Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Dinner parties, trips with friends are not always planned, and because preparation time is simply not to be. How could such situations to get out, to come to an important event, and look at it with dignity? If clothing is still possible to choose from the wardrobe for a couple of minutes, then hair and makeup will have to tinker. Those who wish to learn how simple hairstyles for medium hair can be done quickly, and to work and on holiday, it is necessary to examine a few popular choices, are now in great demand among women of all ages. Great choice of fast pilings allow many to save time when the rush for some event.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair: tail

When it comes to the length of the hair, the most popular medium strands remain. They are convenient because they are easy to care for, they are less moody and one can do a lot of different hairstyles, both simple and complex. The most popular and simple hairstyles for medium hair are made on the basis of the cauda equina.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

It is known, for this you need to carefully comb your hair, gather them into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band head. Since it is too easy an option, it is necessary to consider other, more interesting, but at the same time an easy kind of styling.

"The tail of the other way around" is easily done. Also all the hair carefully combed, gather in one tail and fixed band. At the same barrette or rezinochka do not fit snugly to the head. Enough to leave 2 or 3 cm to gum and share all the hair "to clip" into two parts (parting). The last step - you need to take the end of the tail and the resulting squeeze through the crack in her hair. Will only straighten out the tail and vice versa to give your hair a beautiful shape. If desired, the hair can be decorated with some accessory.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Tufts of hair in the middle

No less popular are the simple hairstyles for medium hair from the beams. There is a huge variety of the latter, which can be done in a few minutes.

Thus, the most popular option - a beam-harness. To do this hairstyle, quite carefully comb your hair, gather them into a ponytail and secure with a rubber band on top or below. The resulting tail curled tightly in one direction as long as it will spiral. Carefully need to tighten the bundle of hair around the base of gum to get the circle. Hair can be fixed with special elastic mesh of the beam, which will keep the form and do not give strands of unkempt, and it is possible to pin the hair invisible. Such beams are easy to complete bow that tied under the beam.

A bundle: two minutes - and ready hairstyle

No less interesting is considered to be a bundle of braids. In this case, after the tail has been made, it braided in a braid of three strands. Lightly tighten pigtail, her just in a circle, put the base gum. This hairstyle is particularly resistant and practicality.

Uncombed tufts now at the peak of popularity, but they are done quite differently. Combed hair is also collected in the tail, but tying a rubber band on the last turn of the hair does not straighten up to the end and leave so as to obtain a loop. The hair is then gently rotated, and the end of the tail is left under the loop behind. After a 5 minute walk hairstyle a bit stretched, will "disheveled effect." It needs to be fixed invisible or other hair accessories.

The combination of "a bunch of spike +"

Simple hairstyles for medium length hair can be made in different ways, to combine several techniques and stowage options. For example, a popular combination of beam and spikelet - is one of the simplest options romantic and stacking. How to do it?

  1. Comb hair and tilted his head so that all the hair hanging down.
  2. Start weaving from the bottom on the back of the head.
  3. Bring the weaving to the top and secure with a rubber band tail.
  4. All the remaining hair into a ponytail on the "ear of corn" and secure.
  5. twirl strands into a bundle and put in a bunch.
  6. Result fix invisible, hairpins and adding a bright accessory.
Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

This installation is easy and looks very unusual, especially if we look back at the man.

Scythe - practical, convenient and fast

We can not say that the spit - it is simple hairstyles for medium hair. Photo a variety of braids allow us to understand that such placement may appear differently and approach for the holiday release, or for the normal working day.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

The switches can take very different forms, ranging from "classic French" to complex variants of the 5 or 6 strands.

If ordinary scythe no longer attract the attention of fashionistas, it is increasingly chosen combined hairstyles where Spit - is a complement to the installation or base. Combined hairstyle a little more difficult to implement, but they look much more original and appealing. If you have a few minutes of free time, it is necessary to, for example, to add a bunch of beautiful braid or conventional tail - a large pile.

KOLOSOK - quick weave, reliable hairstyle for the day

Weave spike - is a versatile option for every girl. Choosing the type of outer braid, the owner of chic hair can get a three-dimensional installation. Its implementation is very simple.

  1. Comb the hair thoroughly and take the uppermost strand.
  2. Depending on the chosen direction (along a central parting, diagonally across the head in a circle) is taken strand at the temple, at the top or near the ear.
  3. selected strand is divided into three equal parts.
  4. It is necessary to make 2 or 3 turns of type classic braid to lock the position of hair.
  5. Now, each interweaving need to add the right and left locks of hair. If weaving spikelets being in a circle, then the hair is woven into a braid and are taken only on one side.
  6. When the spike is ready, you need to fix it elastic or barrette.
Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Those who have already tried this weave, it is worth to make a so-called shell of the spikelets. In such a case, weaving is carried out in the same way, but at the end of the resulting braid below the head is charged with a spike. It turns the volume figure that the bottom can be decorated with some bright accessory.

Holiday variants of

If you want to make beautiful simple hairstyles for medium hair some unusual shapes, the ideal placement with curled locks. Especially liked the owners of these options have curly hair.

To make a beautiful styling of curls and curly curls, bright enough to use one accessory and hairpins. For example, divide the hair on the horizontal parting just above the top of the head. Then collect all the upper locks in a ponytail (better if its position is a right of center or left) and secure it with a bright accessory. Apply to all straightened strands mousse or gel and gives the hair a neat shape. Along the perimeter of the hair attach pins or invisible with bright flowers. The resulting hairstyle is simple in execution, but it looks neat and feminine and perfect for special occasions.

More colors - beautiful hairstyle

A simple hairstyle for medium hair with his own hands can be of various forms, and to make even the simplest laying festive, just need to add to the hairstyles bright accessories in the form of artificial flowers. Today, flowers in her hair - a trend of the season, which is very popular. Large peonies, white roses, daisies and other flowers make any image of a gentle, feminine and romantic.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Especially look beautiful woven into the intricate three-dimensional braid small flowers. Simple hairstyles for prom on medium hair with woven flowers can be done in a few minutes. What do you need?

  1. To give the hair volume (curl, make bouffant hair at the bottom).
  2. braid outer ear of corn without attachment. To do this, take one extreme lock and drag it to the parallel side, tightly securing it to the head pins and invisible. Then take the second strand where the curl, and attach it to the parallel side, and securing pins previously been fixed. The strands are bulkier than nice to get a kind of spike.
  3. In this way, shifting strands crosswise, are very voluminous plait.
  4. can be placed between the strands flowers of any shape and size.
  5. The obtained result should fix hairspray hairstyle to keep longer.

Beautiful and quick hairstyles

If you need to quickly dress up a child to any event, it is easy hairstyles for medium hair for girls - this is the most practical option.

Children - big restless, they are not willing to sit for hours at the stylist and wait for the moment when everything is ready. It is not necessary to waste their strength, in fact quite simple to make beams, spikes, different weave to make a little girl into a beautiful princess and send her to the prom or other celebration.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair

Simple Evening hairstyles for medium hair is easy to pick up, because if not approached bundle of twisted tail, it can quickly transform into something else.

You can look beautiful even in the most unexpected situations, if we take the example of a couple of express ideas. All the above proposed options for beams, tails or curls easily modify, add to them to make their touch and original.