Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

If you want to hastily make a fashionable hairstyle and unusual, come to the aid bagel hair. This device allows you within minutes to create beautiful curls on virtually any length.

Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

Bagel - accessory for all occasions

For spectacular hairstyles are in the course of a wide variety of devices. One of them is the bagel. It represents the volume of foam ring or artificial hair. Inside accessory has a small hole, sufficient to ensure that through it you can thread the hair. The shape of this simple device allows you to simulate three-dimensional beams. Suffice it to cover up a bagel for natural hair strands, and the result will not take long.

If the foam enhancement on hand there, and I want to make a nice bunch, you can make your own device. As a base it is necessary to take the most ordinary socks. All you need to do - cut off the end of the product to get the roll. It remains only to stamp the sock in the ring and to fix the result threads.

The benefits of donut

Hairstyles of this annular enhancement obtained at the same time stylish and practical. That is why they prefer a large number of girls. The main advantages of hair styles with a bagel for hair - that:

  • Implementation takes a minimum of time.
  • The accessory allows you to create a visible volume to thinning hair.
  • curls tightly and securely fixed. This ensures that the beam does not dissolve during the day.
  • The device allows you to work with strands of different lengths.
  • Tufts-bagels fit all the ladies, without exception. In addition, they can be worn with bangs and without it. Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

What do I need to create a beam on the basis of donut

The owner of a chic hairstyle can become a young lady with long or medium length hair. It is desirable that the curls were getting at least to the shoulders. This is necessary to ensure that the strands can be collected in the tail, which then prodenetsya in a bagel. The lump of hair is formed on the flat or slightly curly hair, so ladies with curly hair have to work utjuzhkom. If we abandon this procedure, the hair can get sloppy.

Before starting the process of creating a beam better to wash your hair and treat them with air conditioning. This will make hair softer and obedient, and will give the hair well-groomed appearance. Posechennye tips should not scare you - they will still carefully hidden under a bagel.

Of the supporting materials will need foam accessory itself, as well as two rubber bands and hair pins. To better secure the beam you can use varnish or mousse. However, do not abuse the styling agents, or a lump of hair, with a donut made, will look unnatural and rude.

A bundle of hair of medium length: features create a

Location donut can be any, depending on the length of the curl. If you can create hair updo at the top, so it is quite suitable that option. For those who have enough hair length for such manipulations, there are no less interesting ideas. Cone can be done at the back or bottom of the head. To perform hairstyles with a bagel for hair accessory is desirable to get the same color. This must be done for the reason that the thickness and length of the head of hair may simply not be enough to perfectly hide it. The sequence of creating a beam on the medium curls looks like this:

  • The hair gathered in a tight ponytail and secured a rubber band.
  • Further, in the process of creating hairstyles switched bagel. A device worn on the tail so that it turned at its base.
  • The strands are straightened uniformly over the surface of a donut with a view to reliably hide it and fixed one has rubber band.
  • Protruding ends neatly hidden under the beam by means of pins. Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

Bagel on long hair: easier than

The young lady with the scythe to the waist to form a voluminous bundle of generally not difficult. Long hair can be easily converted into any hairstyle without fear of lack of volume curls. In addition, in this case, there is an opportunity to experiment with the size of the foam donut. You can purchase a set of accessories with different diameters and use them on the mood.

To create a cone of long hair, you must perform several actions:

  • Comb hair and form them into a ponytail. To fix the strands used gum.
  • The end of the tail threaded through the donut hair. hair should then be gently spread around the accessory and fasten their pins.
  • The tail must be screwed into a bagel, moving in the direction of its base.
  • The finished hairstyle can only stab pins and invisible. If necessary, it is possible to sprinkle average fixing varnish. Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

Volumetric beam with a French plait

This hairstyle is perfect for creating a gentle and romantic image. It should be noted that it is only performed on the long ringlets. Optimally, the hair ladies is approximately at the level of the blades or a loin. The creation of such an unusual hairstyle with a bagel (long hair) as follows:

  • It is necessary to lower the head down and braid at the back of a tight French braid. Spike is performed in a direction from the neck to the crown.
  • The rest of the hair is collected in the tail, and then using a donut shaped beam classic way of twisting the strands inside.

For this hairstyle perfect pins in the form of bows or flowers. They can be mounted directly at the base of the beam.

Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

Fancy hairstyle with braids

Classic bagel can be transformed into a festive hairstyle using tangles. The easiest way to do this - to wrap one or two braids around the beam. To do this when creating hairstyles with a bagel (long hair) do not need to wind the hair on the foam-rubber ring. It is necessary to fix the accessory at the base of the tail, and then distribute strand thereon, and a thin elastic seal result. Of the remaining hair should form one or more braids. such netting is also suitable as a "fishtail". Spit should wrap around the donut and the ends of the hair to hide inside the hair and lock pins or invisible.

Another idea to trim the beam - weaving on the perimeter of the head. This way of doing hairstyle requires skill, but it allows you to create an image that is suitable for even the most solemn occasion. The lump of hair, with a donut made, framed by a scythe around the head, looks very elegant and stylish. Can be supplemented by a hairstyle diadem.

Bagel hair - hairstyles. Hairstyle with long hair on a bagel

Alternatives donut

Volumetric beam is performed not only using the foam ring. There are two tools that help create a similar hairstyle: Twister and heagami. The first accessory is a flexible oblong hairpin. Heagami also resembles a clothespin. This device is also made of soft pliable material that allows you to create with the help of a variety of unusual hairstyles. And twister and heagami not as popular as conventional bagel hair. These accessories require experienced hands, so they are often preferred by professional hairdressers. However with the right approach, flexible clip can be a decent replacement donut.

Volumetric beam - it is a combination of simplicity and elegance. If you have at hand is a bagel, you can create such a scanty hair in a jiffy.