How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

Women's hairstyles with braids back into fashion. Some girls even use special means to accelerate the growth of hair, to quickly create a true masterpiece of his head.

Traditional smooth braids is no surprise. We need something original and fresh. Weave braids around her head - just what you need.

There are many ways to create this hairstyle. This article will address only the main ones. If desired, the girl herself can modify them, suitable to its image.

How to braid a braid around the head?

Before starting haircuts need to wash your hair and wait until it dries well. Then you can lightly spray the hair spray easy fix - this hair will be less pushitsya become more obedient.

French braid across your head

This hairstyle will suit schoolgirls and female students, many of them permanently prevent hair.

Hairstyle is performed step by step:

1. Good hair comb. Find the exact location of the crown and distribute curls away.

2. Separate three thin strands of the center and to twist them together. The thickness of braids in this case is determined by the desired number of revolutions. The strands thicker, more massive will look hairstyle.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

3. Create a braid should be in a circle, carefully taking the hair underneath. Beautifully will look hairstyle when locks on the one hand is significantly longer than the other. How to braid a braid around her head, shown in the photo.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

4. To fix the hairstyle you need to pick up all the hair to the tips. The free part braid is braided in parallel with and attached thereto by pins and invisible.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

Another embodiment provides for the completion of the hairstyles of hair flower. It is fixed with a special clasp with a spring which is screwed into the folded spiral braid. Petals impromptu flower can be made more colorful, a little stretching strands.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

The French braid around the head may totter and otherwise. In this case, change its direction.

Kos around the head. Driving the creation of

1. Comb hair comb with frequent teeth.

2. tilt the head to the right side so that all locks, too, were on it.

3. Separate the left ear three equal strands.

4. you Begin to braid French braid extending along the line of the forehead, gradually throwing loose hair on the other side.

5. Once the braid will be held once around the head, it should continue to the second row. Their number will depend on the density of weave and thickness of the hair.

6. When all the hair is taken away, you need to connect the ends and secure them a small rubber band.

7. From free braids need to make a bunch of folded her into a spiral. All hook clasp or hairpins.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

If a girl thinks about how to braid a braid around the head of your own, then it must first be trained in simple versions of traditional hairstyles. Kos does not necessarily have to do a few laps on the head. For some embodiments, one is enough.

Hairstyle with a French plait around her head on the rim type

All actions should be carried out in succession:

1. combed the hair on the right side. Share their parting arc through the top of one ear to the other.

2. In the left temple separated three equal strands.

3. Start braiding French braid arched around the face. Locks for transoms are taken from the arc in the direction of the parting of the forehead. From the side of the face hair is almost not picked up.

4. On reaching the right ear continue weaving, taking the hair parting from the arc down.

5. Kosa must reach the base of the neck. From this place it dopletaetsya to ends. Of these, a beam of which is fixed by pins.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

This hairstyle demonstrates a combination of two popular elements: weaving and beam.

Hairstyle with a combination of smooth hair and braid around the head

This hairstyle suits only the owners of long hair.

Scheme perform weaving:

1. Comb your hair, divide them parted from the forehead to the crown in a convenient location.

2. From the center of the head of hair distribution is clearly in the middle of the neck to the ground.

3. Turn out two thick halves of each need to braid the usual braid.

4. Get a part of hairstyles from the right side goes to the left, passes over the ear, and then - along the hairline, and is securely attached to the pins on the back of his head. Similarly, you need to do with a scythe on the left side. If your hair is so long that after passing around the head still some long queues, it can be folded in two flowers or tufts on the head.

A simpler option implies that hair (braid around the head) will go into a single rim. This kind of easier to perform.

How to braid a braid around the head? Types and step by step instructions

Always true look inside-weave French braids. The most daring girls can combine multiple items.

Inverted French braid braided vice versa

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Comb your hair and divide them vertically parted in the middle.

2. Tilt your head forward and separate the three strands at the back on the left side.

3. Tat French braid along the inside of the left ear on his forehead lines on the right side.

4. After the circle, braid should be back to back. There will need to gather the remaining hair into a bun. This hairstyle looks always very voluminous, as the strands are placed in an unusual direction for them.

After all the points step by step instructions becomes clear how to braid a braid around her head. Patient girls can learn to do yourself these hairstyles.