Fashion for the full - ideas, tips

Often, a woman with a full figure is trying to hide the flaws of the bulk dark clothing. The lady is afraid to look stylish, elegant and avoids interesting things. But to dress fashionably possible and necessary in any type of shape.

to correctly choose clothes for custom pieces

Every woman should be able not only to buy clothes, and her right to choose. Fashion for larger women is particularly relevant in today's designers. It should look at the pages of fashion magazines, where the stylish outfits and even swimwear show curvy model.

All taught from childhood that dark clothing slim. This is partly true. But it is not necessary to dress in all black. Fashion for the full - clothes of any color. The main thing is to harmoniously combine things to each other.

Fashion for the full - ideas, tips

Note that it is desirable to avoid full sharp contrasts in color, visual when the figure is divided into parts. Ladies with curvy figure recommended white and pastel shades. Many are afraid of bright clothes, thinking that it is full. Designers derive their models in the category of "plus" to the podium in bright robes and prove otherwise.

Choose without fear of light fabric with a pattern and without color or monochrome. Your image is entirely dependent not only on the chosen colors but also on the harmony in combination.

Fashion for the full - ideas, tips

There are a few general rules in choosing a pattern on clothing:

  • The pattern preferably small, not giving extra volume.
  • If you prefer stripes, then let them be vertical. Such a pattern is visually lengthen your.
  • is not recommended as a favorite pyshechki Lurex. He was very old and adds volume.

The fabric has a value of

When the figure and so is not ideal, it is not necessary to visually increase. Fashion for complete recommends that fleecy, fur and with a volume of viscous things. But it is not necessary to wear the transparent and thin materials.

Dense, holding the shape of the tissue - unmistakable fashion. Spring for full girls is an opportunity to show their strengths and cleverly hide the flaws. Note the dress with a simple, straightforward brim.

On warm evenings, looks good clothes made of natural silk or chiffon. Cotton is suitable for everybody, regardless of the figure. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear. In winter and autumn actual coat. But there is a caveat. Should not wear too thick sweater with a high neck. These things make the figure too high.

If you have wide hips, avoid any inserts in this area. Fashion for larger women does not preclude the pockets. But choose clothes with slotted pockets.

Volumetric items or fitting

Even when the fall comes, fashion for complete offers a lot of options. But how often can be seen on the streets of magnificent ladies in loose robes! Of course, free things you can and should be worn. But choose soft fabrics and bright colors. Such garments are comfortable and comfort, but at the same time will not add unnecessary excess volume.

Free, flying great high top women. Pyshechki with low growth should be more cautious, choosing cut loose top.

It is not necessary to believe that wearing a dress size smaller, it is possible to reduce its size. So just stick out all the wrinkles out, and the lady looks better than it actually is. Clothing should be strictly according to size. Do not be afraid to wear dresses. Often, a woman in the body thinks that it is not an option. But it is possible to dress to look slim and seductive. Such clothing hides a lot of ways to adjust the shape and show off the best.

Fashion for the full - ideas, tips

It is not necessary to allocate the waist, tightening the belt. So just to be belly bulge. It is necessary to select styles with highlighted by means of a cut pattern or waist.

The figures are different

Even the most slender girls have small flaws. But properly chosen clothes and accessories are able to turn them (those shortcomings) to highlight or hide at all.

Fashion for complete and must take into account all the features of the figure:

  • stomach sticks out a good hiding blouses that do not need to fill. Oddly enough, but visually draws a contrast belt waist. Dresses and shirts are matched with a dedicated waistline. But underestimated cut only increase your volume.
  • Full hand require a three-quarter sleeve. It is not necessary even in summer wear open shirts. Small wing arm will hide all the flaws. The main thing that the sleeve was not tight, otherwise it will exacerbate the situation.
  • Full thigh just looks perfect under skirts and dresses trapezoidal cut. This dress looks slim waist, and hips are hidden under the hem. Trousers should be selected direct. Narrowed or flared in such a case are not recommended.
  • The magnificent bust needs in a beautiful design. If plumage pick up a few shades darker than the bottom, the chest is reduced visually. Vertical bar also hides unnecessary volumes.

Accessories matter

Chubby women may well afford large massive decorations. Fashion for overweight is allowed and even welcomed. Pyshechki do not choose small earrings or thin inconspicuous rings and bracelets. Such ornaments simply lost and will look out of place.

A similar rule has relatively scarves. Narrow not fit. Choose voluminous, soft but not thick and coarse. Discard the twist scarf around the neck. He must be free to descend horizontal lines.

Fashion for the full - ideas, tips

Beads - a mandatory attribute for the evening along. Long suit large ornaments. Little will only add volume.

Some advice for obese women before going to the store

  • Pencil skirt fits any figure type. Be sure to try to trim it strictly according to size. Pockets and wide belts - not your option.
  • Look for dresses with a V-neck. This style draws the figure, making it slimmer. Recommended length of a little below the knee. Particularly relevant for larger women dress with the smell.
  • Pants to choose the right, without further details. Good hide curvy hips darker inserts on the sides.
  • blouses, shirts and jackets should be taken with an elongated silhouette. Sleeve raglan sleeve and flared allocate smooth curves of your hands.
Fashion for the full - ideas, tips

The total figure has many advantages and can be extremely attractive. It is worth just a little to correct some of the shortcomings with the help of clothes.