Fashion hit - Greek Spit

To date, the most fashionable trend is the return of old-style traditions in modern life. Collections of global brands are full of ancient motifs. Fashion trends have not bypassed and the work of stylists, hairdressers. Greek Spit - definitely hit this season!

Fashion hit - Greek Spit

Pay attention to their idols

Hairstyles in the style of Greek goddesses are relevant among Hollywood stars. Surely you have in the wardrobe there are several things in the ethnic style. Combine this hairstyle with your dress. Kos in the Greek style perfectly complement any garment, even the most eccentric. This hairstyle is a braid, braided around her head - she frames the forehead or hiding in a strand of hair. This weaving can be used for absolutely any type of hair, except for a short course. It is perfect for owners of straight strands or curly frizz.

Learn to weave braids

Greek Spit has many variations. It is very simple, it does not necessarily turn to a specialist - you can do it at home, spending only 10-20 minutes. To create braids you will need: - Styling (Greek Spit itself perfectly kept, but if you do the hair for the whole day, without special tools you can not do);

- studs (can be any size and shape).

Fashion hit - Greek Spit

How to make a Greek haircut

First of all, my hair thoroughly, then apply a light mousse or other styling, slightly dries the hair dryer. Then separate the small strand over the right ear, divide it into three equal parts, we begin to weave a French braid (before you start, read the lesson French braid weave). During weaving new strands grab alternately left and right. Plait dopletaem to the level of the left ear, then weave a little in the conventional art, new locks at the same time is not exciting, that is the end of our pigtails remains unattached. The resulting braid secure behind the left ear, hidden under the hair with the help of pins. Loose curl hair using a gel for styling and hair dryer - hair should look a little sloppy. Greek goddess hairstyle is ready! Greek Spit can trudge from the center, end long or conventional braids. You can pin the ends of the braids at the back - then you'll get an elegant tiara. Change the options for hairstyles as you like. For example, you can make two braids from the center and finish their beam or a magnificent tail.

Fashion hit - Greek Spit


Experiment in accordance with its image. The hair can be woven thin ribbons and decorated with various frame for hair - so they will look even more unusual and original. This season is also very important to weave flowers in hair. Choose decorations in accordance with their hair color. They can contrast or, on the contrary, be only a few shades lighter or darker than your hair color. Do not be afraid to change, try a little experiment.