Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

Any celebration and a party or even a birthday party can be a great excuse to create a new, stylish image. Stylish outfit, comfortable shoes and accessories - all this is impossible without the original and appropriate hairstyles. What is worth laying to pick owners of long hair? What evening hairstyles with shaggy long hair, you can do it yourself?

There are plenty of stowage of long hair, because such locks - it is a great excuse for a fancy and original solutions. Today hairstyle stand out among all this diversity with fleece long hair that is not only visually make packing volume, but also give the image of special items and sophistication.

fleece - a great way to give your hair volume

When a girl wants not only to change its image, and to come up with something unusual and not to visit a beauty salon and a professional stylist, you should try at home to do hairstyles with fleece long hair. By itself, the bouffant - This hides the "construction" of the hair, which is done solely in order to visually increase the density of the strands, the volume of the entire hairstyle. Although it is an effective way to increase in proportion to the folding, but the procedure is rather harmful: comb after backcombing hair very hard. That is why such a structure is recommended to do on his head as little as possible, for example, is a very important celebration, a special event.

Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

How to do hairstyles with fleece on the long hair?

Fleece - a very versatile design. It blends perfectly with the curls, braids, bunches and conventional tails. This means that if you want you can modify any style for any event. It remains to learn how to actually make bouffant in long strands. Thus, the creation of volume - a procedure long, especially when it comes to long hair. To make the fleece, which is then actually had to comb, it is necessary to perform a series of actions, according to the instructions.

To create the hair of the fleece need:

  1. Comb carefully strands (the amount you need to do only a clean, freshly washed hair).
  2. Divide the hair into two parts: one to create the fleece, the second to close its top.
  3. Typically, the front strands are separated and slaughtered them at the time of a clip, so as not to interfere and not tangled.
  4. Take a small section of hair and carefully comb.
  5. In the selected strand need to apply a little mousse.
  6. is required to pull the lock up, and took the line with a few teeth, start to "comb" the hair in the opposite direction, starting from the roots. On long bouffant hair should occupy 1/4 of the total length (near the roots). To bouffant held, it is necessary to fix the result of copious amounts of hairspray.
  7. Perform all of these items on each strands.
  8. In order to make a beautiful styling, taken earlier pinned the top strands, carefully combed and superimposed over the backcombing to hide sloppy form.
  9. All the hairstyle is fixed with varnish.
Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

Since long hair is quickly drawn, then any volume, curls can easily subside. To avoid this, you need to make the most of thin fleece on the tresses. The more, the longer it will hold the volume of the hair.

What combine bouffant? Suitable options styling stylish

Choosing a suitable option of laying special attention should be paid to braids. The combination of fleece with a different kind of braids always look feminine and elegant. It is worth considering in more detail how to make such a hairstyle with long shaggy hair. Incrementally compiled instructions will help to avoid mistakes and make the perfect laying of a party or celebration.

Volumetric Spit, bouffant - the perfect combination for long hair

Spit + fleece - is the most popular combination. Its shape looks very special chic, because the pride of every girl - this is a big scythe. In this case, in order to combine the two elements, it is necessary to properly form a bouffant.

  1. Carefully comb the hair and divide them into two parts along a horizontal parting. Fasten the lower band, not to confuse and not to interfere.
  2. Taking the top strand and is also divided into two parts (in a ratio of one to three), you need the most extreme part of the hair to remove the top and start making fleece on the bottom strand.
  3. fleece at this point needs to be done as large as possible. It should be 1/4 of the entire length of hair. Making it necessary for the previously described instructions.
  4. After that you need to fix the fleece so as to obtain "mound" on the head. Over the need to consolidate the previously cleaned upper strand.
  5. All the hairs that are on top of the fleece, you need to carefully comb and fix the result of lacquer.
  6. After that, released from the gum all the hair in the bottom of the back of the head.
  7. At each provide designated to do fleece at the roots - of 3 or 4 cm
  8. .

  9. One can only weave of outer hair braid. "Spit on the contrary", used in this case, perfectly hides the "chaos" of the fleece, but this is even bigger and better.
  10. The obtained result should also fix hairspray.

Wedding hairstyle with fleece

Pick hairstyles with shaggy long hair for a wedding the easiest way, because it is for such a case is thought up the largest number of pilings. For example, popular are greased back hair with a tuft. It looks very feminine hairstyles such shaggy long hair. Photos of many owners of these pilings prove that these hairstyles are very comfortable and beautiful and suitable for evening celebrations for the wedding.

Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

A bunch of fleece - neat and convenient way of laying

In such a laying principle of creation coincides with the hair where there is a braid, changing only a small part of the instruction.

For example, the fleece is also placed on top of the head closer to the forehead, the better. When creating a fleece side strands are not used on his head. All remaining hair collected in a bun - it can be any shape (disheveled, tight bundle of braids or curls). Those side locks that were previously not used, fixed to the base of the beam in a loose state. The resulting styling - the standard of femininity and romance. This hairstyle with long hair on the fleece has a must-have accessory: large artificial flowers, sparkly barrettes - they will fasten on top of the base made of the beam.

Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

tails with fleece - fast, stylish and comfortable to

For those who appreciate comfort in the movements, not like bulky styling even on long hair, was created specifically collected hairstyle on long hair. Tail with fleece - the fastest version of the installation. The process of its creation does not take much time, and indeed the statement is not so long, as many expect.

Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

Step by step instructions hairstyles "tail fleece"

To make the fleece on the tail, it is necessary:

  1. Comb your hair and divide by parting horizontally into two parts. Lower at the time of slaughter.
  2. The upper strand divided into three parts: side locks removed, and the one strand that would be in the middle, should be divided into two strands.
  3. We are working on a nap in the middle on the top strand. The one that seems to be less exposed to abundant fleece. What it anymore (it is desirable to do on thin tresses), the longer it will last haircut.
  4. Made bouffant fikisruetsya mousse and lacquer.
  5. top of it overlaps the upper middle strand. Pre smoothly combed.
  6. All hair collected in a ponytail at the crown: and side, and bottom strands and a fleece.
  7. The tail is fixed rubber band or barrette.
  8. In the tail of the selected strands, and also made fleece directly at the base of the gum around the perimeter.
  9. To the tail to look nice surface you need to comb the topmost hair on the tail without affecting the structure of the fleece.
  10. Result fix hairspray.
Hairstyles with shaggy long hair: step by step instructions with photos

Any bouffant - this volume, so if you want to stand on ceremony, look worthy of his attire, such as a long evening dress, just use the fleece in combination with other styling and looks brilliant.