How to make a beautiful bundle of hair?

Star hairstyle - a bundle of hair

Every woman wants to look beautiful even on a weekday. But it does not always have the desire and the ability to make elaborate hairstyles that require a lot of time and materials. Even on makeup sometimes not in the mood ... But it does not matter, because now you can create your own hands beautiful hairstyles that will not take much of your precious time, and will look like a million! One of these hairstyles - a bundle of hair, practical and beautiful option for busy women and girls. Often you can see bundles on their heads on the catwalk models and Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Now you can shine like a star thanks to just a few tricks.

How to make itself an elegant bundle of hair?

You will need:

  1. Comb.
  2. Nail average fixation.
  3. Foam hair.
  4. Chignon or ordinary wool socks.
  5. The two elastic bands for hair.
  6. Invisible. How to make a beautiful bundle of hair?

Wash your hair and towel dry hair. Apply a little bit of foam and massage the scalp to give volume. Dry the hair dryer. Zacheshite them back and braided in a high ponytail. To not formed "roosters" on the future of the beam, help yourself comb. You can even tilt the head forward and then combed strands. If you do not have a hairpiece, it can be made from a sock that has more or less close to the colors to your hair. Cut to wear seat for the fingers and start to fold it into a "donut". That it does not spin, sew his thread. Ready hairpiece put on the tail. Tilt your head slightly forward, so that the tail looking straight up at the ceiling. Divide the hair in such a way that they are completely enveloped the "Bagel". Of the beam does not have to look out your hairpiece, well watch this when you attach the hair. And in order to sustain it, will be enough to put on a second gum. Hair that stick out, wrap around the bundle, and kill the invisible. Ready sprinkle with hair lacquer and smooth hands. Elegant bundle of hair is ready! This variant is combined with wonderful jewelry golden color, so you can feel free to decorate the hair such pins. It is suitable for an evening stroll and business meetings. It is safe to wear clothes with an open neck and back.

How to make a beautiful bundle of hair?

The beautiful beam for each day

Gather the hair closer to the top in a ponytail, lightly sprinkle them with varnish and nacheshite, starting from the base to the ends. Now a little twist hair and wrap around the elastic. Kill the beam is invisible and / or pins, again sprinkle with varnish. Hairstyle can be decorated with studs and pins in the shape of flowers or rhinestones.

How to make a beautiful bundle of hair?

A bunch of short hair

If you take out the hair almost to his shoulders, that is no reason to be upset that you can not make yourself different hairstyles hair. Gather hair into a ponytail at the back and put a small chignon (fit all the same sock). Tail scroll lock of small and lay it on top of a hairpiece, the strand itself kill the invisible. Do the same with the remaining hair. To pins to be seen, to put a bunch of lush colorful gum or a short scarf.