Hairstyle whip up at home

Waking up in the morning and realizing that we overslept, then do everything in a hurry: a blouse pat somehow, we eat on the run, and on the hair did not have time, we have to style your hair at work, for two minutes. Reasons for which we do not have time to make a beautiful styling, weight, list them meaningless, it is best to find an answer to the question of what are the hairstyles whip up at home, and to be ready to force majeure in any unexpected moment. Remember they are easy, because they consist of only a few steps.

Beautiful hair whipped up in a few minutes

To be prepared for any unexpected meeting, you need only remember what quick hairstyles can be done on any hair length: short, medium and long. With regard to the latter two options, the hairstyles are identical to them: can be used for long hair, and medium. But laying on short differ greatly in their technique.

Hairstyle whip up at home

The most popular hairstyles for a couple of minutes - tails, kosopletenie rims and use as an accessory and addition. But not to look corny, it is worth considering these options are not the classic hairstyles and their modifications, which are many.

"The tail of the other way around" - fast installation on the long and medium hair

So, the most popular hairstyle in haste for long hair - it's tail and all its variants. Many feel normal "horse" tail boring, though fast, but he could make a far from all. Option "tail vice versa" very convenient and fast. Make it possible for a couple of steps, and you need to do:

  • Make a "pony tail", but not to delay the gum to the bottom of the head.
  • Pull the elastic band for a couple of centimeters from the head to the end of the tail and divide the hair into the gap from the head to the gum into two parts.
  • Take the tail end, and squeeze it into the resulting crack so that the tail is "torn up" and get a shell.
  • In the medium length hair can be the end of the tail again squeeze through the crack and secure foundation barrette.
  • owners of long strands are better left unmade tail to hair hold and did not need to correct it. Since gum is hidden, you can brighten up the place some colorful big hairpins, while tightening the gum is not necessary. Conversely, if a little bit to make the free tail, the hair slightly ruffle, and you get a very easy and romantic appearance.
Hairstyle whip up at home

This hairstyle in haste will last all day, and it can easily be done if needed again.

Scythe - practical, convenient and reliable

Owners of medium length hair is much easier to make a quick installation. All this is because such locks are universal, they are easily perms or stacked on one side. Due to its lightness, hair whipped up on the middle strand can be fixed with just a few invisible, but styling would last all day.

Hairstyle whip up at home

Scythe - ideal for medium hair, because the braid outer braid can for two minutes due to the small length. However, she combined with kosopleteniya technique "ear of corn on the side" looks always advantageous. It can be decorated with a variety of accessories in the form of pins with flowers or pearls.

Kos + beam - a winning option when there is no time to think

Spit as well in conjunction with the beams. For example, the hair quickly, where there is external beam and a spike on the back of his head looks very feminine and neat and in this case will hold all day. To make it, you need to:

  1. Since the neck and moving to the top of the head, braid at the nape small "spike".
  2. Collect all the other strands and part of the "ear of corn" in a ponytail and secure with a rubber band.
  3. Using a hair sponge, make a bundle. To this end, the tail carefully combed, and then inserted into the so-called "donut" (foam). Scrolling "bagel", the tail is wound onto a sponge and presses in the end, "donut" to the base of the head. It turns out very voluminous and neat bun.
  4. The beam is secured by pins or invisible, and the front is decorated with accessory - a ribbon or bow.

Hairstyle hastily long hair of such a plan can be made, but the main thing here - to take into account that, after twisting turns a very big bunch, and not always with such hair can appear in the office.

Accessories - a great way to make a quick haircut

In the trunk of every woman has a number of pins, rezinochek, hairpins, so you can make a hairstyle for any occasion. Hairstyles whip up at home blends perfectly with the rims, as well as ribbons for Greek hairstyles.

Hairstyle whip up at home

This is the second version of the accessory is perfect for long and medium hair. To collect the hair in the Greek haircut, you need to comb them, and then tie the ribbon as the bezel along the forehead and at the back to fix. It remains only to all strands released to spin in a spiral under the tape. It turns out very romantic and easy way, though hairstyle is just a couple of minutes.

The short hair - not a reason for despair

To owners of short cuts could have meant a quick option of laying, it is worth mentioning the existence of a hair dryer, mousse and spray. Hairstyle in haste on the short hair can be very original. For example, owners of asymmetrical haircuts enough to pass all the hair on one side, comb and separate the individual strands of hair mousse. The result is fixed with hairspray.

Girls with shaved temples "by 2" can do "controlled chaos." For this purpose all the bangs and long locks on the crown is pulled forward and a hairdryer is charged with "tuft" back. It turns out very stylish, and most importantly - can be quickly put short hair.

Hairstyle whip up at home

Quick hairstyles can be done on hair of any length, but that at the moment, when an urgent need to think of something, do not climb on the Internet, it is necessary to remember in advance and try to imagine the proposed options.

Hairstyle - is part of the image, and to treat it is worth, how to dress every time to choose a method of laying, which will be suitable for a new skirt, dress or coat. Feel free to experiment with styling, especially with the fast: they are easy to make and can be changed quickly in a matter of minutes. Fill their accessories and you will see that the resulting hairstyle at home are obtained as the "star" - they can go even on the red carpet.