Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

Hair of medium length can easily and quickly make different hairstyles. The benefit in this case it is possible to use different techniques for weaving, creating waves, curls, knots or bundles. Hairstyles with fleece and curls, for example, are always at the height of fashion.

The tools needed to create hairstyles

Every day at home, you can do hairstyles with their hands, hitting the public incarnation of fantasies and new ideas.

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

Before you come to grips with this type of work, is to acquire the following tools:

  • whirl circular comb;
  • hairdryer with different nozzles;
  • curling irons;
  • mousse to add volume;
  • nail fixation;
  • rims, ribbons, barrettes;
  • thin and thick rubber bands, invisible, hairpins.

When used properly, these elements can achieve significant results. Selection of jewelry at the same time is always of the model itself, as long as they are easy to fix on the hair.

Recommendations to perform hairstyles for medium hair with fleece

Adhering to these rules, female representatives will be able to permanently maintain healthy hair, not damaged in the experiments:

  1. Do you need bouffant exclusively on clean and dried with a hair dryer hair. The main board will dryers curls from the roots, it will give the packing volume.
  2. Use only the important specialized nail, do not resort to cheap modifications.
  3. Use for decorative purposes should only beautiful and original accessories, capable of attracting all eyes to make packing.
Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

Never try to comb the fleece. He washed off by masks and balms, to avoid harm to the hair and scalp.

Views fast hairstyles hair

Even with a small amount of time can be as fast as possible to build light and beautiful styling.

In this hairstyle with your own hands are usually the following:

  • tail;
  • "shell";
  • locks;
  • placement in the Greek style;
  • braids.

Hairstyles bouffant based on

Different packing is possible to do using the fleece. To this resort and can be in a situation where the length curls barely reaches his shoulders. Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece suggest purchase of a special roller. It is located right on the top, and the top is covered with hair.

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

In the absence of this accessory is quite possible to make bouffant at the crown of their own. First you need to otchesat front strands on his forehead. wide strand in the occipital region and then twisted into a rope is released. Harness laid in a circle so as to form a so-called shishechka. It is fixed by using stealth. Otchesannye hair before returning to his seat. They will cover just built element.

Hair on the outlet fleece are obtained even more beautiful when the model pre-twist locks or zapletet braids.

in the Greek style Hairstyles

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece can be performed in the style of the Greek beauties. To do this you need a tape, fabric headbands, headbands, hair clips and other accessories for decoration. Make them yourself at home turns out quickly, and the appearance of these hairstyles are always impressive.

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

To indulge this type of hairstyle, you must:

  • to place the loose hair from the top favorite ring or lace ribbon;
  • strands arranged side by spin rezinochku rim and connect with other middle;
  • then curls curled under the tape, sealed roller using hairpins.

Beautifully will look styling with flowing hair. They can spin at the tips, or, conversely, to make tight curls. In this case, the tape is put on the head only to emphasize the elegant and romantic image of the model.

fleece through the hair

Hair must be removed to one side using a crab. Begin to make bouffant at the root need one hand hair, gradually adding the hair on the opposite side. Each individual layer is required to be fixed with varnish. Stacking can be performed with any one parting, for example on one side, even or no. Hairstyle can be decorated with a bow.

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

If you do bouffant without parting and curls over the entire length of the stretch ironing, the model will receive an elegant and original styling that is suitable for any theme party. You can also use the overhead strands, which are fixed inside the fleece before the procedure.

Hairstyles with curls on medium length hair

If the model of the nature of curly hair, it is sometimes enough to use the curling iron to curl your hair, to give them the desired shape and to gather in a ponytail. Gum can be replaced with a lock of his own, throwing his hair to them. The final step will be the fixation of varnish.

Brilliantly will look hairstyles for medium hair with fleece and twisted knotted at the nape. Make a packing can any girl.

  1. First, you need to separate the top sparsely strand plait roll up and spin around the base.
  2. Lace fixed prepackaged pins.
  3. The next step involves taking two strands from different sides, their connection and zamatyvanie around.
  4. The process continues until all the hair will not be stacked in the hairstyle.

Total can be built 6-7 knots, which will be located one above the other. Laying can be decorated with original pins.

Hairstyles in retrostile the average hair length

Many girls wonder about how to make a hairstyle with a nap so that it looked neat.

Create a model of interesting and romantic image help laying in retro style. To give the desired effect becomes imperative fleece, drizzled with nail fixation. Using dryer recommended tips curl curled inwards or outwards for giving the impression negligence.

Hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Beautiful female hairstyles

Decorate the hair can be shiny rims, as well as ribbons of satin and lace bandages.

When a woman has bangs, you can choose two options: either to comb it sideways and curl curling irons, or hide under a lace ribbon, thus opening the forehead.

How quickly do the tail with his own hands?

Normal tail caught eraser, quickly bored female. But the interesting variations on this theme you can think of many.

  1. If the model is not a fringe, it is necessary to separate the top strand and curl it into the root of the curling irons, then strongly to comb the entire length. It is fixed to the back of the tail, and the remaining hair is left loose.
  2. Another option would be the following method: separate the hair from his forehead and temples and combed forward. The bottom strand is twisted in the flagellum and fastened with pins. The rest of the hair tease and turn into a high ponytail on a twisted beam.
  3. Feminine and stylish styling is easy with fleece at the back. The process consists in the strong curl teased and securing them in the tail at the base of the neck.

All of the styling and hair styles are very simple and are done in 15 minutes. And every day, your image will differ originality. Hairstyle with fleece suitable for any type of clothing, whether it's jeans or an evening dress.