How to make a "beam" with the donut? How to make hair "beam" at home?

Every woman always wants to look well-groomed. Particular importance is attached to the hair. And today you can meet a lot of different options for hairstyles that suit you both for shopping and to visit any celebration. But their creation often takes a lot of precious time, which is often lacking. Out of this situation is. Consider it below.

What is the hairstyle "beam"?

Bundle of hair became popular thanks to the legendary Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot, and today this hairstyle is the original solution for any situation. This option does not require the selection of special clothing, you can combine it with any style. A variety of hair accessories to help you create a bundle that fits most to your mood and the situation.

How to make a

Today hairstyle beam with "bagel" is very popular with the stars and ordinary women. A wide variety of shapes and sizes such hairstyles will help you make a choice in favor of one that is right for your type face and style of dress. The exception is holders of the square shape of the face, which should not remove the hair back.


Today you can find bunches of different shapes. And if you liked the hairstyle "beam" how to do it, you can find below. Which option you choose - tall or short, big or small, smooth or sloppy - it will all depend on your mood and, of course, the length of the hair. Garnish with an unusual beam you can use the bright scarves, hoop, summer scarf, hair clips or original lace. And so he kept the beautiful round shape, you can use it to create the so-called donut.

How to make a

to do a bunch of your own, using the "bagel"

How to make a bundle with "donut" at home? For the formation of such a hairstyle that you only have a few minutes:

1. Gather hair with rubber bands in a ponytail.

2. Next you need to put on the basis of the resulting tail "bagel".

3. If you have medium length hair, tuck the ends under the "bagel" and secure them with the pins and invisible.

4. If you have long locks and do not know how to make a nice bunch, you can move the "donut" to the ends of the hair and tucked the ends under the accessory, crank it up to the base of the tail. The resulting beam will need only leveled, secure with pins and varnish.

How to make a

5. The beam with the "donut" can be done in a different way. To do this you must move the roller to the base of the tail and distributed evenly throughout the hair for the enhancement of the circle, completely close it, and on top put on a tight thin rubber band. The remaining hair will braid in a pigtail and wrap around the bundle.

6. If you do not want to braid pigtails around the bundle of the remaining curls, you can easily hide them by bending under the gum, which was used to secure the base.

How to make an evening option beam using a "donut"? Tips and tricks

If you are going to a party or a ceremony, and time to create a hairstyle really is not, do not worry. Output is always there. Shape the beam and decorate it with chic bow made of your best hair. And if you do not know how to make a bundle with "donut", then use the following instructions to create it.

How to make a

To do this, you need to comb your hair and put them in a high ponytail. To create the hairstyles require the use of styling gel. On the basis of the tail, wear "donut" and distribute the hair around. After that you need to collect hair in a bun, and the rest at the bottom of the hair should be divided into two parts. One need to weave the braid, and then wrap it the left side of the beam. Of the remaining strands need to weave a bow, securely fixing it invisible and gel.

How to make a bundle with "donut"? The with twisted strands of

Stylish and modern hairstyle "beam" a "bagel" is suitable to any style - strictly business or romantic. In certain variations of execution it may have a different way of supplement. For example, a classical beam with "bagel" will give your image unobtrusive touch of elegance and femininity, if you add it to the twisted strands. Make this hairstyle will not be difficult.

How to make a

At the very beginning of the process you should dissolve the hair and carefully comb it. Leave the front part of the head of hair free, and the remaining hair in a low tail collect and make of them a bundle, without leaving extra strands. Followed by return to the hair, which hangs freely in front. Divide them into three parts. The furthest from the person you need to twist into a bundle and using invisible, secure the beam at the base. Similarly, should the remaining twist locks and hold them at the base. Using all the same invisible, you need to hide protruding from under the hair bundle. In order for hair to get as more stable, do not feel sorry pins. After the beam with "bagel" is ready, you will just fix it with a varnish.

A few more tips on how to how to make a bundle with "donut"

The value of the beam will depend largely on the size of the "donut". In today's stores you can find accessories like a wide variety of forms. In another way, they are also called rollers. The latter can be round, oval, long or shaped like a sausage. Thanks to this range, you have the ability to create bundles of various shapes and sizes, using not one, but several rollers.

With the help of the oval "donut" ballerina form their hairstyles. They are just three minutes, at the same time have a neat and beautiful appearance. Also, "bagel" in recent times is very often used for wedding hairstyles. Despite the fact that the fashion changed over the years, the classic style will never be outdated and will always be relevant.