the following should be taken from the top of the head.
  3. Do this until you get to the other side of the head.
  4. Now comes the tricky part: you have to secure the braid with a small inconspicuous gum and continue weaving, moving in the other direction.
  5. When you get to the beginning of the first braid, you can remove the gum and connect the two braids together. Secure them with a clip or rubber band so that the seam was imperceptible.

Pigtails on long hair for girls can be quite different school. But another great option would be a side braid. It will look great if there is a slanting bang.

  1. Comb your hair and take a clear side parting.
  2. All you need to collect hair from one side of the head, you can leave a few strands loose, so hair will look more original. Divide the hair into three parts.
  3. begins to weave a normal classic braid.
  4. At the end fasten the rubber band.
Beautiful braids on long hair. Braids for long hair: scheme

Tips for weaving braids perfect long hair

To date, pigtails on long hair and a variety of hairstyles with their use have become very popular. But in order to create a more modern look normal classic braid, you can do it with a certain nonchalance. Do not try to make every strand perfectly straight, on the contrary, a little ruffles your hair before you do a braid. You can also pull in some places, small strands of hair styles that will add to your image of romance and tenderness. Such laying ceremony will help you look every day as if you are a model, but it will not take you too much time and effort. Remember that today still remain popular French braid, no matter how simple they may be. To create a more interesting way, using tape, flowers and beautiful hairpins. Feeds can be of various shapes and colors, but it is important that their hue combined with your clothes. Their you can braid around or laid over the entire head. These hairstyles are also popular because they can do every day, because they do not need special practice. To your braid look perfect, be sure to wash your hair before styling and good hair comb.