How nice to collect hair yourself

Hairstyle - one of the most important components of an image. Snazzy silk charmingly feminine hair acts on the strong half of mankind. A cunning seductress without doubt enjoy this little weakness of men, emphasizing the beauty of its luxurious head of hair the most original haircuts.

Evening hairstyles hastily

How nice to collect hair yourself

Many girls are often recognized in the inability to collect beautiful hair. And any outlined measures take them by surprise. Hair salon, even located a few steps from the house, do not always save. Especially if your personal hairdresser on that day does not work. So what if before the beginning of the celebration left a little time, and friendly girl-administrator said that all masters are busy? Nothing else to do but to collect hair yourself.


The quickest way - the original tail. To this end, causing styling, collect straightened hair in a high ponytail. A small section of wrap around the base to hide the elastic. Divide hair into two parts, tucking the upper part of the beam, the ends of which is attached a rubber band. The upper part tilts forward and fasten on the basis of several studs. We obtain a fan-shaped beam, crowning a long tail.

How nice to collect hair yourself

How nice to collect hair in a romantic style, combining braid and curls Separating part of the hair on the forehead, French pigtail plait of the lateral free strand tip securing band. We cheat remaining hair in ringlets. The base braids laid back in a shape of a spiral. Atop impose stranded strands, fixing invisible pins. At least make a small fleece from the front of the loose hair, the end of which we hide under the resulting composition of the collected curls.

Hairstyle by a Greek rim

How nice to collect hair from the Greek border, or tape? To do this, put on an elastic bandage on his head so that her hair flowed out from under her. It is best to wind gently curling locks. Then the hair will stay reliable and hairstyle acquire the original form. So, pick up any loose strands alternately on both sides and rounded tape cranking them through the bandage. Likewise twirl hair back using small pins, if necessary. If desired hairstyle can vary thin woven braids and expressive curls.

Romantic Spit

It should be noted that the use of French technique of weaving braids allows you to create the most sophisticated hairstyles. This braid looks beautiful in itself, and as an element of hairstyles.

How nice to collect hair yourself

How do I collect beautiful hair with braids? For this pre-straightened hair cover styling, to give them a smooth texture. Letting loose hair to fall back on, proceed to the weaving braids, known as "fish tail". Symmetrically on both sides take small strands and put them on each other. Select from one edge of a thin strand and attaches it to the resulting structure, holding the hair with your fingers. The same is done on the opposite side. For example, using only two strands, as opposed to the usual three, unusual plait braid. It is very important to pick up the strands of his hair. If they do not tighten, the braid will die and very beautiful.

hairstyles for short hair

Many wonder how beautiful collect hair, do not differ enviable length. Very simple. It is necessary to turn this feature into an advantage. Short hair can form an immaculate strands that do not sag under its own weight. For example, you can simply make the parting, invisible side pinned up hair. Of loose hair to form a strand, treat them with gel. To focus on the bangs laid with large artificial flower.